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Bellroy Very Small Wallet Review

There is an ongoing quest to make wallets slimmer, lighter, and hold more items. The idea is to make it easier for you to carry your wallet around, without taking up much space in your pocket. While at the same time, still hold just as many items as a regular wallet.

This conflict between maintaining carrying capacity and constructing smaller wallets introduces new, innovative designs. Bellroy is the most recent company to offer a “very small wallet” to their customers, and their offering is a solid choice for those looking to slim down.

In fact, even the packaging that the Bellroy wallet comes in is simple and tiny. Packaged merely in a folded cardboard package with nothing more than the essentials, the customer gets a preview for the efficient design that is inside in the Bellroy wallet itself.

Bellroy Men's Leather Very Small Wallet Review Black

Bellroy’s Very Small Wallet in black with blue colored stitching

The wallet itself is a simple-looking object when one first sees it. Made from nothing more than smooth, high-quality leather and some cleverly noticeable colored stitching, this wallet looks definitively cool. Indeed, there is nothing in the exterior design that does not need to be there. The leather feels soft and comes in a simple black, but the blue stitching prevents any accusations of blandness.

The wallet is constructed with a similarly non-extreme bi-folded design that ends up being significantly smaller than other wallets when folded in half. On the inside of each fold is a pocket and a slot for a card or two. This may not seem like a lot of storage space for your cash or cards, but it carries enough for everyday use. You can put your most commonly used cards here and easily access them whenever you need, and they can be quickly removed thanks to the small notches in the slot.

Bellroy Men's Leather Very Small Wallet Review Open

When open, the very small wallet can hold 8 cards and cash. More pictures available at

However, these pockets serve to show off the innovative, efficient design of the Bellroy very small wallet. One is merely a pocket behind the card slots, but the opposite pocket hides not only cash, but also a quick-pull tab in the same distinctive color as the outside stitching. Pulling on this tab presents all of your less-used cards, neatly tucked away inside the wallet itself.

Bellroy Men's Leather Very Small Wallet Review Blue

Bellroy’s Men’s Leather Very Small Wallet is available in Blue, Black, Orange and Light Brown. Available here

Thanks to all these clever touches on the construction of the wallet, everything fits inside very nicely without ever making the overall package too large. Even a full wallet is slim—not a hint of bulk to be found anywhere. One small inconvenience comes when fitting cash into the pockets of the wallet, however. You have to fold cash twice, into quarters, in order to make it fit properly without overhang. This is a small price to pay for what is otherwise a very cleverly designed wallet.

Ultimately, the Bellroy very small wallet will fit nicely into any pocket that you place it into, and will serve both as a stylish and efficient way to carry your belongings. This makes this wallet an absolutely great choice for those looking to slim down their pockets. They are available in four different colors here.


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  1. Ashley Mae September 15, 2015 at 2:16 pm #

    A small wallet that can carry a lot of stuff. This is what I am looking for. The bright colors make it more attractive. Great product I should say!

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