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J.Fold Roadster Wallet Review

When choosing a wallet, you have to put a great degree of consideration into the style of the wallet that you choose. J.Fold, a Chinese wallet manufacturer, tries to address this need for style and quality with their Roadster slimfold wallets.

J Fold Roadster Wallet Review Blue

J Fold Roadster Wallet is available in Blue, Black, Brown, Olive, and Red here.

Immediately noticeable with these wallets are the two slanted white lines cutting their way across the front of the wallet. These two lines are immediately invocative of a classic American muscle car, giving these wallets their “Roadster” moniker.

This dual stripe accent does indeed make for a striking impression when first seeing these wallets. It’s a touch that is memorable, stylish, and classic all without making the wallet look like a cheap grab for kitsch. Also, since the stripes are a simple white, they work just fine on all of the color options that you can find for the Roadster wallets. I am partial to the simply white-on-black design, but the wallet looks equally good in brown, blue, red, or olive if those fit your taste better.

The Roadster wallet is made out of 100% top grain leather regardless of the color selected. This, of course, introduces the need to keep up regular cleaning and maintenance for your wallet, but that should be expected of any wallet that you spend any real money on.

The inside of the wallet is constructed out of a softer, less finished variety of the leather used for the rest of the wallet, but it holds up just fine over extended use, and it serves as a more conservative design to balance out the rather bold design of the exterior.

The J.Fold Roadster wallet is a simple design and construction overall. It is a simple, slimfold design equipped with 8 card slots and one bill slot spanning the width of the open wallet. Again, this simple design is an effective one and it serves to balance out the striking exterior, ultimately preventing this wallet from looking like a garish hotrod and ending up more like a luxurious muscle car.

The bill slot itself is plenty large to carry most paper currencies, so you won’t end up with bits of paper sticking out of your wallet if you travel to another country. Further, since it is constructed out of the same kind of leather both internally and externally, this wallet will safely carry a large amount of currency with no risk of ripping or breaking the wallet in any way.

J Fold Roadster Wallet Review Black Open

However, it should be noted that the same can’t be said for the card slots. While 8 card slots can be more than enough for some people, if you need to carry more than 8 cards at once problems can start to arise. While each slot will easily fit one card at a time, trying to cram 2 or more cards into a given slot will stretch and tear the card slots, which can be both unattractive and functionally degrading to your wallet.

Basically, be sure to keep only 8 or less cards on you at any time if you choose to stick with this wallet. That said, your cards will stay perfectly safe in this wallet as they sit in their slots securely, and the leather is of a high enough quality that there is no risk of the wallet making your cards brittle.

Ultimately, the J.Fold Roadster wallet does make quite the impression when seen in person, especially when looking at the various color options. Not everyone can pull of a wallet like this; much like not everyone can drive a muscle car. However, if this wallet fits your personal style, it is a great option that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Lee September 4, 2015 at 2:39 pm #

    Great wallet. It has the quality and style.

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