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Best Slim Wallets On The Internet

Last Updated –  Whichever TV channel we choose it seems that there’s always someone in tight-fitting Lycra encouraging us to shed some weight. Cutting back on fast-food, fries and fizzy drinks will certainly shrink your waistline, but what about that bulging wallet? If you want to lose weight fast, a new super-slim wallet or cash-clip is so […]

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The Top 10 Zip Around Wallets For Women

Last Updated –  Wouldn’t it be great to win an ‘all expenses paid’ shopping trip to New York City! Second only to that is this round-up of some great looking clutch bags and zip around wallets. All of these gorgeous accessories are easily affordable and some of them compete very favorably against the top design houses. […]

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Aluminium Material for the best Aluminium Wallet

Our Search for the Best Aluminum Wallet (Top 10)

Last Updated –  Due to its light weight and workability, aluminum has become a highly attractive metal to 21st century wallet makers. Aluminum has a low melting point – it’s also easy to machine into complex shapes using hi-tech computer manufacturing techniques. This makes it the ideal material for bright young designers with a passion […]

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The 10 Best Trifold Wallets on the Internet

Last Updated –  Sometimes three isn’t a crowd. Sometimes it’s a party. Working together to give you the best. Think of triangles, podiums and long form jokes. So when we discovered we hadn’t covered trifold wallets yet we were surprised, but happy. Because it let us dive in and see what was out there Good […]

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Big Skinny

The Internets 10 Thinnest Wallets

Last Updated –  Let’s leave carrying the heavy, bulky items to the professionals shall we? No one wants to be walking around with a boulder in their back pocket. Causing back problems and living life on a slant… But not having what you need limits you when your out. And any one who has ever tried using multiple wallets will tell […]

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Hammer Anvil

The 10 Best Skinny Wallets Available Online

Last Updated –  Minify your cash carrying capacity Recent medical research has found that an old, bloated, back-pocket wallet could be literally “getting on your nerves”. Piriformis syndrome, sometimes called fat wallet syndrome, is a painful condition that can be caused by a bulging wallet applying pressure to the sciatic nerve. If that big leather […]

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Maxwell Scott

The 10 Best Key Wallets Online

Last Updated –  Can you be heard coming from a mile away? If you thinking jingling should be reserved only for Santa’s sled, then you are in the right place. We are not sure why key wallets aren’t as popular as they used to be… They save your pockets are getting torn up by keys, and keep everything organized. […]

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Ionic Pro

The Top 10 Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases

Last Updated –  Everything in one place If you totally dislike carrying your wallet AND phone around, you are in the right place. Now, there is no need to have bulkier pockets than you need to. We have collected the best Galaxy S6 wallet cases where you can conveniently access and organize your phone, card, […]

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iLuv Wallet Case

The Top 10 iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

Last Updated –  Apple hasn’t totally driven out the need for carrying credit cards and cash as of yet, so here we are with another top 10 guide for iPhone 6 and 6+! These 10 iPhone 6 wallet cases below cover everyone and every use. From bifold style wallets to pouches and card carriers that […]

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happy kid businessman with laptop

The 10 Cutest Kids Wallets Online

Last Updated –  They Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They? Before you know it they will be off taking over the world. With a cell phone in one hand and a laptop in the other (or the future equivalents) But before they start to work there way up the ladder, they first need their first wallet. […]

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The 10 Baddest Biker Wallets

Last Updated – Liberty, comradeship and the freedom of the open road … BIKERS ARE FREE-SPIRITED, free-thinkers with a hankering for an alternative way of living. To celebrate this we invite you into our ‘Baddest Biker Wallet’ clubhouse to check out some of the best chained, back-pocket cash-carriers available for bikers, truckers and rebels on the […]

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