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Our Kickstarter Top 5 Wallets For June 2016

Celebrate Father’s Day with our wallets for this month…

Father’s Day is an occasion to mark and celebrate the contribution that your own father has made to your life. Many people give cards or gifts to their fathers. Our wallets for this month can be a great gift a father could have. Check it out!




Balanst® Premium Wallet: Your Privacy Masterpiece

They say:

A slim wallet that will protect your valuables with just a flick of your thumb. 

Perfectly designed to be your trusted companion.

We say:

Stunning Design.

Spacious enough to hold what matters. Check it out in Kickstarter!




Cashew Smart Wallet: Protect What You Treasure Most!

They say:

No more misplaced cards, cash or IDs again.

Cashew protects you from loss of your Wallet and Identity Theft!

We say:

With Fingerprint access and Smartphone connectivity.

World’s first SMART Wallet. Check it out in Kickstarter!




OneUp Wallet: A Slim Wallet With Interchangeable Covers

They say:

Wallet that stores your essential cards, receipt, some cash, or a house key.

A wallet that will fit your style with its  interchangeable covers.

We say:

Customizable, no compromise slim wallet.

Safe storage and easy accessibility. Check it out in Kickstarter!




Slidy: The Swiping Wallet That Fits Your Needs

They say:

Quick slide provides access to your card in a single finger swipe.

Choose from three elegant two tone-dress space grey, navy blue and red bullfighting.

We say:

Wallet that saves time, suitable, minimalist and durable.

Simple and easy to use. Check it out in Kickstarter!




Dash: Minimalist Travel Wallet

They say:

With RFID protection that will prevent identity theft while in busy airports.

A perfect travel wallet in the most minimal and simplest form.

We say:

Best minimalist travel wallet.

The most economical on the internet. Check it out in Kickstarter!


Thanks for reading!

If you found more interesting wallets in Kickstarter, just let us know and we will share it here.

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