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Our Top 5 Kickstarter Wallets – September ‘14

At BWG, we have noticed that there are a lot of wallets out there.

With more and more coming out every month.

Now we are noticing that a lot of wallets are coming out of Kickstarter. Typically young entrepreneurs getting their start designing, creating and manufacturing their own wallets…

It’s inspiring and it’s something that we’d like to shine a light on

So here is the beginning of a monthly series of posts about 5 of the wallet makers, and their projects they are trying to get up.

Enjoy, and if you do support them, thank you.


Kickstarter wallets - Presa Mobile

Presa Mobile

They say – “Presa™ is both a finely-crafted leather wallet and a universal smartphone accessory. Handmade using fine Napa leather, the minimalist wallet has enough space to store all of your essentials.

Its true beauty lies in a patent pending Grip Strap that stretches to allow it to hold securely on to the back of ANY smartphone. The Grip Strap is incredibly secure, it doesn’t scratch your phone and it merges two accessories you always carry with you in a way that has never been seen before. Presa is an entirely new class of wallet.”

We say – “A great design makes this wallet ‘smart phone universal.’  A quick browse of their kickstarter page and it is easy to tell that these guys have worked hard on their product. See what they have done here.”



TRIBE – The Sexiest Minimalist Wallet

They say – “Get ready to turn heads and make your friends jealous. Tribe wallets are the perfect balance of carbon fiber, stainless steel, and 24k gold – the result is something truly special & unique.

It’s very easy to use: just push the cards up & pinch the carbon fiber plates – your cards will fan out making it easy to access your cards or cash stored inside. You can also fold your cash and store it on the outside of the wallet (similar to a money clip).”

We say – If you want your wallet to stand out and start conversations, then this is for you. Watch the video here.


Alexean Wallet

Alexean Clipfold – Most Convenient Minimalist Wallet Ever

We say – “For us this wallet is all about function. If efficiency is important to you, then you will like this wallet.

The patent pending clip is a new take on a wallet money clip. It’s a great idea which makes counting cash easier. The design is sleek and modest, so it is a wallet for all occasions.”

You can check out their wallet here.


Revolution Wallet


They say – “Revolution Wallet pushes the boundaries of wallet craftsmanship by delivering the thinnest and lightest wallet in the world while maintaining the highest standard of form and function.

Constructed from 200 denier oxford nylon, which is waterproof and tear-resistant despite being a remarkable 0.006 inches thick. A smart, efficient design allows a flexible amount of cards and other items to be safely used in the wallet, catering to a wide variety of lifestyles.

Designed and manufactured in the United States of America.”

We say – “If your wallet bugs you, annoys or hampers you in any way, here is a nice alternative.

It’s tough, tear and water resistant and this thing is so thin you could almost slide it into your shoe. It’s the wallet for reluctant wallet carriers.

What really drew our attention was how specific it was. As small as possible and tough. Great for sports and outdoorsy people as a second wallet.”

You can find it on kickstarter here.


Charged Wallet

Charged Wallet – Never let your phone die again!

They say – “The Charged Wallet allows you to charge your smart phone on the go without the hassle and added bulk of a regular power bank. Built-in micro USB and Lightning cables make charging  quick and easy. No more forgetting to bring a USB cable, with the Charge Wallet there’s always one with you.”

We say – “A unique idea, to have extra battery life on the go. And the rest of the wallet is solid also.”

Unfortunately the project has been pulled for the time being, but it will be relaunched so watch this space. You can see the video and other information here.”

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  1. Jake August 14, 2015 at 8:19 pm #

    Nice picks. The charged Wallet is new to me. Has it been relaunched again?

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