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The Top 10 Best RFID Blocking Wallet Guide

Last Updated – Apr 13, 2016 @ 10:48 pm

The Top 10 Best RFID Blocking Wallet Guide

When you find out that your bank and ID details have been stolen, it can be too late

Best RFID Wallet ThiefRadio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been in bank cards and passports since 2006. It is very convenient and quick at the cashier. They can take your bank details at the swipe of a card and you are on your way.

This ease and convenience is helpful in the store, but not out on the street.

Unfortunately RFID readers aren’t limited to shop keepers. Anyone can buy an RFID reader off the internet quite cheaply. It can be set up in a typical briefcase or bag and then take RFID readings from people in the street. This could be hundreds of unsuspecting card holders every day!

We at Best Wallet Guide created the best RFID blocking wallet list for you. We feel these are the best RFID wallets on the market today.


They will protect your bank and ID cards (and passport), so you know your personal information is secure.


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WalletMakerSizeQualityPrice Ease at checkoutShow your friendsCard SlotsBill SlotsAmazon Rating
Italian Calfskin Leather RFID WalletWurkin Stiffs Bi fold*****$$$$$**********614.4
Silver Stainless Steel TrifoldStewart StandTri fold****$$$$$********914.5
Slimfold Leather WalletSHARKKBi fold***$*****724.7
RFID Blocking Executive Organizer Passport CaseTravelonBi fold (Passport)***$$*****614.3
RFID Blocking BillfoldTravelonBi fold***$$***624.3
Luggage RFID Neck StashLewis N. ClarkNeck Stash***$$***014.3
Stainless Steel WalletZippoBi fold****$$$$$*****713.7
RFID Blocking mini WalletIdentity Stronghold Mini Wallet***$$$$****314.3
RFID Protector SleevesSafet Sleeves Sleeve**$**103.9
Luggage Rfid-Tec 50 Compact Bi-FoldPacsafe Bi fold****$$**414.5

Wurkin Stiffs Slim RFID Bifold Wallet

Wurkin Stiffs Italian Calfskin Leather RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet

People with an eye for distinction notice this classic wallet. Made from Italian leather it is not only sophisticated and stylish, it goes with every pair of pants you own.

There is quality in every aspect of this wallet. The leather seems are tightly woven. The wallet is leather inside and out and has rounded corners to save your pockets.The Italian leather wallet carries everything you need. It has six card slots, two hidden compartments and a bill compartment.

Wurkin Stiffs have produced a refined wallet that will last the test of time. If you like to save money and time by purchasing quality goods first time, then this wallet is for you. Find your color here.

Stewart Stand Silver Stainless Steel Trifold open

Stewart Stand Silver Stainless Steel Trifold w/Straight Cross Slots

A steel wallet may give you the impression that it’s a metal ‘cage’ for your cards! But the Stewart Stand stainless steel wallet is elegant and sophisticated. Showing your new wallet will get plenty of attention from curious friends and family. So be prepared to answer questions!

The wallet is well made with rounded corners and being made from stainless steel it is durable. It is very smooth to touch and finished well. Out of the box it comes a little stiff, but wears in after use. The company backs their product so much that it comes with a lifetime guarantee!

It contains an ID window, 9 card slots and a bill compartment which caters for your daily needs.

The wallet is set out for easy and quick use. This wallet is a crowd pleaser for your friends and family, and for those who have bought one. More information here.

SHARKK® Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder With RFID Protection - Open

SHARKK® Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder With RFID Protection

The Sharkk credit card holder is a small lightweight aluminum wallet which carries the necessities. The easy flip slide in the wallet gives you easy access to all of your cards, not just the ones in the front. The wallet is carries RFID protection to give you piece of mind.

It will protect your banking and ID information from the hundreds of random people that you walk past every day! The SHARKK aluminum wallet is impact, stain and water resistant making it durable and long lasting. It is lightweight and easy to use, as all your cards are presented ‘accordion like’ when you open your wallet.

Save money from buying many RFID sleeves with the SHARKK Aluminum wallet. Find the price here.

RFID Blocking Executive Organizer Passport Case Open

Travelon RFID Blocking Executive Organizer Passport Case

This travel wallet is like the SUV of wallets. It’s great for someone who needs a lot of things at their disposal on the go. Containing a boarding pass compartment, passport holder, ID window, credit card slots, and bill compartment, everything is organised and at your fingertips. It is a good size and  fits into your back pockets snug.

Travelon has been producing fashionable, functional products that are built to last for 30 years. This passport wallet is no different. The ballistic nylon makes the wallet durable, and the leather interior is fairly thick.

This wallet is subtle and understated on the front, with room for everything on the inside.If you are someone who likes everything on hand whether traveling or not, and wants a wallet to last, then look no further… Click here for more information.

Travelon RFID Blocking Billfold

Travelon RFID Blocking Billfold

A classic styled sharp looking wallet for someone who prefers durability and functionality over flashiness. This wallet is well made and understated. It does not draw any unwanted attention.

The Nylon construction helps make the wallet flexible. It will form the shape of your pocket and not restrict your movement. When new it can be a little stiff and requires wearing in. The inside bill compartments are large so you can fit all of your bills, receipts.

It carries six cards safely, and has two bill compartments. For more details, follow this link.

Lewis N. Clark Luggage Rfid Neck Stash

Lewis N. Clark Luggage RFID Neck Stash

The pockets hold everything you need from cards to passports, from keys to your everyday wallet. There is a place for everything in this neck luggage stash. In fact it will hold more than one passport, so you can share one with your partner too.

The fabric is soft and sturdy nylon, which removes moisture away from your items. The piece is designed for easy use, zip pockets and Velcro so you can get at your possessions easier. The strap adjusts easily, and allows you to keep your valuables out of the sight of criminals. The RFID protection also defends your personal information against electronic pick-pockets.

A travel wallet is a necessity when going overseas. The Lewis N. Clark neck sash is a well-made and secure travel wallet for under $15. Get one here!

Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet


Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet

This wallet is a real conversation starter. Put it down on the table next time you’re at the bar of café and watch how people can’t help but be curious and ask about it. The style, design and the look of the wallet is all modern and masculine.

Like all eccentric designs, it can be a little impractical to live with. The wallet cannot be overloaded with items or it will not shut. However, the flip book design allows you to easily see and select your card, saving  you time at the register. The wallets rubber spine allows you to easily open and close your wallet, unlike other metal wallets.

The wallet fits and stays in your pocket, and the steel construction means the wallet is durable as well as fashionable. It can even be engraved if you wish to personalize it further. Follow this link for more information

Identity Stronghold RFID Blocking mini Wallet

Identity Stronghold RFID Blocking mini Wallet

This is a genuine leather wallet where you can carry your cards, cash and coins. It is compact and will fit into your front or back pocket. There is a zippered area in the middle which can hold notes, coins or other bits and pieces.

Using this section in a hurry can make it a fiddly process to get what you need. There are also with three card slots and an ID window. With the mini secure wallet you can carry around what you need and not a bulging rock in your back pocket.

It also comes with a free RFID blocking card sleeve. More details here.

Safet Sleeves RFID Protectors

Safet Sleeves RFID Protectors

A cheap solution to block electronic pick-pocketing. The cards will block high-tech hijacking scanning equipment. They are cheap enough to buy some for your whole family.

The protective sleeves slot over individual cards. They protect your cards from unwanted RFID contact. They also protect the strips on the back, and stop cards from braking. So they are perfect for an existing wallets and money clips.

Individual sleeves are also available for your passport. To see more, click here.

Pacsafe Luggage Rfid-Tec 50 Compact Bi-Fold Wallet

Pacsafe Luggage Rfid-Tec 50 Compact Bi-Fold Wallet

Last but certainly not least is this compact and well priced nylon wallet. Small enough to fit in any pocket, but large enough to carry 4 cards and bills.

The design is condensed so you’re not walking around with a big rock in your pocket. It is a simple bi-fold style which makes it easy to find your cards.

The elastic band around the front keeps it closed and the RFID working. Available in two colors here.


Thanks for reading our best RFID wallet guide. If you have any comments, please use the box below.


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  1. Grace November 20, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

    Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your post.I ike to write a little comment to support you.

  2. Kendra Kroll December 7, 2013 at 4:11 am #

    something else you might like is the Blackout Pocket from Scottevest… it’s got the RFID blocking feature to protect credit cards and passports and capability to get you “off the grid” for items like cell phones, too. Not sure if on their website yet but should be soon at

  3. G.S. June 11, 2015 at 4:44 am #

    …”They also protect the strips on the back, and stop cards from braking.”

    No one wants their card to brake and come to a stop (from working). Breaking it is bad too.

    A bit surprised the author didn’t mention the Flipside 3X wallet. Was it out when this was written?

    Thanks for the reviews!

  4. C.Breezy June 11, 2015 at 9:31 pm #

    I like the flipside, wouldn’t mind getting our hands on one actually 🙂

  5. john Durnin July 30, 2015 at 6:21 pm #


    We make the Rogue rfid curved front pocket wallet.

    How come we are not in the top 10 rfid wallets ?

  6. Butler August 27, 2015 at 2:58 pm #

    Pretty difficult to get RFID blocking wallets in the UK, as most of them are Kickstarted and US based. has a decent selection / PayPal though.

  7. Dan October 20, 2015 at 10:43 am #

    Great list! For international travelers looking to protect passports especially, some great RFID blocking passport holders/travel wallets

  8. Bob April 24, 2016 at 9:01 pm #

    You’d have significantly more credibility if you employed copy writers who can spell.
    Braking, when you mean breaking? And we’re supposed to believe you’re experts about anything?

  9. C.Breezy May 15, 2016 at 8:54 pm #

    Thanks for pointing out the spelling error Bob

    I don’t mind if you think were experts or not 🙂

  10. LAUNDRU PATTON October 5, 2016 at 1:26 pm #

    Why wasn’t lock wallet included? I really like a wallet that can fully zip up all your contents and has a ID outside sleeve. I use it. If it’s not that reliable for security in other people’s opinion. For me it is nice to zip up my content.

  11. Caroline November 17, 2016 at 7:30 am #

    we also have RFID Wallet,we have best price.

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