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As Seen On TV’s Aluma Wallet Review

It’s not often that a wallet gets a television commercial all for itself, but the Aluma wallet is one such wallet. While this certainly has helped the Aluma wallet get noticed by a large amount of people, unfortunately notoriety does not seem to translate into quality proportionately. Sold as a “nearly indestructible” ultra-slim wallet made out of die cast aluminum, it seems that the Aluma wallet cannot keep up with its lofty claims.

Aluma Wallet Review Red

The Aluma Wallet has a sleek look. When it is closed like this it is RFID and water resistant. Great for the outdoors.

Let’s start with some positives, however. The wallet is indeed a decently attractive wallet with its sleek, clean all-aluminum body that can work equally well for either men or women. Further, the Aluma wallet does indeed protect its contents from water seeping in. This can make the difference between a useable pocket full of money and cards or a mushy useless mess. However, this is about the extent of the positive aspects of the Aluma wallet.

On the negative side, we can immediately begin to see problems. First off is the aluminum construction that gives the Aluma wallet a plain look, there is little to no character and personality here. Beyond the aluminum exterior lays a shoddy plastic construction for the latch and the interior flaps. This detracts from the aluminum effect on the outside, making for an overall poor visual impression.

Aluma Wallet Review open

The Aluma Wallet opens accordian style with 7 slots for cards and cash.

On the inside, the plastic also allows the wallet itself to break relatively easily. Indeed, there are multiple reports of Aluma wallets having broken even before they were removed from their packaging. If your Aluma wallet manages to last longer than the shipping process, it will likely break soon afterward thanks to the plastic breaking under even the most minor stresses that any reasonable wallet should outlast.

This weak point is the plastic hinge. If the wallet is opened too much the hinge will snap, leaving you with two half wallets. This can be avoided by not snapping the wallet open. When closed the wallet is quite tough, the aluminum case is quite tough.

A quick drop or a modest amount of stuffing into the wallet itself will eventually snap part of the interior. This immediately serves to refute the manufacturer’s claim that the Aluma wallet is “nearly indestructible”. In fact, it seems more like it is nearly held together in one piece at all. Even if the plastic pieces stay together, the aluminum exterior can even break off as it is held to the plastic by nothing more than tape.

The plastic around the outside edge of the wallet can make it hard to close, especially if it is stuffed with items. On the up side it does create a good seal which helps protect your items from damage.

Ultimately,the Aluma wallet is a little impractical to live with day to day, even for those looking for a strong, long-lasting wallet. If you are simply looking for a cheap wallet to use for the mean time, there are better options than the Aluma wallet.

SHARKK® Aluminum Wallet Credit Card Holder - Black

The SHARKK Aluminum Wallet is another option for those looking for an aluminum wallet. Also available in large size here.

The Aluma Wallet is not large enough to actually hold a large amount of cards or cash. And for those used to slim wallets, it somehow manages to be too large to comfortably carry around with you in your pocket or purse. Ultimately, this leads to less of a “slim” wallet and more of a bulky aluminum box that you must lug around.

Even then, despite its claims of being light, the wallet weighs about twice as much as a normal wallet when completely empty. Surveying user reviews and comments online, we quickly noticed a trend of unsatisfied customers that are unhappy with every aspect of the wallet. They don’t recommend the Aluma wallet on any real merit, and suggest others should save themselves the time.

Although we here at don’t find it easy to live with, the Aluma wallet could be used as a holiday wallet for those who like the outdoors. It could also be a secondary wallet for people who need to carry excess cards, but don’t have room in their every day wallet. If after reading this you are still in the market for an Aluminum wallet, then we prefer the SHARKK Aluminium wallet available here.


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  1. brucewilliam May 3, 2014 at 9:11 am #

    Its beautiful Blog ! I have also used Aluma Wallet it very useful to many users to have aluma wallet .


  2. Linda August 11, 2015 at 7:44 am #

    I have one like this. It is very useful since it has a binder inside which helps me get my cards and cash easily. I am planning to give this as a gift to my friends.

  3. Amalia September 1, 2015 at 12:05 pm #

    How long do you think this kind of wallet will last?

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