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Do Waterproof Wallets Really Work?

What is a Waterproof Wallet?

A waterproof wallet is a case that keeps your wallet, personal items and phones dry when you are in the water. They are great for holidays and going to the beach because they stops you from worrying about your valuables whilst you splash around.

Waterproof wallets allow you to enjoy your time in the water. Keeping important items safe and on your person, instead of on the beach under a towel, or in your car. Waterproof wallets give you a great peace of mind.

Waterproof wallet review

Do Waterproof Wallets Really Work?

The short answer is yes. Waterproof wallets do keep your valuables dry while you are in the water. But in the same vein, not all waterproof wallets are created equal.

Some aren’t as good, some seals can be flimsy and are easily broken. Typically the very cheap ones are weaker than others. The seals are typically weaker. The seals need to be the toughest part of the waterproof wallet, and this is typically what the difference in price is.

Waterproof wallets come in a few different forms for different people and purposes. But ultimately they all do the same job. If you would like to see some waterproof wallets, follow this link.


Can I Use A Plastic Zip Lock Lunch Bag?

Some people say that they get away with using a lunch bag. But in our travels we have found that the seal is not good enough to be waterproof. It is only good enough to be splash proof. So we recommend that you do not use a plastic lunch bag to protect your items under water.

DRY PAK DP-44 Alligator Waterproof Wallet

This waterproof wallet is designed to hold personal items and is carried around your neck. Available here.

Tips for Buying a Waterproof Wallet

Although, they all do the same job, waterproof wallets come in a few different forms. The differences are typically the seals, the cases and how much they can carry.

But no matter which one you choose, there are certain points you need to look for to make sure you get a quality waterproof wallet.

Ratings – There are ratings on wallets, but many are done by the manufacturers. Look for actual depth ratings, as this is how you can compare one with another. Typically the deeper they go, the better quality.

Price –Waterproof wallets are typically inexpensive ($5-$30), but if they seem too cheap for what they promise, then it’s probably too good to be true.

The Seals – The seals are the weakest point of the waterproof wallet, so typically a good seal means a good wallet. Look for something that looks sturdy and will last.

Is it see-thru? – Most waterproof wallets are clear. Buying a clear one means you can see what’s inside it without opening it. Constant opening and closing will affect the seal, over a long period of time.

Quality – Of course you want to look for a quality item, but be mindful trying to find the perfect waterproof wallet. They typically last a few years or less depending on which one you buy and how often you use it. Take this in mind when purchasing.

Overboard Waterproof Prosport Arm Pack

This waterproof wallet straps onto your arm giving you freedom of movement for water based sports. More details here.

Tips For Using Your Waterproof Wallet

Waterproof wallets are a little different to everyday wallets, so there are some tips and tricks to using one.

Test It – It can be nervous using a waterproof wallet for the first time. Because of this we encourage that you test it out before you need it so you know it works and you feel more comfortable.

Floating – They can float up to the surface which can be annoying if they are worn around your neck. Either place a weight inside can be an idea, a rock, stone or some coins will keep it from floating, or remove the air from the wallet before sealing if possible.

Fog – If you open it in a water area it can fog up when you close it up again. When around water it is a good idea to keep the waterproof wallet closed.


Waterproof wallets do give you peace of mind when in the water. They are a great way to know that your valuables and personal items are safe, whilst your having fun. Follow this link to see our top 5 picks.


Thanks for reading; we hope you have found what you are looking for.

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  1. Jhon August 3, 2015 at 6:20 am #

    I will try the OverBoard. I have a used waterproof wallets before but I haven’t got a perfect one. I hope this one works well.

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