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Best Wallet Guide – The Search for the Perfect Wallet

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We know searching online for a wallet has its challenges...


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Not being able to touch or feel the wallet you end up buying, is a big ask

Especially since as men, we only buy a new wallet when we absolutely have to... There's no sticking it in the back of the cupboard for us

So how do you make sure you get exactly what you want, first time?

  • Firstly, you start by looking at all the styles and seeing which meets your needs.
  • Then learn the different materials and what suits your lifestyle.
  • And finally go and see some for yourself at the shopping mall.

All after you have googled all of the wallet makers who make good quality wallets for a few hours...


You can start here

We have organised all the important information regarding your next wallet, in one easy-to-use place

Begin by browsing our top 10 guides below, or you can read our more in depth reviews, or see the answers to wallet related questions in the blog




Our Best Wallet Guides



The 10 Cutest Kids Wallets Online

Somewhere to keep their first bank card and learn about money

The 10 Best Wallet For Under 50 Dollars Guide

Because wallets are for holding money not spending money, right?

The 10 Baddest Biker Wallets

You don't need the badge, jacket or colors to find a badass biker wallet

The Top 10 Best RFID Blocking Wallet Guide

Just because it's safe doesn't mean it can't be stylish

The 10 Best Credit Card Holders Online

Somewhere for all those store, gift, rewards, and credit cards we accumulate

The Top 10 iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

Apple hasn't completely removed the use of an old fashioned card carrier just yet. So here's the latest and greatest.

The 10 Best Front Pocket Wallets Online

Get that feeling of freedom that comes with a front pocket wallet

The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases

Carry your cards and cash with one of the best Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases we could find online.

The Top 10 Best Wallet Chains Online

Because keeping your stuff together isn't just for bikers and leather aficionados

The 10 Best Key Wallets Online

10 High quality pieces that will keep your keys organized and together

The Top 10 Best Money Clip Wallets

Carry quality not quantity with one of these 10 minimal money clip wallets

10 Best Skinny Wallets Available Online

Slim, trim and lightweight, we've found the 10 best skinny wallets online

The Top 10 Best Wallet For Teens

Make being a teenager a little easier with a nice, quality wallet

The Internet’s 10 Thinnest Wallets

Leave carrying bulky items to the experts and slim down your pocket

The 10 Best Business Card Wallets

The wallets that help get you business by keeping your cards like new

The 10 Best Trifold Wallets on the Internet

Quality wallets with a bit more space for only a little extra size

The Top 10 Best Wallets Ever For Men

Our picks for the 10 best wallets in each category

The Best Aluminium Wallet (Top 10)

Take a peek at the latest, cutting-edge aluminium wallet designs currently on offer

The Top 10 Novelty Wallets Online

These Novelty Wallets make great gifts and are unique... in a good way

The 10 Best Money Clips and Money Bands

Flaunt your stack of cash with these money clips and money bands

The 5 Best Waterproof Wallets

Here are some great ways to keep your valuables safe while having fun in the water

The 10 Most Popular Wallet Brands

The top 10 best brands based on quality and reputation

The Top 10 Best iPhone 5,5s Wallets For Men

The best wallet case for your iPhone 5 and 5s we could find online

The Top 10 Best Travel Wallet Passport Holders

Somewhere to put all your travel essentials all in the one place...

The Best Wallet Under 100 Dollars Guide

The best quality wallets we could find for a reasonable price

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What Does it Take to be the Best Wallet Anyhow?

On our guides you will see a table comparing all of the candidates against each other. Here's the factors we use to compare and what we think is important in a wallet


1 - Show Your Friends

Style, looks and pride. They are all included in this section. Although a wallet isn't something that you show your friends all the time, you don't want to be ashamed of it. So this factor is our fashion police. Helping us find out what is the very best wallet.

2 - Ease At Checkout

It may be the best looking wallet in the world but if you stumble around at the checkout then it is only making you look bad. It is also awkward holding up the line trying to stick a bank note somewhere it isn't sposed to go. Function is important, and wallet designers in their mission to minimalize sometimes miss this point. So here it is, keeping them in check.

Some of Best Wallet Guides Wallet Collection 2

A few of the wallets we have reviewed

3 - Size

Sometimes small is best, sometimes large is better. Whatever size you are after, we let you know here. Whether it's the overall size of the wallet, or what it can carry look at this section to tell you if your day to day stuff will fit in.

4 - Quality

No one wants their wallet falling apart at the seems. We judge on a 5 star rating, 5 stars obviously being the best. Usually the contenders we handpick are pretty good but this is a criteria to check just in case.

5 - Price

Important to note. Because prices can fluctuate we use a dollar sign guide. The more dollar signs, the more pricey. Typically 3 dollar signs $$$ and under is less than $50.


best wallet guide tester - my daughter

My daughter testing a wallet that has come through the mail

How Does Come Up With it Ratings?

Reviewing wallets since 2013 means that we have had some time to do our research. We often get wallets sent to review from around the world. And although we cannot own every wallet we test, we do our research by asking questions and reading from other reviewers to make sure what we pick is good value.

Our scoring is also affected by you. If you have had experience (good or bad) with the wallets we put up as contenders then leave a comment on the page or use the contact page to let us know.