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Our Kickstarter Top 5 Wallets For August 2016

Our Styles for Senior Citizens Day!

National Senior Citizens Day recognizes contributions senior citizens make in communities across the United States. It is annually observed on August 21. It was also created to bring awareness of social, health, and economic issues that affect senior citizens.

Celebrate the event with our Kickstarter products of the month. Check it out!




Tyred Wallet – A Unique, Minimalist, Inner Tube Wallet

They say:

Cleverly designed minimalist wallet.

Small and slim but still able to carry everything my old bulky wallet could.

We say:

A completely unique design, comprising of 4 pockets and holds up to 10 cards.

A wallet that’s made out of bicycle tyre inner tube. Check it out in Kickstarter!




The Flat-wallet

They say:

Easy to carry wallet that stays slim.

With finger slide that provides easy access.

We say:

Expert craftsmanship, premium leather, and unrivaled comfort..

Cash pocket inconspicuously holds up to 15 folded bills. Check it out in Kickstarter!


Military Wallet by Bench Built

They say:

Designed for comfort and durability.  It holds 5 to 7 cards.

Built slightly larger than a credit card..

We say:

Made of a durable yet slightly flexible ABS material, recommended for its strength.

Military wallet with lifetime guarantee! Check it out in Kickstarter!



Carbon Fiber Oddities Minimalist wallet / bottle openers

They say:

Simply designed carbon minimalist wallet.

Classic card wallet with detachable money clip.

We say:

Removable money clip, integrated snap-in frame structure, and quick card access thumb slot.

A unique high quality CFO wallet! Check it out in Kickstarter!


The Wallet Rosary

They say:

A must bring wallet  with durable rosary that’s easy to carry and hard to break.

Thin, easy to carry wallet.

We say:

A minimalist wallet with a minimalist rosary that is easy to carry, a pleasure to look at and comfortable to use.

We ensure that you’re prePRAYERed for the day ahead! Check it out in Kickstarter!


Thanks for reading!

If you found more interesting wallets in Kickstarter, just let us know and we will share it here.


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