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Our Search for the Best Aluminum Wallet (Top 10)

Last Updated – Mar 17, 2016 @ 11:24 pm

Our Search for the Best Aluminum Wallet (Top 10)

Aluminium Material use to make the best Aluminum WalletDue to its light weight and workability, aluminum has become a highly attractive metal to 21st century wallet makers.

Aluminum has a low melting point – it’s also easy to machine into complex shapes using hi-tech computer manufacturing techniques. This makes it the ideal material for bright young designers with a passion for the modern, minimalist lifestyle.

In this top-ten we take a peek at some of the latest, cutting-edge wallet designs currently on offer. As a by-product of their aluminum construction, most of these wallets offer excellent protection from RFID snooping devices.

Is this the end of the trusty tri-fold? Well, we doubt it. Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals that we have here on planet Earth, so why the sky-high prices for a few ounces of aluminum?

Let’s investigate …



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NameMakerAmazon RatingQualityPriceShow your friendsCards Held
RFID Aluminum Wallet Credit Card HolderShell-D4.6★★★★$★★★9
Ultra Thin Aluminum Metal Wallets - RFID Blocking Credit Card WalletKinzd4.5★★★★☆$★★★☆6
Aluminum Wallet RFID Protected Aluma WalletSharkk4.2★★★★★$$★★★★9
Slim Credit Card Holder / walletSecrid4.4★★★★★$$$$★★★★☆6
Aluminum Card Holder WalletIgloo(TM)4.3★★★★☆$★★★N/A
Aluminum Wallet with RFID ProtectionBilletVault4.5★★★$$$$★★★☆N/A
Minimalist Men's DM1 Aluminum WalletDecadent Minimalist4.5★★★★$$$$$★★★☆N/A
Aluminum walletObtanium4.5★★★★☆$$$$$+★★★★☆10
Slim Wallet- GunmetalMachine Era Co.5★★★★★$$$★★★★6
Aluminum, RIFD, Double Carbon Fiber Plated Men's Wallet 2HuMn4.3★★★★$$$$★★★☆6


Shell-D RFID Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder

This Shell-D aluminum wallet holder comes highly recommended as an RFID credit card protector for travelling.

The clam-shell design opens up to present 7 cards – each neatly positioned in its own slot. You could easily double-up some of the cards that you use less often to increase storage capacity.

This pocket-sized card holder comes in nine contemporary colors. The silver and black variations are very business-like – they’d look right at home in any boardroom.

Selling at less than $10, the Shell-D is a deal that’s too good to refuse!

Click here to find out more about this 4.4 x 3 x 0.8 inch, RFID security package.


Kinzd® Ultra Thin Aluminum Metal Wallet RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder CaseKinzd® Ultra Thin Aluminum Metal Wallets – RFID Blocking Credit Card Wallet

Ideal as an RFID card wallet, the mixed steel and aluminum casing is tough and dependable.

Even though the rigid case on this Kinzd wallet is only 12mm (0.5 inches) wide, it is exceptionally well made. The look is sparse and minimal, with nothing more than a push-button and discreet branding on the exterior casing.

Popping the catch gives easy access to 6 of your store, credit or entry cards. The fan-styled slots are actually pretty narrow, so you may need to travel light when you take this wallet downtown.

This budget RFID card protector is amazingly inexpensive. Kinzd offer a six month ‘money-back’ guarantee on this item, but the postage would probably cost more than the wallet.

Check out the latest prices and finer details here.


SHARKK® Aluminum Wallet RFID Protected Aluma Wallet Rugged Water Resistant Card Holder (Blue)

SHARKK® Aluminum Wallet RFID Protected Aluma Wallet

If you’re looking for an RFID card protector with ‘wow’ factor you could easily get hooked on this ‘Aluma’ wallet from Sharkk.

Sharkk are better known for their stylish computer accessories and gadgets, so this awesome card defender is a brave venture for this New Jersey retailer. The Aluma wallet comes with metal casing and an oversized ‘C’ clasp, designed to keep 7 electronic cards safe from identity thieves. There is a little extra squeeze-room for a few more cards and banknotes, but cramming is likely to damage the clasp.

While this great looking wallet will certainly resist an April shower, it’s not sealed for swimming or diving.

Click here to see this ultra-modern wallet in three cool case colors.


Secrid Slim Credit Card Holder / wallet

This is a great credit card holder for anyone who likes to fiddle around with cool gadgets.

Simply load your Secrid Slim with five or six credit cards then turn the little handle. Amazingly, your cards re-appear – neatly fanned and ready for easy selection.

Branded as ‘the perfect firewall for your wallet’ the lightweight, aluminum casing offers top-tier protection from RFID snoopers. The aluminum has also been treated to give it an awesome, titanium look.

The mid-range price reflects this item’s quality. This award winning card protector is delivered in an impressive presentation box. This could be a really cool gift for a ‘gadget guy’.

Reviews, images and the latest prices can be found here.


Rerii Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder, Business Card Holder Name Card Holder Case (Silver)

Warning: this item could have a negative impact on your promotion and career prospects.

It’s a crazy idea that somehow made it into production …

Normally, when you see an aluminum briefcase like this it’s either filled with stolen banknotes or it’s a ticking time-bomb created by a Bond movie villain.

Somehow, Chinese scientists have shrunk a full-sized aluminum briefcase down to a microscopic, 4 x 3 inches. Now all it can hold is a neatly stacked pile of business or credit cards. It’s a fun idea, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark in terms of quality or practicality.

This card holder is great fun for kids at a pocket money price.


Aluminum Wallet with RFID Protection (silver)

BilletVault Aluminum Wallet with RFID Protection

Check out this astonishing example of industrial minimalism from BilletVault!

Basically, two slabs of thick aluminum are machined to form this sculptural card carrier. The chunky aluminum plates provide a high level of RFID protection. Rubber ‘O’ rings are used as a retaining mechanism to hold the two plates together. The look is ultra-modern and industrial.

On a practical level, it is pretty difficult to get cards in and out of the frame. In its favor, the wallet is supplied with a matching money clip and a set of spare parts.

While this wallet won’t have mass appeal, we’re sure that some arty types are going to love this rather pricey concept piece.

Click here to read more about this uniquely crafted accessory.

Decadent Minimalist Men's DM1 Aluminum Wallet 4-Card Hard Anodized Black

Decadent Minimalist Men’s DM1 Aluminum Wallet

Decadent minimalism doesn’t come cheap – you’ll need deep pockets to buy into this Stanford University class project.

The minimal frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The entry level DM1 wallet will hold up to 4 cards – each one clicking into place on the skeletal frame. The two weird holes in the corners actually allow the frame to bend slightly. This makes it a little easier to slide cards in and out of the wallet. This wallet offers no RFID protection, but the open design is great for flashing your ID without fumbling in a traditional leather wallet.

If you’re a true devotee of the minimal lifestyle, this futuristic wallet will certainly help to free you from the burden of hard cash.

Surprisingly, this skeletal card carrier gets rave reviews from a lot of buyers, read them here.

Obtainium Wallet (Black)Obtainium Wallet

The most costly wallet in our top-ten – read on to see if this aircraft aluminum wallet is a worthy investment …

Before you even get to the wallet, its plush gift box is wrapped in futuristic, space-age bubble wrap. You immediately get the feeling that this is something special.

The wallet doesn’t disappoint. It’s really a modern take on the traditional bi-fold. An elegant and touchable little card holder opens out like a clam shell, offering access to two internal compartments. Cards glide into place on each side, retained by a very effective retaining strap. The strap also holds folded banknotes in a reassuring grip.

Like most aluminum wallets, your Obtainium will effectively block electronic snooping, tampering and identity theft. Build quality is superb, and the wallet even comes with a pack of spare retainers.

In terms of price, the the Obtainium wallet costs about the same as a night in a classy Sydney hotel.

It’s out of my league, but click here if you’re intrigued by this upmarket clamshell.

Machine Era Wallet

Probably one of the best looking wallets in our aluminum top-ten!

If you’re into aesthetics and the minimal lifestyle, this slim, machined aluminum wallet really hits the mark.

On a practical level it has a lot of flaws: the retaining band may be a little too loose, and maximum capacity is limited to 6 cards.

Having said that, the price is reasonable and seems just about right for a wallet with such a radical design. One thing we really like is the fact that the designers have rounded every edge and corner. It gives this wallet a super-smooth feel and also helps it to slip easily in and out of your pocket.

This wallet’s solid, 1.3 ounce aluminum casing is also perfect for blocking radio waves from illicit RFID card scanners.

Machine Era’s ‘Gunmetal’ version of this radical wallet is available here.


HuMn 2 Lightweight Durable RFID Safe Wallet

HuMn Mens Wallet 2

This is style 2 – the large version of the enigmatic ‘HuMn’ minimal wallet range.

Designed as a light and comfortable front pocket wallet, the HuMn 2 is formed from two aluminum sheets, coated with carbon fiber. A neatly branded, elasticated strap keeps your card and cash package intact. This wallet will carry six cards, along with a few folded notes tucked under the strap.

This is one of the largest minimal wallets in our aluminum top-ten. It’s certainly a good looking item – we particularly like the logo, which looks like two new elements in the periodic table. HuMn is actually pronounced ‘human’ by the guys who designed this item.

The wallet is a little tricky to use, but with enough practice you should be able to shuffle your credit cards like a stage magician.

Brace for a shock, then click here to check out the price of this minimal, RFID blocking wallet.


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