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The 10 Cutest Kids Wallets Online

Last Updated – Jun 16, 2015 @ 3:56 am

The 10 Cutest Kids Wallets Online

They Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They?

Before you know it they will be off taking over the world. With a cell phone in one hand and a laptop in the other (or the future equivalents)

But before they start to work there way up the ladder, they first need their first wallet.

Something to store their pocket money in, and their first bank savings cards…

happy kid businessman with laptop and kids walletsTo make sure you get the best for them, we have looked at all the best kids wallets online, and found the 10 best… Enjoy


Open Comparison Table

WalletMakerQualityCutenessChange PocketPrice Amazon
Stephen Joseph Kids’ WalletsStephen Joseph★★★★☆★★★★☆Yes$4.8
Multicolor Genuine Leather Kids WalletMarshal★★★☆★★★☆Yes$N/A
BEN10 WALLET - KIDS TRIFOLDBen10★★★★☆★★★Yes$4.7
Pink Checker Trifold Kids WalletHello Kitty★★★★★★★☆Yes$4.8
Lego Boys' Star Wars Trifold WalletLEGO★★★★☆★★★Yes$$4.6
Cash 'N' Carry WalletLearning Resources★★★★★★★☆Yes$4.1
Minecraft Creeper Face Leather WalletMinecraft★★★★★★☆No$$$4.5
Spiderman Trifold Black WalletMarvel★★★★★★☆Yes$4.7
Collectible Red Strawberry Gift Leather PurseAnipals★★★☆★★★★☆Yes$$$N/A
Marvel Graphic Slimfold Bifold Wallet & Logo BuckleMarvel★★★☆★★No$$$N/A

Stephen Joseph Kids Wallet - Two (Small)

Sharks, Fire-trucks, Ponies and Cupcakes!

Stephen Joseph Kids’ Wallets

The guys at Stephen Joseph really know how to put a big, bright smile on your youngster’s face!

This high-profile company produces a wide range of accessories for kids – all with vibrant, colorful, applique stitched designs. These wallets have a Velcro style closure that’s easy for little guys in the 3 to 10 year age range to handle.

The folded size of these wallets is around 3.5 by 4.5 inches – better for a coat pocket or back-pack rather than junior’s jeans.  Click here to take a peek at these cheerful, pocket-money, cash-carriers.

A rainbow-range of bright color options!

100% Multicolor Genuine Leather Kids Wallet

A cute, miniature version of mom or dad’s wallet.

Just like a grown-up tri-fold, this wallet has two long pockets for notes, and a small, snap-fastening pouch for a few coins. There’s even a transparent window for a small, passport style photo. The stitching is pretty good for the price and the leather should stand up to some heavy “wear and tear”.

Click here to take a closer look at these tiny tri-folds.

Ben 10 Kids Wallet


It’s Hero Time!


This tough, tri-fold wallet is the perfect place for your little-guy to store pocket money while battling alien invaders from another dimension.

The front of the wallet features a neat graphic showing Ben Tennyson and the Omnitrix in mid-transformation. With zippered coin pockets inside and out, along with space for notes and ID, this little wallet is a BIG hit with young fans of the popular Ben 10 franchise.

Tough, practical and a whole lot of fun, check it out here.

Hello Kitty Pink Wallet

Hello Kitty

Pink Checker Trifold Kids Wallet

Who could resist the adorable cuteness of this pink, checkered Kitty wallet for kids?

The wallet is crafted from soft fabric, featuring the loveable, Hello Kitty character on the front. The interior is pretty cool too, offering a 5 by 8 inch pocket for notes, a zippered coin pouch, transparent window and card slots. The zipper even has a handy key ring.

This cheery little wallet gets five stars for quality and cuteness. Click here to read reviews from happy buyers.

Lego Star Wars Wallet

The Force…

Lego Boys’ Star Wars Trifold Wallet

The perfect first wallet for your wannabe Jedi knight!

With the good guys on the front and mean old Darth Vader on the back, this hardwearing, tri-fold wallet combines the excitement of Star Wars with the creative fun of Lego. It’s a practical 4.75 by 3.5 inches, with space for notes and cards. The wallet has an easy-open, Velcro closure with no internal studs or zippers.

This fun, fabric tri-fold has durable, kid-proof stitching and a simple, safe design. Fire up the Millennium Falcon and click here to check it out!

Educational Wallet


Learning Resources Cash ‘N’ Carry Wallet

Wow, a big, adult-sized tri-fold stuffed with a chunky wad of cash and credit cards – why aren’t all wallets shipped like this?

Sadly, this is all educational play-money, with a variety of US presidents appearing on the fake notes and coins. It’s all part of the learning journey that will prepare your little-one for a successful career on Wall Street.

Click here to raise risk-free finance for your young entrepreneur’s first acquisitions.

Minecraft wallet

A True Fan

Minecraft Creeper Face Leather Wallet

Love it or hate it, Minecraft seems to be one of those crazy games that kids get hung-up on.

The pixel-faced ‘Creeper’ is one of the bad guys and kids just love this kind of Minecraft merchandise with its instantly recognizable, cult graphics.

This is a quality bi-fold wallet that’s suitable for all ages. It’s crafted from genuine leather in the Creeper’s signature, green color. Opened up, it’s just like a full-featured, adult wallet with a standard ID window, 6 card slots and a long pocket for banknotes.

A truly awesome wallet for your mini-miner! Click here to stake your claim.

Spiderman Wallet

For the Little Crime Fighter

Spiderman Trifold Black Wallet

Hmmm … my Spidey sense is tingling – it’s telling me that the Sandman is trying to get his hands on this neat tri-fold wallet!

Which Spidey fan wouldn’t want to own this practical little wallet, with its cool, Spider-Man 3 graphics? This crime-fighting cash keeper has adult style slots for cards and notes, along with a transparent ID window and two zippered pouches for coins.

At around 4.5 by 3 inches this well-made, fabric wallet should slip easily into any junior crime-fighter’s pocket or utility belt!

Tagged at a little over five dollars, this tri-fold is great value for money. Click here to browse or buy.

Red Strawberry Gift Leather Wallet

Craft Cool for Kids

Collectible Red Strawberry Gift Leather Purse

‘Anipals’ is a craft brand which produces an amazing range of unique, hand-made products inspired by animal, floral and fruity themes.

This deliciously juicy strawberry purse can be used to carry coins, cash or other treasured trinkets. It’s small enough to fit in a bag or pocket, but it also looks cute as a wristlet on its own special strap.

It’s hand-crafted in strawberry-red leather, with high-quality stitching and a sturdy zipper. At around 4.5 by 3 inches it’s just the right size for a few small treasures.

Click here for a closer look at this fun, fruity purse.

Marvel Wallets

Choices, Choices

Marvel Graphic Slimfold Bifold Wallet & Logo Buckle

Early in childhood one of the life-lessons that we all have to learn is making the right choice between two difficult options …

Here we have the choice of a licensed Marvel ‘Avengers’ wallet or an action-packed ‘Spider-Man’ alternative.

Both wallets are slim, simulated leather bi-folds, with an ID window, 7 card slots and a long, 8 inch pocket for notes. You also get a matching 48 inch, web belt, with a classy buckle featuring your chosen superhero(s). The belt can easily be cut to the required length.

Click here to choose your option.


Thanks for reading, if you know other kids wallets that deserve a mention, use the comment box below!

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  1. Stephanie July 31, 2015 at 2:44 pm #

    Adorable wallets. Great gift for kids. I’ll check some of these as a give away for my little girls’ party. Thanks for the help!

  2. Kurt August 23, 2015 at 7:03 am #

    Kids wallet are really cute. I want the Minecraft for my liitle boy. 🙂

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