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Vintage Wallet

Our Top 5 (+1) Kickstarter Wallets – May 2015

These New Wallet Makers Are Heating Things Up Kickstarter has treated us again, attracting young (and young at heart) entrepreneurs whose passion is that cover for your cards and money. So without further a due, 5 (+1) of our top picks for May 2015. Enjoy.   New Wallet: One Less Thing To Worry About They say: The […]

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Stewart Stand Silver Stainless Steel Trifold

Stainless Steel Wallet Review

Not all wallets are made from leather. In recent times wallets are being made of different materials such as nylon, Tyvek and even duct tape. But these new materials are kind of cheap. If you are looking for something that turns heads in the right way then consider a stainless steel wallet. There are two […]

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Coach Logo

The 10 Most Popular Wallet Brands

HeadingThe 10 Most Popular Wallet Brands Intro image Intro ParagraphLast Updated – Oct 13, 2015 @ 7:50 pm Quality brand wallets come with a reputation, so when you buy a quality brand, you expect it to be good. We tend to trust brands have built up a following based on their quality. They have made enough […]

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Counterfeit wallet

How To Spot A Counterfeit Wallet

Wallets are a common target for counterfeiters with many bogus wallets being sold. Many of them are advertised as the real deal. These wallets are trying to look like the real thing, so it can be hard to spot one from the outside or from a distance. It can be especially hard to tell one […]

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Breast Pocket Wallet Closer up

The Benefits Of A Breast Pocket Wallet

A breast pocket wallet is also known as a check book wallet, secretary wallet or a European style wallet . It is a long, leather wallet typically worn in suit breast pockets. These wallets are not as common as they once were. Instead of suits being the norm, jeans have become the clothing staple over […]

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Stylish man

What Style Of Wallet Suits Me?

When it comes to style, there are certain pieces that speak volumes about you. They tell others who you are, sometimes even before you’ve spoken. These are the kinds of pieces that you feel naked without. On the off chance that you leave them at home or lose them, you immediately go into search party […]

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