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The Best Wallet Under 100 Dollars Guide

Last Updated – Sep 22, 2016 @ 2:28 am

The Best Wallet Under 100 Dollars Guide

Quality wallets for a reasonable price

For many of us, we want a wallet that we can be proud of. We don’t want to have to hide it when we pay for things. We also want something that will last and not look shabby. After all, it is in our pocket all day.

Your wallet and what you carry in it, shows what you value, and what standards you have. In the same vein, it can also give others an impression about you.

So this is why we put together this guide. The Best Wallet Under 100 Dollars Guide.

Best Wallet for under 100They are all great quality, create a great impression (some more flashy than others), and come in at $100 or less.



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WalletMakerSizeQualityPrice Ease at checkoutShow your friendsCard SlotsBill SlotsAmazon Rating
LIRA - Men's Italian Leather Wallet with Privacy ID FlapDionigibi fold*****$$$$*********824.8
Leather Trifold Wallet with FlapLeatherologytri fold*****$$$$*******101N/A
Bleecker Legacy Leather Double Billfold Wallet Coachbi fold****$$$$$*******62N/A
Leather Passport Wallet with RFID ShieldSaddlebackPassport case*****$$$******215
Lux Stainless Steel Money Clip WalletDoshbi fold***$$$********613.8
Genuine Caiman Crocodile Skin Hornback Bifold WalletJoy-ninbi fold****$$$$$********62N/A
Tuscany Leather Passport and Airline CaseBond Street LtdPassport case****$$$$*****61N/A
Tan Passport Sleeve WalletBellroypocket*****$$$$$N/A****20N/A
Men's Horizon Slim Single BillfoldTUMIbi fold**$$******614.5
Brown Italian Leather Zippered WalletLeatherologybi fold****$$$$******41N/A

LIRA - Men's Italian Leather Wallet with Privacy ID Flap

LIRA – Men’s Italian Leather Wallet with Privacy ID Flap

This wallet comes expertly hand crafted straight from Italy. The craftsmanship is impeccable. Made by a small, family sized business, they just don’t do mass production. Every piece is individually handmade with genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leather.

The design is thoughtful and it is executed perfectly. The wallet has a more spacious feel than typical wallets. There’s no worrying about squeezing in notes, or cards. And the ID flap is a discreet feature that hides your ID and cards from onlookers.

If you want quality workmanship in your pocket, this one knocks it out of the park. Available in three colors.

Leatherology Leather Trifold Wallet with Flap

Leatherology Leather Trifold Wallet with Flap

If the impression you create is important, then you want quality in your wallet. This trifold is a beautiful to look at, smart and stylish. It has a chic, understated style and is not for the flamboyant. It attracts the right attention.

Being a trifold there is plenty of card slots (10) so there’s no need to cull cards. And it will fit in your front or back pocket comfortably. The fine leather construction will mold to your pocket. Available in two colors.

Coach Bleecker Legacy Leather Double Billfold Wallet

Coach Bleecker Legacy Leather Double Billfold Wallet

Coach specializes in making small leather goods. Their reputation has been built up over 80 years in the business. With this in mind, it was hard to find a wallet under $100

This quality leather bifold wallet carries the same quality as Coaches higher price wallets. It is simple, subtle and understated. The coach wallets are a little larger than standard, giving them a roomy and less cluttered feel.

The leather is sand color, also available in blue. Limited stock.


Saddleback Leather Wallet

This wallet is beautiful like classic cars and handmade furniture. It has character, style and purpose. The leather smells, looks and feels solid.

Saddleback use a thicker leather when making their wallets. So you will be buried with this wallet if you don’t lose it. This wallet will be there when you need it. The two card slots hold five cards each so you wont be left short. And the large bill compartment means you will have room for all the cash you want to carry. A great everyday wallet as tough as nails

Comes with RFID protection for piece of mind. Available in three colors.

Dosh 6 Card Lux Stainless Steel Money Clip Wallet

Dosh 6 Card Lux Stainless Steel Money Clip Wallet

Want to bring your wallet into the 21st century? This modern and innovative piece is for you if you have had enough of traditional. The sophisticated, contemporary styling is thin and minimalistic in your pocket, so it’s not for carrying your life around.

The Desmopan Polymer material is a combination of plastic and rubber and is very tough and durable. It is also water resistant so it’s ok to surf, swim or paddle with.

If you like modern, or you just want a wallet that will go where you go, then you can find over 10 color combinations here. (Not suited for Euro bills)

Genuine Caiman Crocodile Skin Hornback Bifold Wallet Brown

Genuine Caiman Crocodile Skin Hornback Bifold Wallet Brown

When you pull this wallet out at the bar, it gets a reaction. It’s different, its confident, and it makes a statement.

This unique wallet is made from genuine crocodile skin. The authentic leather pattern on the outside is tanned to give it durability. And the skillful craftsmanship makes it a well-made and distinct bi fold.

Joy-nin make this wallet in many different patterns, colors and styles available here.

Bond Street Ltd Tuscany Leather Passport and Airline Case

Tuscany Leather Passport and Airline Case

When you need to have everything on hand, you can carry it all in style here. Bond street has designed this wallet for the frequent dapper traveler. There are spots for your passport, plane tickets, cash, cards, and a secured zip pocket for other documents.

The construction is from fine Italian leather. Sounds too good to be true? This wallet retails for over $200, but you can get yours here for less than $100.

Tan Passport Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy

Tan Passport Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy

The perfect gift for the man who has everything. An elegant way for any traveler to pass through any airport.

It carries everything you need whilst travelling. With spaces for your passport, ticket, and micro pen, it also contains two card slots. The slim design lets it slide straight into your pocket, no bumps.

Leave the everyday wallet at home and upgrade to this beautiful piece of leather craftsmanship. Limited stock.

Tumi Men's Horizon Slim Single Billfold

Tumi Men’s Horizon Slim Single Billfold

When was the last time you used all the cards in your wallet? Do you really need to be carrying around those cards, or can they sit in your bedside table until needed?

If it’s time to downsize your pocket rock, then this is the stylish way to do it. This bifold wallet holds just the right amount of cards and cash. The slim design feels light but solid. And the low profile fits into your front or back pocket.

The leather construction is beautiful to feel and look at. It’s an understated wallet that will impress anyone with an eye for quality. Read buyer reviews here.

Leatherology Leather Zippered Wallet

Italian Leather Zippered Wallet

If you’re looking for a smaller, secure wallet this one will fit right into the palm of your hand. Made from genuine leather, this wallet is for those who like to travel light and organised.

It looks slightly old fashioned. A compact zipped pocket that keeps your details in one place. When it is open, it is a bifold that has room for cards, notes, and a coin pouch.

This would also make a great gift for a young person. Available in three colors.


Thanks for reading, we hope you found the best wallet under 100 dollars in this list! If you have any thoughts or comments, use the box below.


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  1. David September 11, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    White collar business men generally tend to treat their wallet in a like fashion as most women tend to treat them.
    Blue collar workers tend to treat or use their wallet in a rougher manner. It has to withstand falls, scraps, greasy hands, water, sweat, etc. $10 wallets last maybe a year at best under these circumstances.

  2. Nathan August 18, 2015 at 12:19 pm #

    Wallets under 100 with great value. Thanks for the review.

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