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The Top 10 Best Wallet Chains Online

Last Updated – Jun 15, 2015 @ 12:57 am

The Top 10 Best Wallet Chains Online

Wallet chains have got a reputation and are synonymous with bikers.

But they aren’t all about being a bad-ass lawbreaker with a very leathery fashion sense. They are also for those of us who tend to misplace our wallet and keys.

Now, if only we could get a chain for our phone, or iPad… Until you can, here is the best 10 chains for your wallet that we could find on the web… Enjoy

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NameQualityBadass RatingPriceLength (inches)Security
Black Skull Wallet Chain★★★☆★★★★☆$$$$26.7★★★☆
DRAGON Metal Wallet Key Chain ★★★★★★★☆$$$29★★★☆
Chrome Steel Wallet Key Chain★★★★★★$$18★★★★
Shangri-La Hemp Wallet Chain★★★☆★★$28★★☆
Wallet/Bike Chain★★★★★★★☆$$32★★★☆
Brass Yellow Skull Chain★★★☆★★★$$26.5★★★
Heavy Triple Strand Cross Chain★★★★☆★★★★☆$$29★★★☆
Skull Leather Wallet Key Chain★★★★★★$$21★★
Lucky Line Pocket Chain★★★★★$$26★★☆
Iced Out Skulls Wallet & Key Chain★★★☆★★★★$$27★★★


Black Skull Wallet Chain

Black Skull Wallet Chain

This is the real deal – a genuinely sinister, cast-brass chain featuring a ghoulish procession of human skulls in matte-black!

This chain is around 26 inches in length and it’s fitted with two seriously-sturdy, trigger style snap hooks. Bikers in colder climates will really appreciate those thumb-sized triggers, which are easy to squeeze, even with gloved or frozen fingers.

With its cast brass construction this chain feels weighty and solid. Along with solidity you get durability and security as part of the package.

Click here to check out the JPG’s of this solidly authentic, biker wallet chain.


Dragon Wallet Chain

DRAGON Metal Wallet Key Chain

Another authentic, wearable wallet chain from the brass casters of Korea!

In Korean folklore the Dragon King is a generous, benevolent creature, with deep spiritual knowledge and powers. This dragon themed chain has the power to attract attention while keeping your wallet safe from evil intruders.

Beneath the thickly chromed surface, each dragon’s head is a well-made chunk of cast brass. Good looking, swivel snap hooks are provided at each end of the 27 inch chain for easy attachment to your pants and wallet.

To visit the Dragon King in his palace beneath the sea click here.


Chrome Steel Wallet Chain

Chrome Steel Wallet Key Chain

In the crazy world of wallet key chains this big, chunky offering in chromed steel is close to the sensible end of the spectrum.

The sturdy look and quality of this item will certainly give you that warm, comfortable feeling of security. The oversize trigger hook is also easy to operate – even with cold hands or bike gloves. Another plus is the 18 inch chain length, which just makes the whole rig a little more practical.

One minor hassle … the ring on this chain is actually much bigger than it looks. It’s great for a bunch of keys, but you may need to swap it for something that fits your wallet a little better.

All-in-all it’s a pretty good product that will suit a lot of regular, everyday folks, just like you and me! Click here to check it out for yourself.



Hemp Wallet Chain

Shangri-La Nook Hemp & Re-Cycle Silk Wallet Chain: Handmade in Nepal

This unusual, hand-made item has travelled thousands of miles, possibly by Yak through the Himalayas, to reach your screen. Let’s give it a fair hearing …

It’s a regular problem in the mystic east – what to do with all of those left-over hemp-stalks after the leaf harvest? Here’s the perfect solution – blend it with a little colourful silk and weave it into a rustic, ethnic wallet chain.

Though it’s not the highest quality offering we’ve seen, and it lacks the expected skulls, eagle-claws and attitude, there is a serious side to this product. These things earn a few dollars for people living in extreme poverty, so it’s a worthy investment if you can find a use for it.

If your heart rules your head click here to see various color options at a realistic price.


Bike Wallet Chain

Wallet/Bike Chain

Thirty two inches of links make this a long, long chain. If you’re of diminutive stature (under 5’ 5”) this thing is likely to dangle a little low. You may need to take out a few links.

For taller dudes this really is an effective wallet or key chain. It’s got a super-size, triggered snap hook on one end, and a sturdy one-inch ring on the other. Both are well connected. Naturally, for this price it’s not made of precious metal, but the bright, chrome finish is still pretty solid.

Yes, we really do like it! Click here to see if you like it too.


Brass Wallet Chain

Brass Yellow Skull Chain

When it comes to biker wallet chains these neat looking curb links span the 26½ inch gap between wimpy and wild.

At around 4 ounces this smart, bronze-effect chain is a little light to make any impact in the wallet chain major league. Even so, it’s a good-looking, wearable item with a pretty awesome sugar skull styled pendant.

From a practical perspective, the links and lobster-claw clasps are fine for light, everyday use. You even get a ring with clips for a few keys thrown in as part of the package.

Undecided? Click here for more info on this bronzed, key toting skull chain.


Triple Wallet Chain

Heavy Triple Strand Cross Chain

This is a seriously cool chain if you’re going for kick-ass looks over strength and security.

OK, they’re calling it a jeans chain but this item has equally bad attitude with leathers. It’s more like three chains in one, with various lengths of ball, rope and twisted links. The best feature by far is the awesome, black leather patch, studded with a crucifix of human skulls.

Not the chunkiest chain on the block, but it just looks so cool!

Definitely the ‘go-to’ chain for anyone who’s had a wallet stolen by a vampire. Click here to check it out.


Leather Skull Wallet Chain

Skull Leather Wallet Key Chain

This supercool, Korean-made item tethers your wallet to your pants with a braided, leather-look cord instead of the usual chunky chain. We give it nine out of ten for looks and attitude!

This wallet cord features two of the all-time classic motifs: the eagle’s head and the grinning skull. It’s also fitted with a pair of good-quality, swivel snap hooks. All of the stylish fittings are fashioned from silver-plated, cast brass. So far, so good!

Sadly, this kick-ass cord drops a point because it’s made from synthetic leather rather than cowhide. We also have a niggling concern about the security of the joint between the cord and the eagle’s head end pieces.

Independent thinkers should click here to check out this bad-ass cord for themselves.


Lucky Line Pocket Chain

This is a neat and practical, 18 inch length of chain, without any of the fussy bells, whistles, skulls or crossbones.

Way down at the budget end of the market, this is a surprisingly usable piece of kit that will tether your keys or wallet to your pants with a reasonable level of security. There may be a few grumbles about the size and quality of the snap-clip, but hey, this is a pretty cool investment for the price of a BBQ Bacon Whopper!

Click here to find out more about this low-budget, tempered steel pocket-protector.


Skulls Wallet chain

Iced Out Skulls Wallet & Key Chain

Don’t be surprised if you need to sleep with the lights on after buying this hunky-chunk of black-metal bling!

This long string of human skulls rocks as much as it shocks. It’s made out of some type of silvered metal – we’re not sure exactly what that metal is. Hopefully it’s not some kind of toxic, radioactive, fuel-rod waste.

If you connect a wallet to this bulky skull chain make sure that it’s empty first. Despite the chunky look this thing is actually pretty flimsy.

To see this rocking shocker in action click right here.


Thanks for reading.

Know of any cool Wallet Chains that deserve top 10 status, then let us know, leave a comment!



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  1. Kwadwo December 7, 2014 at 8:15 am #

    The Black skull goes for me. May be a bit intimidating but real hardcore for the bikers obviously.

  2. Lee July 14, 2015 at 8:13 am #

    I like the Shangri-La Nook Hemp & Re-Cycle Silk. It will fit every girl in style.

  3. Maria August 4, 2015 at 8:03 am #

    Chains are not trendy anymore but some still use it. Some use it for safety measure and some use it as a fashion item like the rockstars who pairs it with leather jacket and leather jeans.

  4. Brigette Louise September 14, 2015 at 1:06 pm #

    I’m not a funky girl who uses stuff like wallet chains but I can say that the products listed are awesome. I am thinking of getting one for my friend.

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