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The 10 Best Business Card Wallets

Last Updated – Mar 7, 2016 @ 4:09 am

The Best Business Card Wallet Countdown

Trying to seal the deal can be hard enough without handing over a battered business card. We thought that it was important to include in
our guides a list of business card holders to not only do the job, but to look the part.

Business cards given at seminars and functions can be a dime a dozen. So to make yours stand out, try pulling one out of one of these refined business card holders and stand out from the crowd.

A business card wallet can lead to plenty of Handshakes

We were surprised at how inexpensive these card holders were once we saw the price. These days it doesn’t cost much to leave a great impression. And for these prices you could even accessorize card holders with different suits. Enjoy.


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Card HolderMakerCards HeldLookQualityPrice Ease to UseShow Your FriendsAmazon
Business Name Card Holder Stainless Steel CaseTapp Collections12Stainless Steel & Leather★★★★$★★★★★★★4.4
Amico Business Credit ID Card Holder Metal Frame Case OrganizerAmico12Stainless Steel & Leather★★★★$★★★★★★★★4.3
Luxury Engraved Metal Business Card HolderPowerful Elegance15Stainless Steel★★★★$★★★★★★★★★4.5
Rolodex Explorer Business Card BookRolodex96Brown (Leather)★★★★$★★★★★★★☆4.6
Bluecell Black PU Leather and Stainless Steel Business Name Card Case HolderGeneric15Stainless Steel & Leather★★★★$★★★★★★★★4.3
Business Name Card Holder Stainless Steel CaseTapp Collections10Stainless Steel★★★$★★★★★★3.7
kilofly Business Card Holder - Flip StyleKilofly15Black (Leather)★★★★$★★★★★★★4.2
100% Leather Business Card Holder Marshal10Black (Leather)★★★☆$★★★★★☆4.1
Rolodex Faux Leather Active View Business Card BookRolodex240Brown (Leather)★★★★$★★☆★★☆3.9
StoreSMART® - Business Card Holders StoreSMART® 6Clear (Vinyl)★★★$★★★★★4.5


Business Name Card Holder Stainless Steel Case

#1 Business Name Card Holder Stainless Steel Case

A neat and stylish business card holder with a ‘freshly pressed’ look.

This stainless steel card case with a brushed exterior and highly polished trim is the perfect match for your classy business suit. While the angular profile is a little sharp for a back pocket, this case is ideal for a suit jacket.

The design is pretty basic – just a simple clasp closure and a pressed steel lip to hold the cards loosely in place. For maximum professional effect, wipe off any fingerprints just before your seminar or presentation. This case will hold about ten cards.

With its budget price-tag, this stylish business card holder makes an attractive corporate gift. A wide range of colors and finishes available here.

Amico Business Credit ID Card Holder Metal Frame Case Organizer front

#2 Amico Business Credit ID Card Holder Metal Frame Case Organizer

The Amico Business Credit ID Holder Case organizer is the most effective way to keep your business cards, identity cards and credit cards in a perfectly organized manner for quicker recovery. The Dark Brown and silvery casing makes the holder looks stunning and stylish and adds the class that the men of the middle age would love to have about them when in public.

People love organized men and businessmen and other white collared workers would look sophisticated with the card holder in their possession. It also helps to separate the cards from each other, keep them in the right place and keep the most used ones separate so there is no hassle when the card is needed.

The card holder is extremely efficient, small in size and low of weight and perfect to carry around without even feeling you are carrying it. It is ideal for people who want to have a classy feel about them and is not for people who do not possess many cards, or do not have to deal with cards and such transactions.

Suited to those in business who want to make an impression. Get one here.


Luxury Engraved Metal Business Card Holder top

#3 Luxury Engraved Metal Business Card Holder

Although it looks like it should come with smoke and mirrors, it is quite a solid little card holder.

It does everything a slim card holder should, hold 10-15 cards and look stylish, but this one goes a little further into creating intrigue. The pattern in the top of the card holder is engraved, not printed so it will draw the kind of attention you want for your business cards for years to come.

A must if you want something elegant, and a little different to finish the deal. Available here.


Rolodex Explorer Business Card Book,

#4 Rolodex Explorer Business Card Book

The Rolodex Explorer Business card book is the perfect card holder set which can accommodate a large number of cards and is most suited to people who deal in cards and have to provide or receive contact information very frequently.

Such people need to carry large number of cards and they need to transact in business cards so the capacity is the main target which is fulfilled by this card holder. Apart from the capacity, the card holder is made of pure leather which makes it comfortable to carry around and despite the large capacity; the dimensions are not much so it is easily carried on the go.

People who prefer style and fashion would not prefer this card holder as it does not bring in much value and taste in regard to fashion and style. It is ideal for people who have day to day business dealings and such people need to have this kind of card book with them at all times. The zipper closure in the card holder secures the cards and keeps everything inside safe. The segregations inside the card holder are perfect for keeping cards separately.

It is one of the old styled business card wallet books and its available here.

Bluecell Black PU Leather and Stainless Steel Business Name Card Case Holder

#5 Bluecell Black PU Leather and Stainless Steel Business Name Card Case Holder

Want a sleek business card holder with a modern twist?

This hybrid card holder can safely take 10 to 15 cards and looks a lot more expensive than it is. The PU leather looks nice in contrast to the stainless steel and does soften the card holder in your pocket. Although the leather does add a little to the bulk of the item.

Recommended for professionals and those looking for something unique. Also available in red.


Stainless Steel Wallet Business Name Credit ID Card Holder Case

#6 Stainless Steel Wallet Business Card Holder

This super-sleek, slimline business card dispenser scores well on looks and durability.

With a brushed stainless steel finish and an internal spring clip to hold your cards in the case, this is a really professional looking item. For a slick introduction you just need to pop a card out of the case with a push of the thumb. In practice you might need to rehearse this tricky manoeuvre to try and avoid pushing out too many cards at once.

With such a slim profile the card wallet can only hold around ten to fifteen cards, so you might need to re-load a few times if you’re attending a big seminar.

There are a lot more images of this good looking, value for money card case here.


Kilofly Business Card Holder - Flip Style open

#7 Kilofly Business Card Holder – Flip Style

The Kilofy Business card holder is flip style business card holder which will keep safe all the business cards in one place and help the user keep track of his card without much ado.

The card is made of leather which is soft and is synthetic so it is about comfort and class more than style. People who prefer ease and comfort in carrying a card holder and do not bother much about the looks and style may be ideal for this while people who prefer to have a more compact and sophisticated look will not go for the card.

The card holder is a perfect substitute for keeping cards in the wallet or the pockets and it is made in the form a book style which has a magnetic closure at the surface. It can store up to 15 cards, which is perfect for an average user who does not have to deal in cards and is not related to business. The small size is another addition to the comfort that the card holder brings about.

It can be a perfect gift for someone. See more here.

100precent Leather Business Card Holder

#8 100% Leather Business Card Holder

The comfortable solution for a hardwearing ‘back-pocket’ card holder in supple leather.

If you work in jeans rather than a business suit this wallet styled card holder will slip comfortably into any pocket. There’s even a handy window for your driver’s licence. At around 94mm x 70mm it’s pretty slim, but it should be able to hold ten to twenty business cards along with some emergency cash. Externally, it has a convenient extra pocket for a credit card.

Basically this is a durable, budget-priced leather card wallet with some nice, practical features. See it here.

Rolodex Faux Leather Active View Business Card Book

#9 Rolodex Faux Leather Active View Business Card Book

The Rolodex Faux leather business card holder is of the vintage type and has the old style look about it that preserves its vintage shape and style. It is a comfort laden pouch which can carry business cards as per the need and has been used for many seasons now.

It is ideal for people who prefer the old vintage look and for the higher middle aged people who are used to the look and prefer the card holder over other styles as it suits then more than any other. The holder can accommodate 240 cards and has segregation for different kinds of cards and pen so that all of the things can be accommodated in place and it is all in order. It is not suitable for people who do not prefer the vintage look and who do not have the time to keep things in segregation and in order.

The card is fully made of leather and is fold-able so it brings about a unique style which is different. Available here.

StoreSmart - Business Card Holders

#10 StoreSMART® – Business Card Holders

Truly the ugly duckling of business card holders!

When it comes down to durability, practicality, protecting your precious cards from dirt and dog-ears blah blah blah, the description of this plastic card holder is full of words.

This isn’t a pretty product, but if you have to protect a card without resorting to a laminator this is exactly what you need. Essential around the home or office for ID cards, licences and passes.

Remember Sarah Smith from high school? Check out her geeky Grade 9 class photo here.



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