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“Why Does My Wallet Stink?” – How to De-Odor Your Wallet

Got Stink-Ass-Wallet-Syndrome?

It’s probably not for the reason you think. To find out why and how to fix it, read below…

Why Does My Wallet Stink?There are different kinds of wallets are available for men. Each type makes use of different materials that have distinct features. One of the most popular materials used for wallets is the leather. In most cases, leather wallet owners tend to realize a distinctive smell that comes out every time they use their wallet.

Everybody knows that the leather is a versatile and useful material. But when it smells it can seem like the devil. Why does it stink?


The Causes of Stinky Smell in Leathers

Natural leather has been comprised of tanned animal skin and hide. Leather-makers and tanners are using both artificial and natural chemicals to color and treat raw hide. Then, they will turn them into durable materials for different uses. On the other hand, new leather items will be treated with some natural coloring and tanning chemicals such as animal oils and vegetable dye which have musky odor.

Some leather items that have been treated with metallic or artificial compounds usually got a plastic-like odor. The particular smell on your leather wallet depends on the kind of animal that the leather material was taken from. Leather wallets that were made from game animals such as deer and other sea creatures usually got unique and stronger scent.

Synthetic leather got a faint smell because they are a part of various products composed of petrochemicals. Natural leather materials, along with other forms of synthetic leather, got microscopic pores allowing the materials to breathe. Whenever such pores become clogged or when water seeps through these, natural leather eventually releases bad odors.

One more cause, and this isn’t easy to say to our favorite reader (You), but maybe its not the wallet… If your running and sweating it will be absorbed by the wallet, giving you Stink-Ass-Wallet-Syndrome. Good news is that the solution is easy…


How to Get Rid of ‘The Smell’

You do not have to suffer from a stinky wallet. Here’s how to get rid of that stink:

  • Let your leather wallet age. Leather smells may go away as the leather material ages. It closes up making the unwanted odors disappear. Thus, the more often you use the item, the faster that this odor gets away. Do not apply perfume and odor-masking agents on your wallet. It is due to the reason that it will take a longer period of time for the undesirable smell to pass. In addition, you can use another leather item (such as a leather jacket or leather shoes) more often in order to expose its pores. As time passes by, the material takes on a naturally-aged and more understated scent which will be more appealing to your senses compared to brand new leather.
  • Pack It in a Paper.  Another way to completely answer your question “why does my wallet stink” is to pack your leather wallet in a packing paper or old newspapers. You should know that papers have been more porous compared to leather. Thus, they are excellent materials for odor absorption. If you wish to avoid the stinky smell of your brand new leather wallet quickly, pack them in packing papers or newspapers. The paper fibers serve as wicks which eventually lift the material’s odors. At the same time, they are an ideal way to preserve any leather item reverse surfaces that are untreated. See to it that your leather wallet is dry and use dry newspapers, as well. Bear in mind that newspapers have been more effective compared to office papers. It is because fibers have been looser and it has softer texture compared to other types of paper.
  • Dry Your Wet Leather Wallet Quickly. Wet leather materials smell like wet animals. If you have a leather wallet and left it in the rain, it will release an odor like the combination of pollution and sweat. To avoid this situation, dry it out immediately if you knew that it has been soaked in the rain or in the water.

How to Dry Your Leather Wallet

  1. Use your blow dryer. Blow dryer that is set on the low-hating setting hastens evaporation. At the same time, it prevents water molecules to enlarge your leather wallet’s pores
  2. Dry it out under the heat of the sun. – If you are sun-drying your wet leather wallet, see to it that they will not receive harsh sunlight.
  3. Dry it at the back of your refrigerator. The medium-sized refrigerator’s condenser rack works well with drying out your leather wallet. Put it at the back of your refrigerator’s condenser rack to dry it out without cracking or chipping.
  4. Condition your Leather. If have been using a leather wallet that is particularly smelly, an ideal thing to do is to condition it. Conditioning leather can remove rancid odor while it preservers the sheen and color of the leather material. At the same time, this is a perfect way of cleaning this type of material. Some of the materials to use are leather condition and linseed oil.

By observing the above-mentioned procedures on how to take care of your wallet and get rid of stinky smell, you can get back to enjoying your wallet.

And if you do buy a cheaper wallet, these are also great ways to get rid of that stink…


Thanks for reading and we hope you got the answers to your question “Why Does My Wallet Stink?”

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2 Responses to “Why Does My Wallet Stink?” – How to De-Odor Your Wallet

  1. Rafael August 12, 2015 at 5:26 am #

    Avoid getting your leather wallet wet because it may smells bad specially if it’s quite old and a bit dirty. This is natural for a leather wallet to happen. When you clean it you need to be sure that it is completely dry before using it again.

  2. Girly Ann August 13, 2015 at 7:48 am #

    Be sure that the whole wallet is dry before using it or else it might smell bad again. Using a hair drier might take a few hours before it gets try, just put it in direct sunlight.

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