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My Month Living With the Invisible Wallet – Review

My take on what it’s like to live with the invisible wallet

invisible wallet stock

There is at least one other wallet known as the invisible wallet. The one I have reviewed is available from

Overall I quite like this wallet. It’s edgy and different from most wallets. If your looking to go small and want something unique then id say this is the wallet for you.

If your looking for something to carry receipts, coins or any decent amount of cash then I would try something else.

Here is the demonstration of me using the invisible wallet

Here is how you access cards using the invisible wallet


How to use it

The invisible wallet isn’t like a standard wallet. It works more like a money band except for cards.

To use it, first arrange the aluminum sides together and stick your cards inside. Then put the elastic band around the wallet to keep it all in place.

When you need to extract a card. Press the cards up through a slot at the bottom of the wallet. then push the bottom of the wallet together and it will create an accordian/rolodex type affect with your cards, making it easy to choose what you want.

How Big is It?

The wallet itself is only 3 pieces of aluminum that are just larger than a credit card size, and a elastic band that holds it all together. It is very minimal.


What I like


I guess it never dawned on me that having a USB always on me would come in handy. I didn’t realize until I was caught out a few times and used it. Although there isn’t much of this wallet the 8 gig USB stick sits in the wallet quite cosily and is easy to pull out and use.

The glow in the dark band

I thought that i would hate this. But it grew on me and when i was asleep i knew where my wallet was. Doesn’t sound like much but it does make like easier if you get up early and need to get ready in the dark like I do.

The packaging

When it arrived it came with a QR barcode which you scan and then watch a video. The only drawback here is the video doens’t relaly tell you how to use the wallet. It is more like an advertisement. This is a good idea, especially with this wallet as it does require some explaining on how to use it effectively.


Although I haven’t tested this, it is a good feature if you live in a decent sized city. Piece of mind that your card isn’t going to get skimmed when you walk by a crowd.


What I didn’t like

Using it at the shops

The invisible wallet is a good wallet, but it isn’t like a standard one. You need to get comfortable with how to use it before your going to start liking it. Also putting cash in this thing means folding it in thirds, and there’s no room for coins.

Extracting cards can take some getting used to as can putting them back in their place and dealing with any change you get.

I found it tough to organize my wallet, because there is only one section for cards and they are all in the same place. However i am sure if i used it more then I would have worked something out.

The key holder

Using the keyholder on this wallet makes it quite bulky in my opinion, so best to avoid.

invisible wallet with keys attached

invisible wallet with keys attached. As you can see it’s a little bulky this way. Better off carrying them separate


Creators response to the review…

Hi Christopher, I red your review and I was impressed by its accuracy. Thank you.
I’d like to clarify just a few things:

1. for the coins there is a dedicated container which is called “Keycoin”. You can put inside coins or a key (for example a padlock). You can see it in the store:!/ACCESSORIES/c/16010008/offset=0&sort=normal

2. the hole is made for occasional use with the lanyard that has a small carabiner. You can put it around the neck or attach it to a backpack.

3. The central plate acts as a divider, giving the wallet two compartments. It separates your business cards, receipts, cash, credit/debit cards and so on.

Thank you.


Name Maker Quality Price Show your friends Cards held Show your friends Cards Held
invisible wallet Oggettario Design ★★★★☆ $$$ ★★★★☆ 10 ★★★★ 6

You can find more at

The one that I recieved to review is the batman wallet.


Have you got an invisible wallet or got any questions you’d like to ask? Then let me know in the comments.

Also a big thanks to Matteo the designer of the invisible wallet for sending one over for review.

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  1. C.Breezy April 13, 2016 at 10:53 pm #

    Thanks Matteo for sending your wallet over for a review.
    If you make wallets and you want a review, then get in touch with the contact page

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