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The Top 10 Best Travel Wallet Passport Holders

Last Updated – Jun 16, 2015 @ 6:25 am

The Top 10 Best Travel Wallet Passport Holders

Somewhere to put all your travel essentials

Can you imagine anything worse than losing your passports when you’re overseas in a foreign country?

What would you do after first realizing that you don’t have it, or do you shudder to think?

Traveling overseas can sometimes make you feel vulnerable. Being alone in a large city where no one knows your name. Whether rational or not, it can be a little scary.

This is one reason why passport wallets have become popular among frequent travelers. Everything is kept together for security. You can put your hand on your pocket and know it’s all there, safe. It doesn’t get misplaced, forgotten about or left behind.

Passport wallets are also convenient. With places for boarding passes and hotel keys/cards, they replace the need for your regular wallet whilst travelling.

Travel passport wallet holder

These are the best passport wallets (and accessories) we could find. There are some cheaper and pricier wallets, but they are all great depending on your situation.



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WalletMakerSizeQualityPrice Ease at checkoutShow your friendsCard SlotsBill SlotsAmazon Rating
Leather Passport Wallet with RFID ShieldSaddlebackPassport case*****$$$$$$******215
Luggage Rfid-tec 150 Compact OrganizerPacsafePassport wallet****$$$$*****714.9
Travel OrganizerVictorinoxTravel pack****$$$$*****1024.8
RFID Passport Holder WalletAccess Denied Passport wallet***$$$$$*******414.6
Tuscany Leather Passport and Airline CaseBond Street LtdPassport case****$$$$$$*****61N/A
Tan Passport Sleeve WalletBellroySleeve*****$$$$$$********20N/A
RFID Blocking Passport Currency WalletRoyce LeatherPassport wallet****$$$$*******324.3
Travel Gear Silk Undercover Money BeltEagle CreekMoney Belt****$$$**N/A14.7
RB 75 Multi Colored Passport Holder Cover Case / WalletVisconti Passport wallet***$$$******504.8
RFID Blocking Secure SleeveIdentity StrongholdSleeve**$$N/A*003.8

Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet with RFID Shield

Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet with RFID Shield

This wallet is beautiful like classic cars and handmade furniture. It has character, style and purpose. The leather smells, looks and feels solid. Saddleback use a thicker leather when making their wallets. This means that it will need a little breaking in. But it also means that you will be buried with this wallet if you don’t lose it.

This wallet will be there and ready when you need it. The two card slots hold five cards each so you wont be left short. And the large bill compartment means you will have room for all the cash you want to carry. A great everyday wallet as well as for frequent travelers. Will stand up to those who treat their wallets harshly. Comes with RFID protection for piece of mind. Available in three colors.


Pacsafe Luggage Rfid-tec 150 Compact Organizer

Pacsafe Luggage Rfid-tec 150 Compact Organizer

Do you like to know where all your items are when travelling? Do you find yourself always patting your pockets checking for, the hotel key, passport, currency notes, traveler’s checks, plane tickets etc.? Keep everything together is easy with this durable nylon wallet.

It has room for two passports, 7 card slots and a zip bill compartment that fits all currencies. Also contains a zipped coin compartments. It is also RFID blocking material to protect you from any surprises when you get home. A must have when visiting large foreign cities. Victorinox Travel Organizer

Victorinox Travel Organizer

If you are in charge of carrying items for the whole family, you can’t go past the Victorinox travel organizer.  It keeps everything together and at your fingertips. This little organizer has enough space to carry 4 passports, ID’s. Also slots for your bank cards, hotel keys, and space for your itinerary and anything else you need.

There is a zip pocket for extra security and the outside pocket makes passing through the airport easy. If you need to marshal the troops whilst travelling, you will wonder what you ever did without a Victorinox Travel Organizer. An best seller!


RFID Passport Wallet

Access Denied RFID Passport Holder Wallet

Is leaving your passport and ticket at home your worst nightmare. Fishing through your pockets at the airport only to found you have left it at home? If so then it’s easy to get organised and on time with this Access Denied leather travel wallet.

Access Denied are known for their strong RFID security focused wallets. This travel wallet is no different. There’s room to organize your cards, currency, passport, travelers checks, and your ticket all in easy reach. Would be great as a present for an upcoming traveler. Available cheaper than you think here.

Bond Street Ltd Tuscany Leather Passport and Airline Case

Tuscany Leather Passport and Airline Case

When you need to have everything on hand, you can carry it all in style here. Bond Street has designed this wallet for the frequent dapper traveler. It is fashionable, chic and practical. There are spots for your passport, plane tickets, cash, cards, and a secured zip pocket for other documents.

The construction is from fine Italian leather. Sounds too good to be true? This wallet retails for over $200, but you can get yours here for less than $100.

Tan Passport Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy

Tan Passport Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy

There is beauty in simplicity. And if you want either then this passport sleeve is an elegant way for any traveler to pass through any airport. It carries everything needed for the light, frequent traveler. With spaces for your passport, ticket, and micro pen, it also contains two card slots. The slim design lets it slide straight into your pocket, no bumps.

There is no compartment for bills (although they could be folded into the passport sleeve.) Leave the everyday wallet at home and upgrade to this beautiful piece of leather craftsmanship. Limited stock.

Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet

Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet

Travelling means you can have stuff everywhere. Strapped around your stomach under your clothes, in a fanny pack, or a handbag style bag. But if you think the safest place is on your person, like your everyday wallet, then this is for you. A standard bifold design, this passport wallet is made from top grain nappa leather.

It looks and feels like good quality bifold. And is compact enough to fit into your pocket. It has room for your passport, 3 cards, and ID window and two bill compartments. The leather will need to be broken in a bit if you have a frequent traveler wallet, and the wallet is not big enough to hold boarding passes.

Great for travelling through Europe, Asia or Africa.  RFID protection for that extra piece of mind. Available in two colors.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Silk Undercover Money Belt

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Silk Undercover Money Belt

People who use money belts consistently say one thing. “Worth the money” Why? Peace of mind, in some countries pickpocketing is a career. Money belts conceal your belongings and take the lure away from the local thieves. Why did we pick this money belt? Its good quality. The silk and satin breathes and helps dissipate sweat and aren’t irritable on your skin. The belt is also washable.

There is plenty of room for your passport, currency and travel itinerary. If you are going to wear something against your skin all day, don’t buy the cheapest. BWG recommends the black over the rose.

Visconti RB 75 Multi Colored Passport Holder Cover Case Visconti RB 75 Multi Colored Passport Holder Cover Case / Wallet

Don’t stand out like a tourist with a big ugly canvas pouch when you go overseas. This wallet is fashionable and gets noticed for the right reasons. It carries your passport securely, and also has room for 5 cards and has two compartments for currency.

The multi-color design personalizes the wallet, it is also available in straight black and brown leather here. This is a great passport for those who don’t want to look like a tourist.

Identity Stronghold RFID Blocking Secure Sleeve

Identity Stronghold RFID Blocking Secure Sleeve

At Best Wallet Guide we prefer wallets, but if you must use an RFID passport sleeve, this is our pick. It fits US, Canada and Australian passports, and is advertised as puncture, tear and weather resistant (not tested by BWG).

The 5 pack is the best deal, as you may want to replace the sleeve after a few uses. They make a good Christmas present for the in-laws, instead of that annual lottery ticket. Available here.


We hope you found what you were looking for. Got any ideas, suggestions or want to comment about a wallet? Use the comment box.


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  1. Michael June 7, 2015 at 10:23 pm #

    Thanks for putting together this list. Unfortunately last month when I checked Amazon the Eagle Creek was sold out. I ended up getting this travel wallet instead and it turned out to be really great. Highly recommend it.

  2. C.Breezy June 15, 2015 at 12:07 am #

    Hi Michael,
    Had a look and it seems to be available again. Checked out the travelmore but now that seems to be unavailable.

    Funny how things work

  3. Jenny August 4, 2015 at 8:59 am #

    Great finds for a travel wallet.

  4. Nikka August 28, 2015 at 6:34 am #

    I like the Saddleback and the Visconti. I need to choose between the two. What do you think is the best?

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