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Why Do Men Keep Wallets in Their Back Pocket?

Know the pros and cons of back pocket wallets… Quite a lot of men prefer placing wallets in back pockets. Although, many people are inclined to believe that back pocket wallets cause more disadvantages than advantages. It may be a norm or a fashion statement but still, it is interesting to know about the real reason why […]

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Breast Pocket Wallet Close up

What is the Best Wallet Solution for me?

Choose a Wallet that suits your needs… When it comes to choosing you own wallet, it is very crucial to consider your unique needs. A wallet can be your best buddy which will be there beside you wherever you desire to go. Comparable to how you carefully choose friends, you also need to screen wallets thoroughly before […]

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Interview with a Wallet Maker Series – Bronxton Vault on Their Wallet Making Process

Bronxton Vault is a successful wallet company who strives to produce minimalistic, fashionable and functional wallets. Here is an interview on how wallets are made at Bronxton Vault. In this interview, they describe the step-by-step procedure on how they conceptualize wallet designs, what kind of materials they use and how they produce each wallet. Enjoy […]

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Young man with severe backpain from sciatica

What Everyone Ought To Know About Wallet Back Problems

Wallets and Back Pain: A Troubling Reality Oh my aching back! World Health Organization estimates indicate that 60-70% of adults in industrialized countries experience back pain at some point and that lower back pain is the primary cause of absence from work in much of the world. Dr. Ronald J. Wisneski, an orthopedic surgeon, places […]

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What to do when you find a wallet

What To Do When You Find A Wallet

What are Your Choices and the Consequences When You Find A Wallet Somewhere Many of us have already been in this situation. Finding someone else’s wallet may actually invoke a lot of mixed feelings and confusion in people. What do you do with it especially if you have no idea how to trace the owner? There […]

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