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  • happy kid businessman with laptop

    The 10 Cutest Kids Wallets Online

    They Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They? Before you know it they will be off taking over the world. With a cell phone in one hand and a laptop in the other (or the future equivalents) But before they start to work there way up the ladder, they first need their first wallet. Something to store […]

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  • Biker

    The 10 Baddest Biker Wallets

    Liberty, comradeship and the freedom of the open road … BIKERS ARE FREE-SPIRITED, free-thinkers with a hankering for an alternative way of living. To celebrate this we invite you into our ‘Baddest Biker Wallet’ clubhouse to check out some of the best chained, back-pocket cash-carriers available for bikers, truckers and rebels on the road. Most […]

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  • Smiling woman paying for coffee by credit card

    The 10 Best Credit Card Holders Online

    It seems that every company is giving away their own cards… Store cards, gift cards, reward cards and of course credit cards. It all means that were carrying around more cards than ever. And it can lead to us bumbling around at the checkout which can feel embarrassing. So you can play the card game […]

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  • thumbnail

    The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets Online

    Have you ever made any of these comments? “I feel like I’m sitting on a Chihuahua.” “When I sit down, the worlds on an angle.” “There’ s an anchor in my back pocket.” “What movies did I see last Christmas? I might still have the stub in my wallet…” If this sounds like you, then it […]

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  • portrait of a beautiful sexy woman in glasses

    The Top 10 Best Wallet Chains

    Wallet chains have got a reputation and are synonymous with bikers. But they aren’t all about being a bad-ass lawbreaker with a very leathery fashion sense. They are also for those of us who tend to misplace our wallet and keys. Now, if only we could get a chain for our phone, or iPad… Until you can, here is […]

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  • Money clip wallet feature

    The Top 10 Best Money Clip Wallets

    Mark Twain once said… We feel the same about wallets. Getting it right doesn’t necessarily mean having a large wallet, carrying half your tax return, and last month’s lunch receipt with you, everywhere you go. Simplicity is its own reward from separating what you need from what you don’t, and leaving the rest at home […]

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  • the top 10 Best teen wallet

    The Top 10 In Our Search For The Best Wallet For Teens

    Would you be a teenager again? Earning your independence, finding and expressing your uniqueness, all whilst while your body is changing? Announcing themselves and making an impression on the world is tough. And although they can be hard to live with (due to their superior knowledge), here’s to them. To those who envy nightclubs and […]

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  • Handshake in front of business people

    The 10 Best Business Card Wallets

    Trying to seal the deal can be hard enough without handing over a battered business card. We thought that it was important to include in our guides a list of business card holders to not only do the job, but to look the part. Business cards given at seminars and functions can be a dime […]

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  • Vector victory concept

    The Top 10 Best Wallets Ever For Men

    Here’s a question for you… Who finished second in the Olympic 100 meter finals in London 2012? Answer… who cares. The truth is that it’s only number #1 that people remember. Here at Best Wallet Guide we are all about the best too, we are always on the search for THE BEST WALLET EVER. The best pieces […]

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  • Mighty Wallet Review Batman

    The Top 10 Novelty Wallets Online

    If all wallets are the same to you, then novelty wallets are a great way to stand out from the crowd. They are also a great way to show some personality. To make it easier to find a good quality novelty wallet we put our best 10 in the same place. Because we believe that novelty […]

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  • Money Clip

    The 10 Best Money Clips and Money Bands

    Carrying less has its advantages. It’s slimmer and smaller for one, and when your girlfriend carries your cash for you, carrying less means that there is less of it for her to take. These money clips allow you to carry less in style, and be sure that your cash and cards will stay together. Disclaimer: […]

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  • Waterproof wallet guide

    The 5 Best Waterproof Wallets

    Everyone dreams of going on holidays to an idyllic beach side resort. The sun, the white sand and clear water is a great place to relax. But when you are actually going you have to think a bit more about it. One question that comes up for everyone is, what will we do with our […]

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  • Coach Logo

    The 10 Most Popular Wallet Brands

    Quality brand wallets come with a reputation, so when you buy a quality brand, you expect it to be good. We tend to trust brands have built up a following based on their quality. They have made enough good quality products to create a label, and this label then becomes a stamp of quality. Brand […]

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  • Best iphone wallet for men

    The Top 10 Best iPhone Wallets For Men

    Heard the saying less is more lately? Were hearing it all the time now. There seems to be a trend to slim down and minimalize our lives. Get rid of what we don’t need and just have the essentials. So here at BWG we asked ourselves… What do you need to carry with you, to […]

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  • Passport at the beach summer holiday vacation concept

    The Top 10 Best Travel Wallet Passport Holders

    Can you imagine anything worse than losing your passports when you’re overseas in a foreign country? What would you do after first realizing that you don’t have it, or do you shudder to think? Traveling overseas can sometimes make you feel vulnerable. Being alone in a large city where no one knows your name. Whether rational […]

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  • Best Wallet for under 100 small

    The Best Wallet Under 100 Dollars Guide

    For many of us, we want a wallet that we can be proud of. We don’t want to have to hide it when we pay for things. We also want something that will last and not look shabby. After all, it is in our pocket all day. Your wallet and what you carry in it, […]

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  • Best Wallet For Under 50

    The Top 10 Best Wallet For Under 50 Dollars Guide

    There are some great quality wallets in many different styles for under 50 dollars. Front pocket, back pocket, compact and tri fold. These wallets are perfect for those who like to be judged on what’s in the wallet. Our top ten wallets for under 50 dollars are a great gift idea, for people who just […]

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  • Best-RFID-Wallet-Thief

    The Top 10 Best RFID Blocking Wallet Guide

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been in bank cards and passports since 2006. It is very convenient and quick at the cashier. They can take your bank details at the swipe of a card and you are on your way. This ease and convenience is helpful in the store, but not out on the street. […]

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