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Why Do Men Keep Wallets in Their Back Pocket?

Know the pros and cons of back pocket wallets… Quite a lot of men prefer placing wallets in back pockets. Although, many people are inclined to believe that back pocket wallets cause more disadvantages than advantages. It may be a norm or a fashion statement but still, it is interesting to know about the real reason why […]

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Mighty Wallet Review Dollar Bill

Mighty Wallet Review

The Mighty Wallet aspires to be the wallet that every man really wants. Such a wallet must stand up to the rigors of holding as much as you can fit in it, look as good as you remember your last wallet looking, and also must avoid the bulk and weight that comes along with such […]

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black cared for leather

How Do I Care For My Leather Wallet?

A leather wallet has a certain appeal—a certain attraction—that other wallets don’t have. Of course, there are the innate qualities of leather to help a leather wallet really stand out against other kinds of material. Leather is tough, and can last a long time if properly cared for. Leather has a uniquely natural smell and […]

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Best Leather Wallet

Which Leather Is Best For Wallets?

Leather is a popular choice as a form of wallet material. Leather as a material is durable, practical, comfort and stylish. It is also quite flexible, holding its shape when stuffed in a pocket or put in harsh situation. It is also naturally waterproof, withstanding rain and dampness and tough. Making leather wallets is becoming […]

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Leather symbol

What Are Wallets Made Out Of?

So you want to know what wallets are made out of. Sounds reasonable, as most of us carry one around in our pocket all day. We wanted to know too so we put together this list. It is a list of what we found wallet manufacturers are using to make wallets these days. Enjoy.   […]

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