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Kickstarter Top Picks for November ’14

Wow its November already?

That means:

  • Winter (or summer) is just around the corner
  • NBA season begins!
  • New Years Eve should be organized by now

And the beginning of Christmas shopping

And what better, than to buy your loved ones something they will carry around with them every day for the next few years.

We’ve had a look and found quite a few Kickstarter wallet projects…

To make it easy, we have picked out the nice and left the naughty for Santa to deal with.

Happy holidays!


Clipcase Small

CLIPCASE – Not Another Kickstarter Wallet

They say – “(The) Idea behind designing CLIPCASE was to create functional yet beautiful wallet that is fun and easy to use”

We say – The wallet has a place for your cash (folded) and a few credit card slots, but the chance to easily change your wallets appearance is what caught our eye.

The hard case means you can sit on it, no problem, and anything inside the case is RFID protected.

A good wallet for the price, you can see it here.



Broxton Minimalist Leather Wallet

They say – “Our mission was to design a wallet as minimalist as possible but yet classy and unique; a wallet that will not take a whole lot of room in your pocket but will fit everything you might need on a daily basis. The Prospect wallet fits comfortably up to 4 cards and 8 bills.”

We say – A very slim wallet with some nice features. The slots are laser cut for a precise job and the outer ‘band’ is easy to slot cash into.

Easy to live with and a nice front pocket wallet, especially good when your out on the town.

You can see the video here.


Simple Wallet (Small)

Simple Credit Card Wallets (SCCwallets)

They say – “This Simple Credit Card Wallet is not just a wallet. It is a CONCEPT of distribution and making a difference.”

We say – This is a nice wallet, although the owner could have done a better job with their kickstarter page.

Simple, cheap and long lasting mean it’s great for summer vacations, using day to day, or storing excess cards that you ‘might get around to using one day’

You can see more details here.


That’s it for this month!

If you are interested in more kickstarter projects check them out, otherwise you can see what we think here.

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  1. Carla August 14, 2015 at 8:13 pm #

    I love the colors of the Broxton Minimalist Wallet. It will fit every student who’s always on the go. A cheap wallet which you can also use as give aways.

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