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Dosh Wallet Review

Dosh doesn’t make traditional wallets, their wallets are bright, bold and compact. If you are searching for something new and the old style doesn’t suit, then dosh provide an alternative for you. If you are looking for a standard leather bifold, then you should stop reading now.

Dosh Wallet Review Navy

Dosh is an Australian company that produces modern, minimalist wallets. They produce a few different versions, which are all true to this principle. The wallets are made out of a recycled material, and they are typically thin and minimal. This means they won’t carry your life around with you, and don’t offer to.

The design is the greatest feature of a dosh wallet. It is thoughtful, practical and modern. Dosh wallets are made from Desmopan Polymer material which is a combination of pastic and rubber. This combination makes the wallet tough, water resistant, and durable. These things are even known to survive the washing machine.

But the material also comes with setbacks. Unlike traditional leather wallets there is no forgiveness. You cannot carry any more cards than there are slots. There is no room for coins either. Just your cards and cash. In this way, what you see is what you get.

Dosh 6 Card Lux Stainless Steel Money Clip Wallet

Dosh Wallets come in a variety of colors and styles

The Look

Dosh wallets are urban, modern and stylish. All wallets come delivered in a clear case which is a nice touch. The clear case allows the wallet to show off its color. The colors are a unique part of a dosh wallet. The desmopan polymer material allows the wallets to be brighter than leather could be, and have a different finish. They are a great for customizing wallets.

The wallets hold up well against abuse, although they are not immune to scratches and stains.


The Feel

Some people who are used to traditional wallets say that dosh wallets feel cheap. But these wallets are not traditional wallets and cannot be judged the same as leather. The inside plastic is harder than the outer plastic; this is to protect your cards. It will feel a little cheaper than the outer plastic but the wallet requires the rigidity.

The money clip wallets are made around the money clip. It is the center piece and is very strong. It is made of stainless steel so it will go where you go.


Living With A Dosh Wallet

The standard 6 card money clip version is similar in size to an iPhone.

If you are worried about cash falling out due to the money clip don’t. It is very strong. In fact you will have to open the wallet up considerably to get cash in, otherwise it won’t get in.

The cards slots are designed for one card each and they don’t cascade like typical wallets. What this means is that although there are three slots, the cards sit one on top of another. So getting to the card at the back means flipping past the first two with your fingers. Because of this system it can be a little difficult to get to the middle card in the row. Maybe make this the health care card that never gets used.

 Pros (+)

* Made form desmopan polymer
* Strong
* Durable
* Waterproof
* Colorful
* Individual


Cons (-)

* Many people who are used to traditional wallets don’t like the dosh wallet. It is different, but it holds up well
* Holds limited cards (max 6)
* Won’t hold coins
* Bifold versions are just tall enough for US and AU dollar bills. Not for euro bills

Dosh Wallet Review Red Blue

The Dosh Magic Wallet is colorful and can hold 4 cards and notes. Made in many colors as you can see here.

Different Styles

Dosh make wallets from their desmopan polymer material in different styles. They include a 6 card Standard bifold money clip, 3 card money clip wallet, and a ‘Magic’ wallet.

Magic is that it opens either way. It automatically keeps and secures the notes when you open and close it. You can see better in the video.


Dosh make modern and stylish wallets, with no apologies.

They are a good idea for those who:
* lead an adventurous lifestyle and need a wallet to keep up
* want something stylish and modern
* want to replace a more traditional leather wallet

If a leather wallet doesn’t suit you anymore, then dosh wallets are a great modern alternative. Reviews online and on show that people either love them or hate them. That being the case we recommend you read more reviews, you can do that here.


Thanks for reading our dosh wallet review, any comments please use the space below.

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  1. ash August 13, 2015 at 3:03 pm #

    I just received my cascade wallet. Its absolutely amazing. The functionality works well and automatically cascades up. It holds up to 5 cards inside a fully enclosed aluminium. I can’t wait to test it on POS systems. You will not regret this purchase!!!

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