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The 10 Best Skinny Wallets Available Online

Last Updated – Jul 17, 2015 @ 3:49 pm

The Top 10 Best Skinny Wallets Available Online

Minify your cash carrying capacityHammer Anvil

Recent medical research has found that an old, bloated, back-pocket wallet could be literally “getting on your nerves”. Piriformis syndrome, sometimes called fat wallet syndrome, is a painful condition that can be caused by a bulging wallet applying pressure to the sciatic nerve.

If that big leather wallet is stuffed with high denomination notes it makes it so much easier to put up with the pain and discomfort of the syndrome. Sadly, a fat wallet is often filled with maxed-out store and credit cards – a situation that’s sure to trigger another debt-and-insecurity headache, as well as a pain in the butt.

We sent the BWG research team out on a low-carb mission to find the 10 best skinny wallets available for the online shopper.  They delivered this hip list of lightweight leathercraft …


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WalletMakerQualityPriceShow your friendsCards HeldAmazon rating
Thinnest Leather Wallet on EarthX Slimmy★★★★★$$$$★★★★34.6
MICRO Soft Shell WalletSlimFold★★★☆$$$$★★★★85
World Bi-Fold WalletBig Skinny★★★★$$$$★★★★64.6
Thin Slimfold WalletAlpine Swiss★★★★☆$$★★★44.4
Sailcloth Slim Front Pocket Bifold WalletFlowfold★★★★$$$$★★★★44.7
Extra Capacity Slimfold WalletLevi's★★★★★$$★★★★★94.3
Leather Front Pocket ID WalletSaddleback★★★★★$$$★★★★★34.7
RFID Wallet Card CaseHammer Anvil★★★★$$★★★★64.6
RFID Ballistic Nylon WalletRogue★★★★$$$★★★★34.4
Slim And Lightweight WalletEzgo★★★★$$$★★★★84.4


X Slimmy

X SlimmyTM Thinnest Leather Wallet on Earth

Go slim and trim with this cleverly constructed card and bill carrier. Marketed as the “thinnest leather wallet on earth”, the X Slimmy designers have even squeezed lightweight, RFID protection into the inner sides of the wallet.

Why is that so cool?

Just put your electronic key cards into the outside pockets for instant, ‘swipe and go’ entry to your secure location. Meanwhile, your credit cards stay safely protected from electronic snoopers behind the RFID shields within the wallet.

True minimalist design with a flash of interior color. Click here to check out these 3.9 by 3.1 inch, full-grain leather wallets from Ohio design house, Koyono.


SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet

This light, washable wallet is made from an earth friendly, synthetic material, originally developed as a tough alternative to leather for motorcycle wear.

Perfect for vegans, the wallet is ultra-light, and two to three times thinner than a leather wallet designed to hold the same quantity of cash, cards and windowed ID. Good looking, chic and cosmopolitan, this ample wallet will accommodate the most useful notes of western world currencies without folding.

The use of innovative materials lifts the price tag a little, but this touchable, soft-shell wallet is still a big hit with buyers. View the three, contrast-stitched options on offer here.


Big Skinny

Big Skinny Men’s World Bi-Fold Slim Wallet, Black

Travel light with a wallet designed specifically for the globetrotting minimalist!

The Big Skinny features an expanded billfold area which is carefully designed to hold the biggest notes that you’re likely to find anywhere on the planet. Along with a traditional ID window, this bi-fold also packs two hidden pockets and 6 card slots. The slots are capable of stacking a combination of 30 credit and store cards. Tremendous capacity for a small wallet measuring just over 4 by 4 inches!

Though homely, with a baggy, lived-in look, on a practical level this wallet’s lightweight, rubberized nylon microfiber construction is a winner.

Click here to ponder the pros and cons of this high-capacity, cash hold-all.


Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss Men’s Genuine Leather Thin Slimfold Wallet

The Alpine Swiss “white cross” logo is an international icon, and it generally indicates a product of good quality. This nicely constructed, slimfold wallet is typical of the brand – no bells and whistles, just a well-stitched, real leather item that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

In the features list you’ll find 3 inner card slots, an oversize receipt pocket and an ID window. Notes are stored in a standard bi-fold pocket. An external,  easy-access slot is a neat addition that could hold an electronic key card or something similar.

Tidy, good-looking and well designed – the low cost of this slimfold may surprise you. Click here for pictures and reviews.


Flowfold Men’s Sailcloth Slim Front Pocket Bifold Billfold Wallet

This super-skinny, high performance wallet comes with first class green honors from repurposing specialists, Flowfold.

Made with reclaimed, racing specification sailcloth, the carbon fiber shell is designed to be stronger than steel. With no animal products used in its manufacture this good looking, contemporary wallet is ideal for vegans and animal lovers.

With a dazzling range of ocean-going color options, this bi-fold is as cool as it is practical. The interior perfectly complements the sailcloth shell – minimal and modern.

Cool as ocean spray – this slim billfold is a refreshing alternative to the traditional leather wallet.



Levi’s Men’s Extra Capacity Slimfold Wallet

I had to take a second look at the list price on this Levi’s slimfold. It’s surprising to find a double-stitched, high quality leather wallet pitched at such an affordable price.

What Levi’s are offering here is a small looking wallet with the potential for gross expansion. You’ll need incredible self-discipline to avoid filling this hungry bi-fold with great wads of cards and cash. Within its folds of plush, pebbled cow hide you’ll find 9 (yes 9) card slots, along with a chunky ID window and a pocket for notes. Even when empty this cash guzzler weighs-in at 7.2 ounces.

Click here to round-up this high capacity, cow-hide slimfold.



Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet

The Saddleback Leather Company is run with a passion for quality and customer service by CEO, Dave Munson. Dave’s admirable qualities are evident in this tiny, front pocket ID wallet, which is crafted in thick, full grain boot leather.

This is Saddleback’s best-selling wallet, and the company has a lot of happy buyers who are ready and willing to testify to the quality of this popular item. This is a truly skinny wallet, with 2 card slots, an ID window and a pocket for folded notes. There’s also room for a few business cards behind your ID. Not bad for a wallet that’s just a little bigger than a credit card!

A Saddleback wallet comes with a 100 year warranty and the musky odor of premium quality leather. View it here in a choice of black, chestnut, coffee brown and tobacco finishes.

Hammer Anvil

Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet Card Case

Los Angeles based wallet maker, Hammer Anvil, is a new face on the US leathercraft market. For new guys on the block, the look and feel of this little number is pretty damned good.

These guys seem to be looking to the future. This front pocket wallet uses the company’s patented “Anti Breach Technology” to deflect snoopers attempting to  scan the latest iClass cards. It also secures regular contactless cards, and the ancient, 125kHz varieties.

Even with all the RFID protection this is a super-slim wallet, measuring only 4 by 3.25 by 0.125 inches. The available space is fitted-out with 6 card slots, and a larger central slot for folded bills and receipts.

Click right here to check out this skinny wallet with future-proof, iClass security and a budget price tag.


Rogue Wallets RFID Ballistic Nylon Wallet

Seen this? It’s a slim, stylish wallet that’s actually shaped to fit the front pocket of your jeans.

As well as being a great idea, the novel design also has a cool, contemporary look. The outer shell is manufactured from “ballistic nylon”. Though it looks like it could be bullet proof, this is strictly a decorative feature.

The interior is crafted from soft, top grain leather. Size wise, the long edge is about 5 inches. While the 3 card slots, ID window, and long pocket for notes are all perfectly functional, this is quite a big wallet to fit in a front pocket.

If you’re looking for a slim wallet with “ballistic nylon” styling, click here for the full story.


EZGO Wallet Modern, Buoyant, Slim And Lightweight Wallet

Say goodbye to the traditional leather cash carrier when you opt for the dayglow green, EZGO lightweight wallet.

The EZGO pushes the concept of the wallet to the outer limits, offering a loose-fitting compartment for cards, cut-outs for two sizes of SD memory card, and a slit for folded notes. When equipped with a small flotation wedge (supplied), your cards, cash and polyethylene wallet will bob back up to the surface of any lake, river or pool.

US made and 100% recyclable, this could be the shape of wallets to come. One small click for man or one giant click for mankind? The decision is in your hands my friend.


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5 Responses to The 10 Best Skinny Wallets Available Online

  1. Emily Martin August 5, 2015 at 6:54 am #

    I am using a regular wallet and I don’t think a skinny wallet will work for me.

  2. Ace August 18, 2015 at 12:11 pm #

    Skinny wallets will only work on men and students who don’t carry a lot of stuff in their wallet.

  3. Norman September 14, 2015 at 1:12 pm #

    Levi’s Men’s Slimfold Wallet looks good. I’ll check this out soon. I like the color and the leather looks soft to use.

  4. Koby Macoy September 14, 2015 at 1:21 pm #

    I was thinking of buying the Levis Slim wallet but I also like the Alpine Swiss wallet. Which is a great buy?

  5. Benedict September 14, 2015 at 1:28 pm #

    I’ll go for Levis wallet. The leather looks more soft to use and the color is atrractive.

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