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What Kind Of Unique Leather Wallets Are Available?

Bi-fold, Tri-fold, Velcro and passport style wallets are a common in the market these days. All these wallets serve the purpose of holding your cash, cards and other items. But to some, they might be seen as quite vanilla. They do the job and nothing else. There is no individuality and no story to go with this very personal item.

Genuine Caiman Crocodile Skin Hornback Bifold Wallet Brown

This Crocodile skin wallet has an eye-catching, unique grain and stitching. Crocodile skin wallets are all unique because of the nature of the leather. More styles are available here.

Why Would You Want A Unique Leather Wallet?

Most unique leather wallet owners chose leather because of their durability and how they are able to shape to the credit cards, cash and photos that are placed in them. Leather is a great material for wallets, it holds its shape well but moves with you. It also resists stains, some weather and other grime.

Leather can also be purchased for glitz.  Some of us like to stand out and set ourselves apart from the mainstream. You can get an exotic leather wallet as a talking piece among friends depending on what type of leather it is and where it came from.  One example is Crocodile leather. These wallets are exotic and something different. (They can be tough to find in department stores but are available here.)

Croc skinned wallets are very pricey and exotic but they aren’t the only flavor of leather wallets that are considered desirable.  Kangaroo, hog, and snake skin leather all make a great wallet. The leather is strong and lasts a long time as well depending on how the leather was treated and cured.

Sheepskin wallets are soft, form to your pocket and are lightweight.  They are very elastic and the tight stitching makes them a great wallet.  Eel skin also makes a great wallet, but have an aroma that doesn’t really fit the leather scent.

The colors of unique leather wallets are limitless.  You can get a custom colored or dyed skinned wallet to sport around your pocket. Even the patterned snake skinned wallets can get a hue rinsed into the curing process to make the wallet stand out.

To send your new wallet over the top, you can get your wallet custom colored. But when we say custom we mean craftsmanship of the wallet.  Private designers will do stitch work patterns on your wallet of any skin of your choice (Leatherology is one, more available here).  They can layer it with all the slide pockets you need and design it in a fashionable pattern.  It will get your friends scratching their heads and wondering where they can get a snazzy unique leather wallet like yours.

Leatherwork with accents can also be stamped into a pliable leather like pig, kangaroo and sheep.  Croc skin taken from the top of a crocodile is a tougher leather, but is also made into wallets.

The craftsmanship of these custom wallets can still catch people’s eye and give your wallet some individuality and personality. It’s not very often that people see an exotic skinned wallet.

VIATOR GEAR Handcrafted RFID Leather Wallet - Kangaroo

This unique leather wallet is made from kangaroo. It is strong and the inside is made with a unique texture. More info available here.

When purchasing a unique leather wallet don’t be in a hurry.  There are plenty of great sellers available from all over the world. This makes it easy to get something unique and exotic. It also gives you the ability to look at the craftsmanship which is still important with any unique leather wallet. Finding the right leather wallet with a tight, firm stitching will last years. And many of them are reasonably priced.


We hope this helped you in some way. Thanks for reading

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