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Saddleback Wallet Review

The Saddleback Leather Company know there are plenty of people looking a good value wallet, and they aptly serve that need through their range. There is the very simple and inexpensive Wallet Sleeve. There is also the lavish, truly old-fashioned billfold that comes in the form of their “Big Wallet”, and many in between.

All of Saddleback’s wallets hold certain qualities in common: of course every one of them is made from 100% full-grain leather that gives the wallets a well-worn, rugged, but classic styling. This also lends a certain level of quality to all of their wallets that you can be sure of, thanks to this very sturdy construction. It also saves you money and space/weight over more luxurious leathers that can look very nice but may start to weigh you down over time.

All of their wallets are backed with a very robust 100 year warranty that is sure to last you more than long enough. This guarantee prevents them from using plastic, so the ID windows are open pockets. With this insight, it becomes quite clear that Saddleback Leather wallets are high quality products. But does that make them livable and practical wallets?

Saddleback Leather ID Wallet Front

Saddleback’s Leather ID Wallet has an open pocket for id’s on the front, and two credit card slots on the back. More info here.

Well, there is the previously mentioned Leather ID Wallet, one of their smaller offerings. It can hold a card or two, and maybe a couple bills, and is thus a good option for those who don’t need much storage space. They have a larger ID Wallet that keeps to the minimal sizing, but adds more pockets and an ID window for quick access.

Saddleback Leather Bi-fold Wallet Medium

Saddleback Leather Bi-fold Wallet in ‘Carbon’. Also available in Chestnut, Coffee Brown and Chestnut.

They offer a solid bi-fold wallet that will serve as a conventional wallet. Like all the other wallets this piece is very rustic and masculine. The leather is strong and has a natural look and feel to it. The ‘medium’ sized bifold wallet has 6 card slots and a bill compartment.

Saddleback Wallet Review Leather Passport Wallet with RFID Shield

Saddleback’s Leather Passport Wallet

If you are looking for a few extra features in your wallet, the Passport Wallet will serve nicely thanks to its RFID shield. It has a simple design with a pocket for your passport. There is also a boarding pass pocket on the outside for easy access. The leather used to make this wallet is also strong, and stitched with a polyester thread to hold it all together.

Saddleback Wallet Review Leather Big Wallet

Saddleback’s Big Wallet is made from the same craftmanship as their smaller wallets, and other accessories. View more reviews here.

They also have a “Big Wallet” which may be tough to carry in your pockets, but can serve nicely in a coat pocket or in a bag. It will securely hold anything you will want to carry around with you, including a passport, tickets to events, currency, cards and ID. It is their answer to a breast pocket wallet.

If wallets were cars, Saddleback wallets would be tanks. They are strong and rugged. The wallet is a little thicker and larger than most are used to, so we suggest using a smaller size if you are used to a slim wallet. However, quality is not compromised with these wallets. They are pig skin lined where others use cloth, to add extra toughness and rigidity. Saddleback wallets are well designed and hold everything you need from day to day.

Their unique way of leather crafting has turned many into fans, all over the world. They love the smell, look, feel, quality and the design of their pieces. No matter which style of wallet serves you best, if you like leather for its strength, longevity or character, you will enjoy living with a Saddleback Leather wallet.

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  1. Gretta August 14, 2015 at 8:24 pm #

    Beautiful leather wallets. It looks tough. A wallet that you will use for years. 🙂

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