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The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases

Last Updated – Jul 23, 2015 @ 10:10 am

The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases

The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases - Image Intro

Everything in one place

If you totally dislike carrying your wallet AND phone around, you are in the right place.

Now, there is no need to have bulkier pockets than you need to. We have collected the best Galaxy S6 wallet cases where you can conveniently access and organize your phone, card, and cash all in one place.

These cases are tough, slim, stylish and made from good quality materials, so there’s nothing holding you back from travelling light when your on the town or at work.



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WalletMakerSizeQualityPriceProtection of phoneShow your friendsCards HeldAmazon rating
Galaxy S6 Case WalletSpigenSlim★★★★☆$$★★★★☆★★★★34.3
S6 PocketStash CaseSmugglerSlim★★★★☆$$★★★★☆★★★★☆44.9
Samsung Galaxy S6 Case [Damda Slide]VerusSlim★★★★★$$★★★★★★★★★☆24.5
Book WalletShop leatherMedium★★★★★$$$$★★★★☆★★★★★55
Retro Vintage Book SeriesArtech 1Medium★★★★★$$$★★★★★★★★☆44.4
Complete Protection Samsung Galaxy S6 WalletIonic ProMedium★★★★★$$★★★★☆★★★★★34.5
Premium WalletBuddiboxMedium★★★★$$★★★★★★★★☆34.7
Credit Card ID Holder BlackAIYZESlim★★★★★$$★★★★★★★★24.8
Universal Smartphone Wallet Case with Belt LoopKrooMedium★★★★☆N/A★★★★☆★★★★☆35
Premium Protective Wallet CaseJ&D TechMedium★★★★☆$$★★★★★★★★☆34.4


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - Spigen


Sleek Protection That Packs A Punch

Spigen Galaxy S6 Case Wallet

Looking more like a miniature ballistic gunmetal suitcase than a cell phone holder, Spigen’s Galaxy S6 Case wallet is the full package. Its sleek, shock-absorbing design grips the phone, letting it slide easily in and out your pocket without creating excess bulk.

Meanwhile, a well-designed slot on the side allows the storage of up to 3 credit cards. Safety never looked so good. Get yours today.  Available in Amazon.


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - Smuggler

Rugged, Secure and Stylish – What More Could You Want?

Smuggler PocketStash Case

Smuggler’s PocketStash case is a resilient and affordable option for storing your Galaxy S6 on the go. Its textured exterior has a stylish, studded surface, and its smooth finish allows it to slide in and out of your pocket without catching.

The real pleasure is its versatility: an inner compartment snaps out, allowing you to stow cash and credit cards for when you need them on-the-go. And with a side flap that functions as a kick stand to prop the phone on its side, you’ll be able to keep up with your Netflix shows, too! Order one now, and start enjoying it! Available through Amazon.


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - Verus

Space-Age Style, Modern Age Functionality

Verus Dual Layer Case

With their new case, Verus offers a compelling option for Galaxy S6 owners. Its stylish, smooth exterior is available in a variety of modern colors, and its slim profile is reinforced with hard shell construction, cradling a soft core.

Card storage is optimized with patented, sliding technology that allows for easy access to your cards when you want them, and peace of mind in their security when you don’t. Buy yours now, and never worry about misplacing your cards again. Available here.


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - Shop Leather


Style and Luxury, For You – and Your Phone.

Genuine Leather Case

This case is hand-made, using high-quality, genuine leather. Inside, you’ll find slots to hold many credit cards – as many as five – and a separate compartment to store extra cash for when you need it.

Your phone is easily accessible from its own slot in the wallet, and the entire case closes with a secure brass snap. Luxurious, yet affordable – it may look like a million bucks, but no one will know how that you paid less than $50 for it! So stop thinking about it – get yours now before they’re all out. Available in Amazon.


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - Artech 21

Premium Leather, Elegant Design, Serious Functionality

Artech 21 Leather Folio Case

Artech 21’s leather folio case is made with premium, high-quality, full-grain leather. Its timeless yet convenient design leaves plenty of room for access to all ports, buttons, cameras, and microphones on the phone.

It also has a spacious interior to hold credit cards and cash, a fold-out stand, and a convenient carrying strap. And with its built-in, hardened plastic interior and its reinforced corners, the case is built to stand the test of time. So get yours today – and rest assured that it will last. Available in Amazon.


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - Ionic Pro

Travel Light and Smart

Ionic Pro Leather Case

Ionic’s new black leather case offers convenient protection for your Samsung Galaxy S6, without sacrificing style. On one side of the case, you’ll find an ample amount of storage for your credit cards and ID’s.

On the other side, your phone slides in easily and snugly, while maintaining its slim profile. The surprisingly secure magnetic strap snaps shut with a satisfying click, but is easy to detach when needed. And for those times you don’t want to take your phone out of the case to use it, a cut-out earpiece allows for easy conversations with the cover closed.

Buy yours now, and start enjoying the convenience of this all-in-one solution. Available through Amazon.


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - Buddibox

Who Knew Leather Could Be So Colorful?

Buddibox Premium Case

Buddibox’s newest case comes in hand-made, vegan leather – so it’s friendly for those even with ethical objections to using leather. It has a inner compartment for easy storage of credit cards and ID’s, along with a clear window to display a card of your choice – perfect for showing someone your ID without having to fumble with pulling it out of the case every single time.

This vegan leather comes in a rainbow of colors, too – so why get just one? Get yours today! Available here.


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - AIYZE

Premium Leather Case-Back, In A Classic Design

Aiyze Samsung Case

The new Aiyze leather case-back for Samsung Galaxy S6 is made from high-quality leather and is sure to attract plenty of attention. Made from high-quality leather, you’ll appreciate its quality even in warm weather: it won’t get sticky to the touch, no matter how hot the temperature outside.

And despite its stylish details, Aiyze offers serious protection for your phone, with a durable, wraparound design. Not only this, but they stand by their product: Aiyze offers a guaranteed, lifetime warranty. Purchasing a product couldn’t be more risk free – so buy yours now! Available in Amazon.


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - Kroo

There’s A Reason Purple Used To Be The Official Color Of Royalty

Kroo Purple Wallet Case

Kroo’s wallet offers a sleek, convenient option to store your phone on-the-go. Its luxurious, bicast leather is complemented by a microsuede interior, protecting your phone with a soft, forgiving surface.

And for when you’re on-the-go, Kroo has included an extra credit card slot on the back of the case – so you can access a card without even opening it. An included belt loop offers further functionality, for those who want to wear their case. Buy yours while they’re still available – deals like this won’t last long! Available through Amazon.


The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases  - J & D Tech

High-Quality Materials Without Sacrificing Functionality

J&D Premium Leather Case

J&D’s Galaxy S6 phone case is made out of premium, high-quality leather. With its folio-style layout, users have the convenience of access to three card slots for cards, along with a clear, see-through window for an ID.

It also sports an extra, side-slot area to store extra cash for any needs on-the-go. A convenient but powerful magnetic strap holds the case shut when not in use – so no need to worry about the contents falling out. Get yours today, and start enjoying functionality with a touch of luxury. Available here.


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  1. Jason September 5, 2015 at 3:07 pm #

    Very fashionable depends on how you are going to use it. Like me I don’t like mixing my phone with my coin purse. With this list I’ll choose Aiyze Samsung Case and have a separate wallet instead.

  2. Vivian September 7, 2015 at 1:49 pm #

    I like the style of the Ionic Pro Leather Case. It looks simple and elegant.

  3. Nicole September 15, 2015 at 2:25 pm #

    These are attractive phone cases but I am still looking for other styles.

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