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The 10 Best Key Wallets Online

Last Updated – Jul 17, 2015 @ 12:58 am

The Top 10 Best Key Wallets Online

Best Key Wallets Online - Intro

Can you be heard coming from a mile away?

If you thinking jingling should be reserved only for Santa’s sled, then you are in the right place.

We are not sure why key wallets aren’t as popular as they used to be… They save your pockets are getting torn up by keys, and keep everything organized.

But to help the resurgence, we’ve created this list of our favorite top 10 key wallets online. Were sure that there’s a key wallet here for everyone, from standard to something more fancy. Enjoy.


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WalletBrandSize QualityAmount of KeysPriceEase to useAmazon RatingShow your friends
Luxury Leather Key HolderMaxwell ScottMedium★★★★★6$$$$$★★★★☆4.7★★★★☆
Genuine Leather Key CaseMidycenoLarge★★★★★6+$$$★★★★☆4.2★★★★☆
Zip-Around Key Case WalletWinnSlim★★★★★6$$★★★★★N/A★★★★★
Surfshort WalletChumsSlim★★★★☆1+$★★★★★4.5★★★★
Handmade Charm Ornament Key WalletZLYCMedium★★★★☆6$$$★★★★5★★★★
Pure Color Key WalletHesheMedium★★★★★6+$★★★★★4.5★★★★☆
Leather Key WalletViscontiMedium★★★★☆6$$★★★★★4.6★★★★★
Twofold ID WalletOWL RecycledMedium★★★★1+$$★★★★4.3★★★★
Leather Car Key WalletBrillianceMedium★★★★☆9$★★★★N/A★★★☆
Regatta 88 Series Key WalletDoppSlim★★★★6$★★★★3.8★★★☆


Maxwell Scott

Show Your Keys Some Love – You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Maxwell Scott® Luxury Leather Key Holder / Wallet (The Lapo)

It’s hard to keep things classy when people can hear you coming from a mile away – and all thanks to the loose keys jingling around in your pocket!

This luxury key holder treats your keys the right way, housing them in luxurious, vegetable-tanned Italian leather and keeping them organized on six individual hooks. You’ll never have to search for the right key again. Available in Amazon.



Who Says You Have To Sacrifice Style For Function?

Su.B Key Case

This luxury leather wallet and key holder is equal parts functional and sleek.

Quality black leather houses 6 metal hooks to hold keys, while the wallet also sports a larger, car key hook on a key ring loop. Internal zip compartments provide space for both cash as well as credit cards, while convenient, two press stud fasteners provide a remarkable amount of flexibility to allow this wallet to expand.

Who knew convenience could look so good? Available in Amazon.



Perfect For The Traveler On-The-Go!

Winn International Zip-Around Key Case Wallet

Functional, durable, yet classy. This key case wallet sports a convenient, zip-around design.

Rich, cowhide leather quickly gives way to an interior section with room for six keys, not to mention plenty of space for credit cards. Zip it open, grab what you need, zip it shut, and go. The perfect companion to your busy commute. Available in Amazon.



What Are You Waiting For? Surf’s Up!

Chums Surfshort Wallet

This wallet has literally everything you need to enjoy a perfect day at the beach, without losing track of your keys, cash, or credit cards.

Two convenient zip pockets let you organize cash from credit cards, while a clear outside window lets you show your ID to bouncers without having to fish it around and pull it out every time. To round things out, a convenient ring is secured to the side of the wallet, making sure your won’t have to worry about losing your keys. Available through Amazon.

ZLYCDistinctive Style For A Unique Individual

ZLYC Leather Charm Key Case Wallet

Be different from the rest of the pack. ZLYC’s key case wallet is made out of rich, luxurious, dark brown leather.

It closes with a unique, one-button brass snap, providing convenience with added security. And its stylish, sporty stitching around the edges is complemented by a unique feather charm that dangles from the keychain. Choose to be different, and people will take notice. Available in Amazon.



Who Says Leather Has To Be Boring?

Heshe Pure Color Key Holder

Forget the understated tones of blacks and muted browns. Heshe’s leather key case comes in a dazzling array of bold colors that will catch people’s eye and earn you new admirers.

With over 15 brilliant colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect color for you. And with such an affordable price, why limit yourself to just one? Available Here.


Classic Style, Modern Function

Visconti Key Case and Coin Purse

Visconti’s Key Case and Coin Purse has it all. Made from high-quality leather, its stylish construction includes two high-quality snaps to help it stay closed when not in use.

And despite its unassuming, svelte profile, this little wallet packs a mean punch! It holds up to 6 individual keys, and has a zippered section on the inside for you to store loose change in. Who says you have to sacrifice function for style? Available in Amazon.

Owl Recycled

Recycling Never Looked So Good

OWL Recycled ID Wallet

This ID wallet is ethically made with post-industrial cowhide leather shavings – portions of leather that would otherwise go to waste!

But you’d never know from looking at it. This high-quality ID wallet is available in four different colors, and the layers are conveniently bonded using natural rubber from trees.

And with two ID windows, a durable split key ring, zippered sections for loose change, and ample card pockets, you’ll be putting this wallet to work in no time. Available through Amazon.

BrillianceLetting Your Keys Jingle In Your Pocket Is So Overrated

Leather Car Key Wallet

No one wants to listen to your keys jingling around in your pocket. With this genuine leather car key wallet, you’ll have them all in one convenient place – and people won’t hear you walking over from across the room!

Available in a wide variety of bold colors, this key wallet keeps your keys organized and accessible, all within a slim profile that won’t take up space. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. Available in Amazon.




Luxury That Stands The Test Of Time

Dopp Regatta Key Case

You’ll be sorry when it’s time to put this wallet back in your pocket. With its rich, oil-tanned cowhide leather and durable two-button front snap closure, this key case is a beauty to behold.

Uniquely design to fit new, longer keys, you won’t have any issue making sure that everything fits inside. And with two convenient utility pockets, feel free to slip an extra credit card in here for good measure. Available Here.


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  1. Sheryl101 July 31, 2015 at 2:14 pm #

    I don’t use key wallets before and honestly I often lose my keys. Now I decided to use one and I’m hoping it would help me not to lose my keys again. 🙂

  2. Cecile August 17, 2015 at 9:12 am #

    I’m planning to buy a ZLYC Leather Charm Key Case Wallet because it looks small and handy.

  3. Linda September 15, 2015 at 1:50 pm #

    I am searching online to find a keywallet that can hold keys, cash and card at the same time.

  4. lyfr September 21, 2015 at 1:45 pm #

    The Dopp Regatta looks good.

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