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The Internets 10 Thinnest Wallets

Last Updated – Feb 17, 2016 @ 10:44 pm

The Top 10 Thinnest Wallets on the Internet

The internets thinnest wallets - Leave carrying the heavy stuff to the professionalsLet’s leave carrying the heavy, bulky items to the professionals shall we?

No one wants to be walking around with a boulder in their back pocket. Causing back problems and living life on a slant…

But not having what you need limits you when your out. And any one who has ever tried using multiple wallets will tell you that it’s a pain. Your credit cards, cash, ID, and everything else is just going to be scattered all over the place

So what’s the BEST answer?

Something slim and sleek, while still being practical

Here is the list of the absolute thinnest wallets on the market today. They’ll keep all your essentials in one place, without the need for a heavy mover


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WalletMakerQualityPriceShow your friendsCards HeldAmazon rating
Bifold Slim Leather Mens WalletDistil Union★★★★☆$$$$★★★★124.5
MICRO Soft Shell WalletSlimFold★★★☆$$$$★★★★85
World Bi-Fold WalletBig Skinny★★★★$$$$★★★★64.6
Radix One Slim WalletRadix★★★★$$★★★★104
Men's Munich Leather WalletKAVAJ★★★★★$$$★★★★★94.7
Wallet Credit Card HolderRaw★★★☆$★★84.5
Leather Front Pocket ID WalletSaddleback★★★★★$$$★★★★★34.7
RFID Wallet Card CaseHammer Anvil★★★★$$★★★★64.6
Crabby WalletCrabby Gear★★★☆$$★★★★104.6
Slim And Lightweight WalletEzgo★★★★$$$★★★★84.4

Thinnest Wallets on the internet: Distil Union - Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallet (Brown)

Distil Union Bifold Slim Leather Wallet

No more fumbling at the checkout as you probe for the right card! This compact bifold features two coloured pull-tabs to extract your credit and store cards. Why didn’t I think of that!

All the way from Charleston, South Carolina, this well-made wallet is designed to make you slimmer, smarter and faster on the draw. Well stitched, and crafted from fine Argentinian leather, expect years of front or back pocket service from this popular bifold.

Each pull-tabbed side pocket holds up to 6 cards. Notes are secured by a sturdy clip in the central fold.

Click here for the full story on this up-market item from Distil Union.



Thinnest Wallets on the internet: SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet Black with Gray Stitching

MICRO Soft Shell Wallet

Ultra-light and super-slim, this spacious bifold is made from crash-tested Tyvec. This hi-tech material is entirely man-made, giving this ‘Bluesign’ certified wallet first-class environmental credentials.

As well as pleasing vegans, this bifold will appeal to anyone seeking a slim cash-carrier that doesn’t feel like a bulky lump in their pants or jacket. Despite being much thinner than a leather wallet of similar capacity, this bifold still features slots for 8 cards, an ID window and a BIG pocket for banknotes.

Check out the reviews, details and latest price here.



Thinnest Wallets on the internet: Big Skinny Men's World Bi-Fold Slim Wallet, Black

World Bi-Fold Wallet

This big, 4 by 4¼ inch wallet is bursting with pockets for credit cards and cash. Designed for travelling light, this bifold is made from water resistant nylon microfiber.

There are almost too many pockets to count, but we reckon that this incredibly slim bifold can hold around 30 credit and store cards. The wallet also features two cash pockets for large banknotes.

For extra security the pockets have a grippy, rubberized coating. A transparent inner ID window completes this ultra-light cash-carrying package.

Click here for the low-down on this globetrotting bifold from Big Skinny.


Thinnest Wallets on the internet: Radix One Slim Wallet (Black/Black)

Radix One Slim Wallet

Designed by minimalist industrial design guru, Arthur Wu, this revolutionary wallet packs your cards and cash into a hi-tech, triple-decker sandwich!

Like all great designs the concept is simple: credit, store and ID cards are clasped between two polycarbonate plates – a springy, silicone band secures the package and also acts as a money clip.

The ergonomic ‘X’ shaped plates make it easy to thumb through your card collection. The tight, silicone band keeps cards and cash secure.

Click here for the back-story on the crowd-funded, Radix One cash carrier.



Thinnest Wallets on the internet: KAVAJ Men's Munich Leather Wallet One Size Cognac Brown USD Notes

Men’s Munich Leather Wallet

German design duo ‘Kavaj’ bring you this slim, cosmopolitan wallet in premium quality leather.

Better known for their classy iPhone and iPad cases, the designers have carried their commitment to quality over to the world of wallets. Measuring 107 x 90 x 15mm the wallet has two slots for folded notes and nine individual slots for cards or ID. A fold-over, push-stud strap secures this handsome package.

Retailing at a very affordable price, this good looking ‘Munich’ euro-wallet is a smart investment.

Which suits you best, black or brown? Check out the galleries here.


Thinnest Wallets on the internet: Raw Wallet Credit Card Wallet with a Slim Minimalist Design (Black)

RAW Wallet Credit Card Holder

An edgy, fabric card holder that dispenses with the frills of a traditional man’s wallet.

If you’ve taken  the critical decision to ‘go minimal’ this card-sized wallet from Raw could be your ideal choice. Two expanding side pockets carry your cards and ID, while a central pocket takes your folded notes. The stitched-in chain loop is the fanciest feature that you’ll find on this testament to minimalism.

Multiple designer colourways broaden the appeal of this affordable accessory.

Raw credit card wallets are available here in a choice of five contemporary colour combinations.


Thinnest Wallets on the internet: Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet

Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet

This classic front pocket wallet comes straight from US master leatherworkers, Saddleback. The ‘Saddleback’ brand has become a byword for craftsmanship and quality.

This 12 card, ID windowed wallet is crafted from top grain boot leather. That’s about the best you can get, but it does mean that you’ll need to ‘break in’ the wallet until it becomes soft and supple. How long does that take? Well, this wallet has a 100 year guarantee, and the longer you use it the better it’ll get.

This is a best-selling item with hundreds of testimonials from genuine buyers.

Click here to find out why so many folks just love this well-crafted wallet.


Thinnest Wallets on the internet: Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet

Hammer Anvil – RFID Wallet Card Case

Wow – an RFID blocking security wallet that looks just like a super-slim card case!

With advances in shopping technology making us even more exposed to hi-tech cyber criminals, it’s great to find a cool looking wallet that can defeat the bad guys. This pocket sized security wallet features a total of 6 card slots, along with a central pocket for folded notes.

Discreet shielding guards all types of contactless and electronic cards from cyber-snoopers. Currently on sale well below RRP, this is an affordable investment that’s too good to miss.

View here in genuine black, grey and brown leather.


Thinnest Wallets on the internet: Crabby Gear Men's V2 Black Crabby Wallet

The Crabby Wallet

If you’re looking for a cheap, cheerful card holder that will slip effortlessly into tight jeans this neat ‘Crabby’ micro-wallet could be the one for you!

Amazingly, this ultra-light wallet can hold up to 10 cards along with folded notes. The basic, minimal wallet comes with a wraparound elasticated band in 5 bright colourways. It’s a practical feature that helps you to bundle your cash, cards, key and phone into one pocket-sized parcel.

If you find that your key is too scratchy, why not ditch the lobster-claw keychain and attach a slim wallet chain?

Click here to find out how other buyers have used this versatile little wallet.


Thinnest Wallets on the internet: EZGO Wallet

EZGO Slim And Lightweight Wallet

Pink Warrior or Redneck? Each of these dazzling, EZGO wallets comes in funky colourway designed to match your own unique personality!

The guys at EZGO ripped up the rulebook when they set out to design an ultra-modern alternative to the fat leather wallet. As well as holding up to 8 credit cards and a fistful of banknotes, this futuristic carrier also takes care of your spare SD cards.

If your EZGO wallet ever loses its razzle-dazzle, simply wash it in soapy water to restore its dayglow mojo!

Turn out the lights then click here to see the ‘Glow in the dark’ version in action.


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