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Tumi Wallet Review

Tumi is a brand name known for quality. It will be known by those who own high end travel gear, luggage, business gear, or their accessories. Tumi can be found in stores that call high quality to mind, such as Nordstrom’s.

However, with luxury comes a high price. This can make for a tough decision when shopping for something like a wallet. Do you go for the utilitarian, simple, if less luxurious wallet that will probably serve you just fine for a low cost? Or do you shell out a little extra money for the high end wallet that will likely last just as long and bring a bit of prestige along with it?

Tumi Wallet Review Men's Horizon Double Billfold Closed

This Tumi mens bifold wallet is 100% Leather, with 6 card slots and 2 bill compartments. See more Tumi styles here.

Ultimately, that is an important question to ask when shopping, and Tumi’s wallet line makes for a great sampling of high end wallets to start your search on that end. Indeed, if you are on the hunt for a high end wallet, Tumi certainly provides a wealth of options for you, regardless of the coloring, style, or construction that you prefer.

Tumi is available in numerous models of distinct men’s wallets, many of which have multiple color or style options to them. You also have a choice of picking either a fabric (a unique ballistic nylon made specifically for Tumi in this case), or leather. Either option is equally attractive and strong leaving it entirely up to taste between the modern feel of nylon and the classic feel of leather.

Tumi Wallet Review Men's Horizon Double Billfold Open

This Tumi mens bifold wallet is slim and sturdy. The leather is soft and smooth to touch.

Further, despite being a decidedly high end brand, you can find options for as little as $50. For $50 you can get a leather magnetic money clip or a nylon combination money clip and card holder.  They even offer an entire slim leather wallet with an ID window for $50. These prices are cheap when you see and feel the quality of the materials used and the care put into the stitching throughout.

Tumi bifold wallets offer more than enough room for all of your cards, cash, and IDs. Tumi also produce a passport wallet for those regular travelers. All their wallets are wrapped in a case that is entirely made of the highest quality leather offered by Tumi.

It is worth noting, especially when you are potentially spending a significant sum on a wallet, that Tumi’s warranty is a bit lacking in comparison to some of their competitors. While other companies offer extremely robust warranties—sometimes up to a lifetime—Tumi only covers your purchase for 5 years. This is hardly enough when making a high end purchase, and should be kept in mind. Otherwise, Tumi is a fine option for those who want either a nylon or leather designer wallet.

Tumi Wallet Review Men's Horizon Slim ID Card Case

Tumi produce wallets in many different styles including this slim card case. You can see more styles here.


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  1. Willl Rimmer December 5, 2016 at 7:26 pm #

    You make it sound as if a less expensive wallet will last as long as a Tumi. My last Tumi wallet lasted 12 years before showing signs of wear. It was replaced at 13 years with a new Tumi. I have never had any other wallet last that long.

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