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The Top 10 Best Wallets Ever For Men

Last Updated – Jun 16, 2015 @ 7:55 pm

The Top 10 Best Wallets Ever For Men

Searching for the perfect wallet…

Here’s a question for you… Who finished second in the Olympic 100 meter finals in London 2012?

Answer… who cares. The truth is that it’s only number #1 that people remember.

Here at Best Wallet Guide we are all about the best too, we are always on the search for THE BEST WALLET EVER. The best pieces for your pocket to house your cards and cash.

Best Wallet Ever

Of course different people want different things from their wallets, so we have divided our post into 10 different categories. Whether you want the most exotic wallet, the thinnest, or the safest, they are all here.

All of these wallets are at the top of their class. All number ones. Enjoy!


Open the Comparison Table

WalletBest Ever Award CategoryEase at CheckoutShow Your FriendsAmazon Rating
LIRA – Men’s Italian Leather WalletAll-rounder*********4.8
BOCONI Men's Alligator BillfoldExotic*********N/A
Tungsten W Biometric WalletSafest*******N/A
Walnut Wood WalletUnique********N/A
Carhartt Men's Long Neck WalletManliest*********4
Ralph Lauren Carbon-Fiber Zip FolioMost Expensive********N/A
Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Bifold WalletThe Most Popular******4.4
ALL-ETT Thin as a Dime WalletThinnest******4.6
Card NinjaCan't Lose It*******4.5
Saddleback Leather Bi-fold WalletToughest********4.7

LIRA - Men's Italian Leather Wallet with Privacy ID Flap

Best All-rounder – LIRA Men’s Italian Leather Wallet

What are your non-negotiables for your next wallet?

  1. Well made
  2. Holds everything you need without folding or breaking anything
  3. Not overly bulky
  4. Looks and feels great

If these are your criteria too, you cannot go wrong with one of these. The design is spot on and the execution is flawless. The level of detail even extends to the flap being on the inside to be discreet. Hand made by a small family sized business in Italy with vegetable-tanned leather, makes it our pick for best all-round wallet ever.


BOCONI Men's Alligator Billfold

Exotic Award- BOCONI Men’s Alligator Billfold

At BWG we say, if you’ve got cash to splash then put a nice cover on it. This is a very nice cover. If you have just won the lottery, it’s someone specials 40th wedding anniversary, or you just finished your doctorate, then this is the wallet to celebrate it.

A certain conversation starter, friend maker, and lady romancer, this is easily our preference for the best exotic wallet ever.


Safest Award – Tungsten W Biometric Wallet

Want safe?

How about a fingerprint scanner, a carbon fiber shell, and a mobile alarm that protects both your wallet and your phone? This wallet is the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE of wallets.

Although if you’re going to buy this wallet, I’d seriously think about moving neighborhoods. For this reason it is our lock for our best, safest wallet ever. (If you know where to get one of these, please let us know!)


Walnut Wood Wallet

The Unique Award – Walnut Wood Wallet

Yes, it is a wallet made from wood. No fancy tricks just a piece of walnut and your cards and cash in it.

To be honest we just couldn’t stop staring at it, that’s why it is our choice for best unique wallet ever.


Carhartt Men's Long Neck Wallet

Manliest Award – Carhartt Men’s Long Neck Wallet

Ever been without a bottle opener?

Well imagine the look on your friends faces when you pull out this gem and save the day. You’re not only a good mate; you have the key to unlock the amber nectar. Welcome to hero status.

There were only two categories when we thought of a man’s wallet, rugged and practical. This wallet might be the definition of the two terms, it’s not pretty but men leave pretty to the ladies and just want results, this provides those.

It’s fitting that a wallet named after a beer gets our best manly wallet award. Cheers.


Ralph Lauren Carbon-Fiber Zip Folio

Most Expensive Award – Ralph Lauren Carbon-Fiber Zip Folio

Can you pull out $2k at the local drug store and still be broke? You can with this baby!

Ralph Lauren says go big or go home with this carbon fiber zip folio. Yep, for $2000 you can keep change in there, as well as documents, a spare tie and an iPad. Good to know $2k gets you something these days!

A Cha-Ching for best expensive wallet ever.

(Yes we know there are random wallets with diamonds in them that are worth $10,000’s, but we wanted something that you could actually get)


Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Bifold Wallet

The Most Popular Award – Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Bifold Wallet

Sometimes popularity comes with expectation.

Although everyone has owned a leather bi-fold wallet like this at some stage. Hold around 7 cards and has two bill compartments, and comes with the infamous flap that can be removed.

There’s a reason these are so popular, because they cover all bases and look neat and tidy. With over 600 5 star amazon reviews and a price under $15, this was a no brainer for our best popular wallet ever.


ALL ETT Thin as a dime leather wallet

The Thinnest Award – ALL ETT ‘Thin as a Dime’ Leather Wallet

This wallet is thin. The only wallet thinner than this wallet, is a picture of this wallet.

Made from spinnaker cloth and leather for extra strength, it can hold 20 cards (yes twenty) and has two compartments for bills and receipts.

If you want to exchange your big fat wallet (and your wallet limp) for a sleeker new model, you won’t regret this tough wallet. Over 90 5 star reviews for this wallet pushed it over the edge for our thinnest wallet ever.



The Can’t Lose It Award – Card ninja

Do you sometimes forget things, and realize only at the checkout or restaurant car park?

No more with the card ninja. This wallet is literally a sticker that you stick to the back of your smartphone. Why didn’t we think of that?

It can hold around 3 cards and some cash, which for day to day is plenty. And because no one is EVER WITHOUT THEIR SMARTPHONE THESE DAYS, the card ninja is our best unforgettable wallet ever.

Saddleback Leather Bi-fold Wallet Medium

The Toughest (you will be buried with it) Award – Saddleback Leather Bi-fold Wallet

Are you the type of guy who wears down wallets?

Every wallet you have it seems like it doesn’t take long to get a hole in it, or the stitching comes loose?

The Saddleback leather wallet is advertised as the last wallet you will ever own and comes with a 100 year guarantee to back it up. That’s why it is our best toughest wallet ever.


We hope you have found the wallet of your dreams. We are always dreaming about wallets here, usually ones filled with cash, hence we know we are dreaming.

Thanks for reading, agree or disagree with our list you should leave a comment below!



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  1. Taylor March 21, 2015 at 8:42 pm #

    This is my nomination!!

  2. best mens wallet June 15, 2015 at 3:06 pm #

    Its really hard to find informative info but here I can… Pretty nice post. I just wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing and I hope you write again soon..

  3. Maui July 14, 2015 at 8:57 am #

    This is a great post.

  4. Kurt August 23, 2015 at 6:58 am #

    The wallnut wood wallet is new to me. Although it may seem easy to use but I still prefer the leather wallet because the wood wallet is hard to touch and you cannot keep it in your pocket.

  5. Jess October 20, 2016 at 12:41 am # this is one that needs to be added to this list!

  6. Jon C January 12, 2017 at 9:22 pm #

    I ordered the Saddleback (with matching Tow belt) last night before seeing this Top 10 list. I hope it is as good as they say.

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