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Stainless Steel Wallet Review

Not all wallets are made from leather. In recent times wallets are being made of different materials such as nylon, Tyvek and even duct tape. But these new materials are kind of cheap. If you are looking for something that turns heads in the right way then consider a stainless steel wallet.

There are two types of stainless steel wallets. Stainless steel and stainless steel fiber. Stainless steel is exactly what you think it is. Hard, cold and durable. It also doesn’t fold at all so there needs to be another material added to make sure it works.

Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet Closed

Zippo’s Stainless Steel Wallet. It opens to an accordion style card holder with room for more that 7 cards. More images here.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wallets look classy, the steel part is very durable, and they can be engraved which is good for a present and to commemorate something special. But they lack in the parts that involve living with it. You can’t sit on them really, they tend to be large, using them can be tricky at the cashier and the parts that aren’t stainless steel can often wear away under the pressure.

These wallets are quite unusual and definitely turn heads. They are also great at protect your cards against splitting, which can be a pain. All these advantages and disadvantages come with such a unique material.


Stainless Steel Fiber

Then there are stainless steel fiber wallets. These wallets tend to be more popular than traditional stainless steel. Stainless steel fiber is not your typical steel. It is a fine material that is stitched just like a traditional leather wallet.

Stewart Stand Silver Stainless Steel Trifold

The Stewart Stand Stainless Steel Fiber Tri-fold Wallet. Available here.

Stainless steel fiber wallets look clean and sharp. The flat areas are made of fine silver weaving, giving the wallet a refined look. Whilst the areas that bend look more like chainmail stitching. Combined the wallet looks very modern, and inviting.

The fiber itself is not thick so the wallets are quite thin. This allows you to carry one in your jeans without the feeling of carrying around a large wallet.

Looks are always subjective, but to us the wallet definitely looks cool. The silver color is very versatile and will suit many situations, from everyday going to the supermarket, to a night out on the town. And in either situation the stainless steel wallet will stand out.

The wallet is encouraging you to touch it. And when you do it feels like some man made cloth. It is deceptively smooth for something that is made from stainless steel. You won’t believe it’s made of metal!

The smoothness o feel should not be _ for a soft wallet. The wallet is indeed quite rigid and sturdy. It will hold its shape for as long as you own in. The whole wallet is quite robust and will keep your cards and cash safe in your pocket.

Stewart Stand Bill Fold Wallet Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Fiber Wallet In A Bifold. More info here.

The stainless steel wallet is quite durable, although the material doesn’t stretch like a typical leather wallet will. This does help the wallet hold its shape but also allows for less flexibility in how many cards it can hold in each slot. If you are a person who carries around a jam packed wallet, you might have to clean up your everyday selection of cards and items.

The stainless steel fiber wallet should last you at least 2-3 years if you are hard on it. One of the first areas to go are the edges. The corners can fray as this is where the wallet is under the most stress. This fraying can be sharp and dig into your pocket. For this reason at we encourage you to find a stainless steel fiber wallet with rounded edges. This will help ease any sharpness.

The stainless steel fiber holds up well over time, the fiber is tough even though the outside is soft to touch. Because of its softness the outside of the wallet can show some dents and stains. Although even leather wallets also show imperfections, so it’s a matter of being cautious. These stains typically come from tougher environments, such as work. If you are cautious with the wallet, it will maintain its appearance well.

Stitching is typically not a problem for stainless steel fiber wallets. That being the case it is a good idea to look for heavy duty stitching where possible. Ballistic Nylon is one such example.


Tips For Purchasing A Stainless Steel Fiber Wallet:

* Look for one that has round edges, not sharp ones.
* If when you buy it the stitching looks weak or vulnerable, send it straight back.
* Look for heavy duty stitching such as Ballistic Nylon
* Most stainless steel wallets are under $100


Tips For Living With A Stainless Steel Fiber Wallet:

* Not for dirty environments. The mesh is hard to clean. Stains and dents are also hard to remove.
* You will get comments as people like cashiers and others in the line are not used to seeing metal wallets like these.
* Be cautious with it, they are durable and strong but they aren’t designed for regular abuse.
* Enjoy it, these are beautiful modern wallets.
* Great for a second wallet, if you want something flash and show around town.

Silver Stainless Steel Wallet Trifold

The Stainless Steel Wallet Verdict

If you are looking to replace a leather wallet and want something a little more ‘peacock’, this is perfect. These pieces when they are looked after, are conversation starters. They are also strong and rigid enough to hold up to mild abuse and protect your cards. Stainless steel fiber wallets turn heads in the right way, and are also great gifts for the man who has everything.

We prefer the stainless steel fiber wallets because they are more versatile, and we think look better. We also found the Stewart Stand wallets to be recommended the most among other brands (More details on Stewart Stand here).


Thanks for reading our stainless steel wallet review.

If you agree, disagree or would just like to comment, please continue the conversation below.

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  1. kirill January 18, 2015 at 5:08 pm #

    Stewart Stand never sent out the item. Their communication ended at exactly 1 response 2 weeks past my initial inquiry, and no responses again. This is $100 theft and I do not recomend this to anyone. I bought the wallet as a present for my family, on the 15th of DEC, to only have my christmas ruined with explanations about how santa got stuck on the border. Stewart Stand confirmed that they never shipped anything to my address, and my bank confirmed them accepting the money. Absolutely disgusting.

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