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Mighty Wallet Review

The Mighty Wallet aspires to be the wallet that every man really wants. Such a wallet must stand up to the rigors of holding as much as you can fit in it, look as good as you remember your last wallet looking, and also must avoid the bulk and weight that comes along with such an old wallet.

Mighty Wallet Review Dollar Bill

Mighty Wallet has teamed up with renowned artist Ron English, to create some curious and iconic designs. View them all here.

Indeed, finding a new wallet can be a daunting task, as nothing seems to fit the bill quite right. Designer wallets are not always an ideal solution, and come with a hefty price tag. Money clips can be too minimalistic not nearly holding enough to prove their worth. Ultimately for many men, the solution may lie in something a little less traditional than their good old wallet.

Mighty Wallets are certainly anything but traditional, as they are made of Tyvek—which you would normally expect to see coating unfinished houses and Express Mail envelopes—rather than sturdy old leather. However, there’s no need to be concerned, as Tyvek will reliably stand up to anything that a leather wallet can take.

The mighty wallet is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. The mighty wallet is very strong due to the Tyvek material, which is made from many interlocking plastic fibers. The design also gives the wallet strength. The mighty wallet is made from one sheet of Tyvek folded like origami, this makes the wallet stitch less removing weaker points from the wallet.

Further, Tyvek also makes for a very light and dynamically stretching wallet that can expand and shrink depending on how much cash and how many cards you manage to stuff in your Mighty Wallet. In fact, mostly thanks to the Tyvek construction, the Mighty Wallet actually lives up to everything it claims in its sales pitch.

Mighty Wallet Review Envelope Open

When open the Mighty Wallet has 2 inside pockets for cards, 2 outside pockets for cards, and two bill compartments. All mighty wallets are folded the same.

The website claims that they are “Mighty Thin, Mighty Strong, Mighty Green,” and nothing could be more accurate. This wallet doesn’t bother with modern, complex constructions either. Much like your reliable old wallet, it simply folds in half with two big pockets for cash and more than enough slots for cards. The card holders actually expand out to fit your needs. However, the Mighty Wallet truly stands apart both from the classic wallet and from its competitors in one major regard: its external design.

Mighty Wallet Review Batman

The Mighty Wallet is available in many designs including retro superheros such as Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Captain America and more. See them here.

Underneath its solid material, the Might Wallet is offered in dozens of interesting designs. These designs range from artful collages to cartoon logos to blank ones you can draw upon. You can even pick out designs sources from classic maps, giving your wallet a small touch of adventure and classic styling.

For around only $15, you can hardly find a better value in a wallet. Hopefully the Mighty Wallet can serve you just as long as that old, beloved wallet you used to have. Or, who knows, maybe it will last longer. You can find all the different designs at


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  1. Janna September 1, 2015 at 12:30 pm #

    Creativity is good but I don’t think this wallet will fit all ages.

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