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The Top 10 Best Money Clip Wallets

Last Updated – Apr 11, 2016 @ 8:13 am

The Best Money Clip Wallet – Top 10

Mark Twain and the Best Money Clip Wallet Does Have something in common after allMark Twain once said…

I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.

We feel the same about wallets. Getting it right doesn’t necessarily mean having a large wallet, carrying half your tax return, and last month’s lunch receipt with you, everywhere you go.

Simplicity is its own reward from separating what you need from what you don’t, and leaving the rest at home (or in the bin.)

So in honour of you, the man who wants only what is needed, we have whittled away the chaff too. And what’s left is well… the best money clip wallets.

These 10 won’t carry your life around, and that’s one reason we chose them.



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WalletMakerQualityPriceEase at CheckoutShow Your FriendsAmazon Ratings
Regatta 88 Series Magnetic Money ClipDopp★★★☆$★★★★☆★★★3.9
Genuine Leather Money ClipAlpine Swiss★★★☆$★★★★☆★★★4.2
Old Leather Deluxe WalletBosca★★★★★$$$$$+★★★★☆★★★★★4.5
Men's Norton Money Clip WalletFossil★★★★☆$$$★★★★☆★★★☆4.4
Barton Front Pocket WalletFiore★★$★★★★☆★★☆4
Men's Cash Clip Wallet Royce★★★★$$★★★★☆★★★★4.4
Men's Embossed Money Clip WalletDosh★★★★☆$$$$$+★★★★☆★★★★★3.9
The Perfect Money ClipY & G★★★$★★★★☆★★★★3.9
Men's RFOB Money Clip WalletLodis★★★★☆$$$$★★★★☆★★★☆4.4
Men's Money Clip WalletRoyce★★★☆$$$$★★★★☆★★★N/A


best money clip wallet

Dopp Regatta 88 Series Magnetic Money Clip

Sometimes life just gets too complicated. If you’re eager to de-clutter an overstuffed wallet, how about downsizing to this minimal magnetic money clip from Dopp?

When it comes to capacity, this is a really slim, no frills clip. There are external slots for a couple of cards and an internal pocket that can hold some ID. Cash is clasped externally in the vice-like grip of a powerful magnet.

The quality in this US brand is evident. It’s easy to see in the substantial, oil tanned leather and accurate stitching. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, no frills magnetic money clip you’ll find one here.

Alpine Swiss Money Clip Wallet - best money clip wallet

Genuine Leather Money Clip Wallet

If you’re prepared to strip down to the bare essentials this could be the answer to your ‘big wallet’ problems.

At just over 10cm x 7cm this Alpine Swiss branded money clip is a perfect fit for your pocket. It manages to squeeze all of the expected features into compact and convenient package. The familiar Alpine Swiss logo is usually a sign of good quality, and this magnetic money clip is no exception. It’s fashioned from well stitched, crunch leather and features classy embossed branding above the clip.

Perfect for the man who prefers to travel light, we found this popular clip wallet here at a really great price.

Bosca old leather - best money clip wallet

Bosca Old Leather Deluxe Front Pocket Wallet

It’s rare to find something that combines perfect form and function with simple elegance. Bosca’s fine Italian leather wallets are some of the most desirable on the market.

Built to handle the basics with minimal fuss, this deluxe, front pocket wallet has been designed to see you through the day with style and panache. Most importantly, it won’t create an ugly bulge in your impeccably tailored suit.

This deluxe leather wallet from Bosca could be an ideal, unforgettable gift for someone that you love and respect. My birthday is coming up in April. Click here to place an order (don’t forget the gift-wrap).

Men's NortonMoney Clip Wallet

Men’s NortonMoney Clip Wallet

The Norton bi-fold  comes straight out of the store with the signature, lived-in look of US vintage revivalists, Fossil.

Reliable and dependable, like a familiar old friend, this is the kind of wallet that’s always going to be there when you need it. On the back you get a transparent window with an amazing ‘cotton glen plaid’ patterned backing fabric. It’s almost too classy to hide behind an ID card.

With a little TLC this likeable, wrinkly old-timer could see you right through to retirement. Click here to check out this groovy granddad of a wallet.

Barton Front Pocket Wallet

Barton Front Pocket Wallet Money Clip

This is an honest, down-to-earth magnetic clip wallet that’s great for slipping a few essentials into a front pocket.

A bulky bi-fold wallet doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes, and this Barton 6.6cm x 5cm money clip is a compact, clever little organiser that performs almost as well as the gig boys. For the simple bare necessities the Barton does a pretty good job. If you push this wallet beyond its modest limits you may notice a lack of capacity

It’s hard to believe that you can get a genuine leather item at such a heavily discounted price! Click here and see for yourself.

Royce Leather Mens Cash Clip Wallet

Royce Leather Men’s Cash Clip Wallet

This is a slim and sophisticated bi-fold with a classic, sewn-in spring-clip to keep your banknotes safe inside the wallet.

Despite being a little larger than the usual front-pocket clip wallets, this smart cash clip is a popular item with a lot of happy buyers. The maker, Royce, is a high profile brand with a base in New Jersey, USA.

Rather than having the usual plastic windows, each of the two external pockets has a classy, stitched thumb-slot to help you get your ID out when needed.Even with the prestigious branding, this supple, Nappa leather wallet is reasonably priced and offers good value for money.

Click here for reviews, specifications and the discounted price.

Dosh 6 Card Lux Stainless Steel Money Clip Wallet


Dosh Men’s Embossed Money Clip Wallet

There are modern alternatives to the traditional leather wallet and this is one of them: a high-tech, high-contrast, bi-fold money clip, fashioned from Desmopan polymer.

While it’s definitely sleek and chic, one minor niggle is that the notes tend to poke out of the sides of the wallet if not perfectly placed in the clip. On the plus side, this has got to be one of the smallest money clip bi-folds currently available.

This high-tech alternative to the traditional money clip wallet comes with a premium price tag. Click here to invest in modern art.

Royce Leather Mens Cash Clip Wallet

The Perfect Money Clip

This is a ‘night on the town’ kind of wallet, with all of the bling and branding you’ll ever need to make a lasting impression.

The multi-coloured, black and silver version is a real head-turner, with its show-off Y&G branding internally embossed in gold and engraved on the banknote clip. That big steel clip looks more secure than a bank vault.

The removable plastic card case isn’t a great feature, but who would want to bulk-out this slim, stylish wallet with a load of tacky store cards anyway?

Impress the waiter in your favourite eatery by picking up the tab with this chic and simple wallet by Y&G. Click here to check out the menu.

Lodis Men's RFOB Billfold Money Clip

Men’s RFOB Money Clip Wallet

This juicy little number from Lodis is a colourful, money clip wallet packed with a whole lot of wow!

On the outside it’s smart, sleek and business-like, with a leather-clad spring clip to secure your notes. Inside it’s orange: vibrant, bright and right in your face!

Yes, it’s got a couple of card slots and an internal finger-glide ID window. There’s also an external slip pocket for a train ticket or a business card, but this beautifully slim billfold must never be overloaded!

You’ll light up the room whenever open this billfold wallet. Click here to see just how orange orange can be!

Royce Mens Money Clip Wallet

Royce Leather Men’s Money Clip Wallet

Quality brand, Royce, take another stab at creating a well styled money clip wallet that’s loaded with extra capacity.

All of the usual features are here, but Royce have added a folding card flap, and another exterior pocket that can be used for even more cards or small change. This adds a little to the depth and weight to the wallet.

If you’re looking for a normal wallet with the added security of a banknote clip this could be the one for you. If your sights are set on a slim, minimal money clip, this one’s probably a little overweight.

If this high quality artwork fits your bill click right here for spec’s and details.


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4 Responses to The Top 10 Best Money Clip Wallets

  1. Lee July 14, 2015 at 8:24 am #

    These are great finds of money clips. I’ll check the Bosca as a gift for my Dad.

  2. Brix B. July 31, 2015 at 2:23 pm #

    I’m not really a money clip type of man. I carry a regular wallet for my cards, cash and identification items. Now that I am into sports I’m trying to cut the bulge in my wallet. I think a money clip is a good idea.

  3. Jane August 23, 2015 at 11:47 am #

    I’ll go for the Lodis Men’s ROFB mens wallet. The color makes it attractive to look at.

  4. Jenica September 7, 2015 at 2:02 pm #

    Using money clip has never been my idea because it’s something that only pin your money together but doesn’t offer enough security.

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