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Aluma Wallet Review Red

As Seen On TV’s Aluma Wallet Review

It’s not often that a wallet gets a television commercial all for itself, but the Aluma wallet is one such wallet. While this certainly has helped the Aluma wallet get noticed by a large amount of people, unfortunately notoriety does not seem to translate into quality proportionately. Sold as a “nearly indestructible” ultra-slim wallet made […]

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Secrid Mini Wallet

Secrid Mini Wallet Review

While many wallets can simply hold your money, cards, and other little things that you may want to carry around with you, sometimes you want a little bit more out of your wallet. A basic wallet can do all of the above except for anything special. It simply is a way to carry things. On […]

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Stewart Stand Silver Stainless Steel Trifold

Stainless Steel Wallet Review

Not all wallets are made from leather. In recent times wallets are being made of different materials such as nylon, Tyvek and even duct tape. But these new materials are kind of cheap. If you are looking for something that turns heads in the right way then consider a stainless steel wallet. There are two […]

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RFID featured image

Living With An RFID Blocking Wallet

As our lives get more high tech, so do our wallets. Paypass and Paywave and other RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technologies are now standard on many bank and ID cards. These new cards are used by a scanner, which means they don’t have to be pulled out of your wallet to work. This also means […]

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