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Our Kickstarter Top 5 Wallets For January 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

New Year’s Eve is a major social holiday. Many people hold parties at home or attend special celebrations to celebrate the upcoming New Year. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a bang with your family, friends and our wallet for this month. Check it out!



MostRad™ | Maverick Wallet

They say:

With vertical quick slide card slot for chipped slots

Best wallet for men.

We say:

The ultimate go-to wallet for everyday use or travel.

Tradional cash pocket for USA and International Currencies. Check it out in Kickstarter.



Wasatch Duo: The RFID Jamming Slim Wallet

They say:

Fits into shirt and suit pockets.

A wallet that has the perfect blend of flexibility and durability.

We say:

A high quality leather and elastic side by side wallet.

The Duo fills in the gap between high capacity (bi-fold and tri-fold) wallets and thin minimalist wallets. Check it out in Kickstarter.



Really Minimalistic Leather Wallet and Stylish Leather Case

They say:

Stylish leather case.

Wallet and phone case can be used individually or as complementary.

We say:

A unique leather wallet and a case for the phone made with a thick vintage leather.

All products are made by hand by our craftsmen. Check it out in Kickstarter.



The Maverick | Wallets Should Hold More Than Just Cash

They say:

A wallet that fits in any of your pockets.

Suitable wallet for the best dressed man in the room.

We say:

Designed in a small shop in NYC with the goal of combining class, convenience and comfort.

The Maverick is constructed of luxurious vegetable-tanned leather, ensuring that the wallet will develop a rich patina over time. Check it out in Kickstarter.



DUN DUO™ | Luxury (travel) Wallet

They say:

Fits all you need, including your smartphone, with a simplicity that just works.

A compact wallet to use at your destination. A stylish functional wallet.

We say:

World’s thinnest leather billfold.

A compact wallet to use at your destination. Check it out in Kickstarter.

Thanks for reading!

If you found more interesting wallets in Kickstarter, just let us know and we will share it here.


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