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Diesel Wallets Review

As with most of their products, Diesel wallets are a high-end offering that is primarily aimed at men. While there are a handful of options meant for women as well, Diesel’s wallets are largely influenced by a combination of sources that blend together a taste for the classic, rugged past and a modern punk aesthetic. If those descriptors don’t sound to your taste, then Diesel may not be your best place to look for a new wallet, but if you aren’t afraid of a bit of classy punk in your life then Diesel might just be perfect.

Diesel Hypostuds Neela XS Bifold

Different Styles of Diesel Wallets

There’s no shortage of choices in Diesel’s wallet lineup. With over 50 different options and designs on Amazon alone, everyone looking for a Diesel wallet is sure to find an option that fits their needs. Of course there are a plethora of Diesel wallets that are made completely out of leather. These include simple bi-fold designs that will serve as a trust wallet for years to come to more striking designs that include printed designs, punk studs, or even wooden imitation textures on the Wood be Good Neela wallet. Many of Diesel’s women’s wallet offerings come in all-leather as well, and many offer similar design touches that mimic the men’s offerings, such as the Amazonite line of women’s wallets. The majority of Diesel’s standard leather wallets come with 6 card slots, with some offering up to 8, and all have a large cash slot along the bi-fold section.

Olive Night Black The Brave ID Hiresh Wallet by Diesel

Olive Night/Black The Brave ID Hiresh Wallet by Diesel. Available here.

There are exceptions to this rule however, such as the Brave ID Hiresh men’s wallet. This wallet may sport a traditional bi-fold construction, but it takes a number of steps to differentiate itself from the crowd—including Diesel’s other offerings. This particular wallet combines leather and canvas construction to give the wallet’s exterior a worn denim look. Also on the exterior of the Brave ID Hiresh wallet is a pair of small pockets that can be used to store notes or receipts. They are styled to look like a pocket of a pair of jeans, and this helps the wallet look unlike any other bi-fold wallet out there. On the inside, there is a more typical Diesel design of 4 card slots on the left, a pocket on the right, and a cash slot.

What You Can Expect In A Diesel Wallet

More typical of Diesel’s men’s offerings are the Neela line of wallets. While these wallets come in a wide variety of designs, they all hold a similar design in common. While most are made of leather, some are made of nylon or polyurethane. Inside each Neela wallet is a set of 8 card slots and a large cash slot in a bi-fold construction.

Diesel Mixt8 Neela XS Bifold

The Diesel Mixt8 Neela Bifold Wallet. Available here.

As for Diesel’s women’s offerings, there is a surprisingly wide range of options despite a limited number of offerings compared to the men’s wallets. Most revolve around some variation on the conventional women’s wallet. All designs are up to Diesel’s standards of durable construction with a modern edge.

Diesel Wallet Review Conclusion

Diesel’s wallets are a greatly varying raft of options, but many of them are truly appealing options. Though not the most affordable wallets at times, Diesel is a solid bet for anyone looking for a touch of punk in their life. Many styles available from


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  1. Brian James August 11, 2015 at 7:53 am #

    Diesel wallets are always in style. I love this brand.

  2. Criselda September 1, 2015 at 12:11 pm #

    One of the branded wallet in the market. Do they have wallets for women also?

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