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Our Kickstarter Top 5 Wallets For February 2017

Celebrate Hearts Day with a New Symbol…

This the time of the year where your expressions of love is being appreciated. The time were we see a lot of red colored heart designs, flowers, cupid and other decorations reminding us that love is in the air.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone by having a romantic date or simply spending the day over with flowers, chocolates and our Kickstarter wallets for this month! Check it out!



They say:

Lightweight wallet that has three departments for credit cards and two partitions for notes.

Beautifully designed.

We say:

Made of genuine calf leather..

It has a fix handle on the side that fits perfectly on the wrist. Check it out in Kickstarter.



ShamrockWallets™ The Perfect Slim Leather Wallets

They say:

Slim yet functional wallet to hold cards, cash and coins.

Secure and easy to use.

We say:

The new minimalist wallet.

Designed for quick card withdraws, comfort while in pockets and a dapper style, all at an affordable price. Check it out in Kickstarter.



They say:

Made of soft fabric.

Quality and functionality in one.

We say:

Great capacity can hold up to 8 bills in quarter-fold.

A wallet with a protective slim pocket and RFID protection. Check it out in Kickstarter.



They say:

2 Wallet for the price of 1.

A stylish modern wallet.

We say:

Available in 4 unique canvas colors.

A classic bi-fold, and minimal wallet detachment. Check it out in Kickstarter.



They say:

A slim easy to use wallet.

Stylish and functional.

We say:

Made of top quality canvas. It has many colors and a nice sandy touch.

It has a small pocket for sim card and a quick access pull-tab for all of your cards. Check it out in Kickstarter.

Thanks for reading!

If you found more interesting wallets in Kickstarter, just let us know and we will share it here.


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