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The 10 Best Trifold Wallets on the Internet

Last Updated – Dec 13, 2016 @ 3:50 pm

The 10 Best Trifold Wallets On The Internet

three working together like a trifold walletSometimes three isn’t a crowd. Sometimes it’s a party. Working together to give you the best.

Think of triangles, podiums and long form jokes.

So when we discovered we hadn’t covered trifold wallets yet we were surprised, but happy. Because it let us dive in and see what was out there

Good news is that we found some absolute beauties. Check them out for yourself and you’ll see great front pocket storage that has room for everything you need. And they look nice too

Enjoy… and let us know what you think in the comment section below


Open the Comparison Table

Men's Trifold WalletCarhartt4.5★★★★☆$$$★★★★6
Mens Black Leather Wallet TrifoldMarshal Wallet5★★★★$$★★★★6
Leather Men's Tri-fold WalletRoyce Leather4.3★★★★☆$$$$★★★★☆6
Mens Trifold Two-Tone WalletLevi's4.3★★★★★$$★★★★8
Men's Yale Trifold WalletTommy Hilfiger4★★★★$$$★★★☆10
Leather Trifold WalletSaddleback leather Co.5★★★★$$$$★★★☆3
Genuine Leather Trifold WalletFlair4.9★★★★☆N/A★★★★★9
Men's Trifold WalletNautica4.5★★★★$$★★★N/A
Mens Trifold Wallet Extra CapacityAlpine Swiss4.5★★★☆$$★★★10
Men's Genuine Leather Tri-Fold WalletTrue Gear4★★★☆$★★★☆N/A



Carhartt Men’s Trifold Wallet

A rugged and reliable, contrast stitched trifold wallet from anti-fashion brand, Carhartt.

Under the company motto “Honest value for an honest dollar” Carhartt began making stitched workwear for railroad construction crews in the early 1900’s. Now something of a cult brand, the company still uses contrast stitching on its unique pants, shirts and accessories.

Pitched at a very affordable price, this 5½ inch square, top grain leather wallet comes with an inner ID window and masses of capacity for your notes and cards.

This extra-large trifold also has a hidden key compartment – click here to see if you can spot it.



Mens Black Leather Wallet Lamb Classic Trifold by Marshal® Wallet

This budget trifold from Marshal actually makes a pretty good workhorse wallet for everyday use. It’s not the prettiest item in our trifold top ten, but the amazingly low price makes it well worth a second glance.

A zippered pocket means that this small, 3¼ by 4 inch, real leather trifold will secure small change as well as notes. It comes with nine card-sized slots, some of which could be used for receipts and other stuff.

With two transparent ID windows this is a great wallet for someone with a split-personality. Click here to take a closer look.


Royce Leather Men’s Tri-fold Wallet

This soft, nappa leather wallet from Royce is a perfect example of the classic tri-fold. It’s thoughtful design and palm-sized dimensions make it ideal for daily use.

For secure portability, the 6 credit card slots open into the center of the wallet – a feature that even some high-end wallets occasionally lack. Banknotes are stored unfolded in 2 top pockets. Two extra card slots can be used for junk, stamps or knick-knacks.

The central part of the wallet has a six-leaf, transparent plastic photo feature. This can be used to store multiple ID cards or individual photos of your wife, kids and dog.

Click here to see what this classic, mid-priced tri-fold wallet has to offer.



Levi’s Mens Trifold Two-Tone Wallet

Back in the old days a brand new pair of Levi’s jeans used to look and feel so good! This well-crafted trifold wallet recaptures the youthful spirit of the Levi’s brand in handsome two-tone leather.

The stylish red lining in the banknote pocket has immediate appeal. The stitching and tooling on the eight inner card slots and ID window are just as impressive. At about 5½ by 4½ inches this cool, casual trifold can carry all of your stuff without feeling excessively bulky.

Genuine Levi’s branding on a practical, good looking wallet – be surprised by the low price tag on this quality item.



Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Yale Trifold Wallet

More ‘classic American cool’ from Tommy Hilfiger. This designer accessory comes in the form of a buffalo leather, trifold wallet.

If you’ve made the decision to go for a trifold wallet you’ve probably accumulated a lot of stuff that you like to take with you when you’re out and about. This lighter, 4¼ x 3¼ inch wallet can help to reduce your load by enforcing a re-think. Do you really need to carry all of that stuff, everywhere, every day?

An optimistic designer built 10 card slots, a long cash pocket and an ID window into this trendy cash-carrier. If you fill them all, either you or your wallet could be facing a hernia.

Click here to see if this tiny trifold can improve your health and wellbeing.



Saddleback Leather Trifold Wallet

Feel at home on the range with this Texas-made trifold from the Saddleback leather company. Saddleback wallets are incredibly well made and come with the company’s legendary 100 year warranty.

A close look at this wrap-around wallet’s full grain leather exterior will reveal all kinds of natural markings in the hide. You may even spot ‘love scars’ in the soft pigskin lining. Straight out of the box, each one of these wallets is unique and individual, with one hell of a story to tell.

With lone-star Texan styling, this trifold holds all the cash and cards that you’ll need for a day in the saddle. If the RFID raiders show up in town, the wallet will even shield your cards from their pesky prying.

Click here to mosey on over to the store for a closer look at this top grain leather cash-packer.



Genuine Cowhide Leather Billfold Trifold Wallet with Center Flap ID Window

A classic black trifold wallet, nicely made in genuine calf skin leather. This one ticks all of the boxes in terms of features and quality.

Like many of the real leather wallets in our top-ten, this wrap-around trifold will feel a little tight for the first few months in your pocket. As the leather wears-in, it will gradually start to feel more supple and develop its comforting, dependable character.

Though folding down to only 4½ x 3½ inches, when opened this trifold reveals a walk-in wardrobe of features. Avoid overfilling the 9 card slots, twin bill pockets, ID flap and 3 hidden compartments if you don’t want to feel stuffed and bloated.

With a price-point that many would consider ‘affordable’ this wallet really hits the mark for a lot of trifold buyers. Check out their reviews here.



Nautica Men’s Trifold Wallet

Even if you can’t afford a yacht, this designer trifold wallet can bring you one-step closer to the glamorous world of sea, surf and supermodels!

From global lifestyle brand, Nautica, the front of the wallet features a detail from the company’s signature, spinnaker logo. The interior is perfectly trimmed and ship-shape, with space for multiple credit cards, cash and ID. Size-wise this trifold is more of a dinky dinghy rather than a superyacht.

Nautica have a strong commitment to quality, so this wallet features really nice leather throughout. Be prepared to break-in the leather for a month or two before taking this trifold out on the ocean waves.

Need a practical, designer trifold at a price that won’t shiver your timbers? Click here for more info.


Mens Trifold Wallet Extra Capacity 10 Inside Slots 2 ID Windows By Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss is a great brand – consistently delivering top quality products at very affordable prices. This dependable little trifold doesn’t disappoint!

Fashioned from thick lambskin leather, this wallet is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The ‘extra capacity’ includes 10 card slots in various configurations, along with 2 transparent ID slots. The wallet also has space for your banknotes and receipts.

With all of those features packed into a folded space of just over 4 x 3 inches, you may need to hold back on the urge to overload. With some thoughtful TLC, this trusty trifold could become a lifelong companion.

Click here for pictures, prices and links to other quality leather goods in the Alpine Swiss store.



True Gear Men’s Genuine Leather Tri-Fold Wallet

Here’s the dilemma … you’re down to your last few dollars and you can only afford either a Subway sandwich or this True Gear tri-fold wallet. Which do you go for?

If you opt for the wallet you get a big 5½ by 4¾ inch hunk of thick, chewy leather. Inside there are a few card slots, an unappetizing ID window and some tasteless plastic photo holders.

This may be one of the most indigestible tri-folds on our top-ten menu, but it will still be carrying your cards and cash long after your Subway Melt is just a distant, cheesy memory.

Click here if you’re a meat-and-two-veg kinda guy with an eye for a bargain wallet.


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