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The 5 Best Waterproof Wallets

Last Updated – Jun 16, 2015 @ 5:57 am

The 5 Best Waterproof Wallets

Everyone dreams of going on holidays to an idyllic beach side resort. The sun, the white sand and clear water is a great place to relax. But one question that comes up for everyone while they are having fun in the water is…

What will we do with our valuables while we are swimming?

Waterproof wallets are a great way to secure your stuff whilst in the water, and there are many available. Ones that will carry just your stuff, and ones that will carry the families.

Waterproof wallet guide

These are the best water proof wallets we found, so you can spend your holidays swimming and enjoying yourself, rather than watching your valuables on the beach. We hope you find something that suits you.


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OverboardArm Pack★★★★$$$★★★★☆★★★★4.1
Innovative WitzID Badge★★★★$★★★★★★★★3.8
Dry PakCard Badge★★★☆$★★★★★★★★4.1
Eco-FusedPhone Pack★★★★★$$$★★★★★★★★★★4.5
LoksakWaist Bag★★★★$$★★★★★★★4.1


Waterproof wallet Overboard Prosport Arm Pack

OverBoard Pro-Sport Arm Pack Waterproof Wallet

This smart looking waterproof wallet will protect your personal items while allowing you to be active. It is great for surfers, rafters and anyone who needs freedom of motion. The wallet straps onto your arm holding your items, securely.

The wallet is water resistant to 6 meters/19 feet.  It has a hard case, so it can take some harsh treatment, but the hard case does restrict its holding capacity. The size is great for smaller things, but is a bit small to hold a passport. It will fit an iPhone.

This is a great addition to any active water sports person. You just need to go on a holiday to try it out! Available here.


See it Safe Waterproof Wallet ID Badge Holder Case

‘See it Safe’ Waterproof Wallet Case

This clear waterproof case is for keeping your essentials dry and safe. It is simple to use with no complicated seals. The case is hard plastic and has a rubber O-ring to keep the join water tight. It comes with a neck lanyard which reminds you that you still have it on. You can also tie to it your belt with the carabiner, or put it in a Velcro pocket.

The clear hard case keeps your items from being crushed and lets you see what is in there with ease. The catch and O-ring wont last forever but it will get you through a summer. Available in 5 other shades here.


DRY PAK Alligator Waterproof Wallet

DRY PAK Alligator Waterproof Wallet

You won’t lose your wallet with this highly visible waterproof wallet. Not only is it easily seen, it will float if you seal some air with your items, which will keep it from being lost.

The case hangs around your neck via the neck tie so you are aware it is there at all times. This gives you freedom with your arms which is perfect for snorkelers, hikers and general beach goers.The seal is simple to operate, just turn the levers at the top of the case. The wallet is not indestructible and can break under pressure (i.e. putting too much in).

It is an extremely popular option for a waterproof wallet, because it does what it says, for a reasonable price. Read more reviews here.


ECO-FUSED® Waterproof Case

ECO-FUSED® Waterproof Case

This is a great waterproof wallet for those who want to use their phone whilst it is protected. The case will keep out water, dust and sand so your phone stays pristine. This waterproof wallet is transparent on both sides, allowing for photo taking underwater. It comes with a stylus pen so you can use the phone in the case.

This is the most popular way to keep your phone protected from the elements, available in 9 styles, all transparent so you can use your camera whilst still in the case. Fits many phones, see the phone list here.


LOKSAK Splashsak Dipper FP

LOKSAK Splashsak

Looking for a larger waterproof wallet to carry the gear for the family? Then this one is for you. You can easily store a phone, currency, keys and some first aid gear in this waist bag.

There is an inner and outer bag, to protect your items. They work like a large zip lock bag. The design works perfectly if you make sure the zip lock is sealed before you go into the water, or it will leak. For an easy to carry, carry all waterproof bag, at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong here. Available in 3 colors here.


Thanks for reading our Waterproof Wallets Guide. Agree or disagree? Please leave a comment below

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