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Waskerd Wallet Front

Waskerd Wallet Review

A Review of a Waskerd Wallet A few weeks ago I recieved 2 wallets from Derek as Waskerd, and have been using them since I thought i’d put together a review for those who are looking to get a Waskerd wallet in the future… enjoy!   Here are my notes from the interview: The Leather The […]

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Napa Leather Black Shoulder Holster Travel Wallet

Shoulder Wallet Review

A shoulder wallet is not your typical style of wallet in any regard. Rather than being a small bundle of your cash and cards that neatly folds up to be placed in a pocket, a shoulder wallet is more like a small bag. Designed for both men and women, a shoulder wallet is worn strapped […]

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Olive Night Black The Brave ID Hiresh Wallet by Diesel

Diesel Wallets Review

As with most of their products, Diesel wallets are a high-end offering that is primarily aimed at men. While there are a handful of options meant for women as well, Diesel’s wallets are largely influenced by a combination of sources that blend together a taste for the classic, rugged past and a modern punk aesthetic. […]

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Saddleback Leather ID Wallet

Saddleback Wallet Review

The Saddleback Leather Company know there are plenty of people looking a good value wallet, and they aptly serve that need through their range. There is the very simple and inexpensive Wallet Sleeve. There is also the lavish, truly old-fashioned billfold that comes in the form of their “Big Wallet”, and many in between. All […]

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Tumi Wallet Review Men's Horizon Double Billfold Closed

Tumi Wallet Review

Tumi is a brand name known for quality. It will be known by those who own high end travel gear, luggage, business gear, or their accessories. Tumi can be found in stores that call high quality to mind, such as Nordstrom’s. However, with luxury comes a high price. This can make for a tough decision […]

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Mighty Wallet Review Dollar Bill

Mighty Wallet Review

The Mighty Wallet aspires to be the wallet that every man really wants. Such a wallet must stand up to the rigors of holding as much as you can fit in it, look as good as you remember your last wallet looking, and also must avoid the bulk and weight that comes along with such […]

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Bellroy Men's Leather Very Small Wallet Review Blue

Bellroy Very Small Wallet Review

There is an ongoing quest to make wallets slimmer, lighter, and hold more items. The idea is to make it easier for you to carry your wallet around, without taking up much space in your pocket. While at the same time, still hold just as many items as a regular wallet. This conflict between maintaining […]

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Aluma Wallet Review Red

As Seen On TV’s Aluma Wallet Review

It’s not often that a wallet gets a television commercial all for itself, but the Aluma wallet is one such wallet. While this certainly has helped the Aluma wallet get noticed by a large amount of people, unfortunately notoriety does not seem to translate into quality proportionately. Sold as a “nearly indestructible” ultra-slim wallet made […]

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J Fold Roadster Wallet Review Blue

J.Fold Roadster Wallet Review

When choosing a wallet, you have to put a great degree of consideration into the style of the wallet that you choose. J.Fold, a Chinese wallet manufacturer, tries to address this need for style and quality with their Roadster slimfold wallets. Immediately noticeable with these wallets are the two slanted white lines cutting their way […]

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Secrid Mini Wallet

Secrid Mini Wallet Review

While many wallets can simply hold your money, cards, and other little things that you may want to carry around with you, sometimes you want a little bit more out of your wallet. A basic wallet can do all of the above except for anything special. It simply is a way to carry things. On […]

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