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The 10 Best Money Clips and Money Bands

Last Updated – Mar 17, 2016 @ 11:24 pm

The 10 Best Money Clips and Money Bands

our of the best money clips you can buyExpose that fat stack of cash…

Carrying less has its advantages. It’s slimmer and smaller for one, and when your girlfriend carries your cash for you, carrying less means that there is less of it for her to take.

These money clips allow you to carry less in style, and be sure that your cash and cards will stay together.


Disclaimer: Money clips aren’t for coins, receipts or anything that isn’t a necessity. If you like carrying stuff just in case, then these are not for you. (Try one of our other guides). However if you want slim, or just want to show off your wad of cash, then you’re at the right place. These are the best money clips we could find on the web. We hope you find what you are looking for… Enjoy.


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WalletMakerSizeQualityPrice Ease at checkoutShow your friendsAmazon Rating
Smart Double Sided Money ClipAs Seen On TVMoney Clip****$$********4.3
Sterling Silver Paper Money ClipSabrina SilverMoney Clip*****$$$$*******4.8
The Xband WalletXbandMoney Band****$******4.6
Alpine Swiss Leather Money ClipAlpine SwissMoney Clip Wallet***$$******4
The Broccoli WadAs Seen On TVMoney Band***$****4.1
Money-BandMoney-BandMoney Band**$****4
Eel Skin Magnetic Money ClipMaster GroupMoney Clip***$*****5
Visol Stainless Steel Money ClipVisolMoney Clip***$****4
Embossed Money Clip WalletDoshBi fold*****$$$$$+********3.9
Stainless Steel Slim Money ClipSHARKKMoney Clip***$****4.1


As Seen On TV Smart Money Clip ® By Storus ® Double Sided

As Seen On TV’s Smart Double Sided Money Clip

Do you think carrying a money clip would be a hassle at the cashier? Having a bundle of everything in your hand all at the one time? If so, then this double sided money clip will keep you organised whilst slimming down your pocket.

On one side you have a traditional money clip which is used for notes. Some reports claim it will hold up to 30 which is plenty. The other side is a card holder which will hold 5 cards, snugly. The clip is made from stainless steel which is hard and tough.

The double sided money clip will give you freedom from a large wallet, and keep you organised at the same time. Customer reviews available here.


Sterling Silver Paper Clip Money Clip

Sterling Silver Paper Money Clip

For those wanting a flashier and unique money clip, we found this sterling silver large paper clip.

Yes it is made to hold cash and cards, and it does quite a good job of it. The sterling silver is strong enough to hold its shape, but allows some flexibility for fitting in cards and cash. It is very low profile so your pocket will be slim.

Definitely a cool alternative to a traditional money clip. There are a few different brands but the best one we found is available here.


The Xband Wallet & Money Band

The Xband Wallet & Money Band

The Xband is a one stop shop for consolidating your personal items. It isn’t just a way to hold your items together, but it’s a system for organizing your cards and bills.

The system allows you to access your cards without pulling them all out. Simply remove one strap to find the item you need, the other holds everything together. The strap is made from nylon elastic so it is strong and durable.

This works great as an everyday wallet or just to hold your stash of excess cards. Available here at a great price.


Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip

Alpine Swiss Leather Magnetic Money Clip

Alpine Swiss make great value products. They are well made, with good quality materials and a very reasonable price. Their money clip card case is no difference.

The leather is lambskin which is smooth to touch. And although the wallet has three dedicated card pockets, it is still slim. The clip isn’t as strong as a dedicated clip so its not for carrying a wad of cash, around 5-7 bills is the upper limit.

The wallet also contains an ID window on the back. This is a good quality, dependable, money clip wallet, and its available here.


The Broccoli Wad Money Band

As Seen On TV’s Brocolli Wad

People who pull out large wads of cash get treated differently. They are men who are in charge and don’t worry about the small things. They like to be seen with their large wad of cash. If you are one of these men, then you can keep your cash together with the Broccoli Wad.

It is made of high strength silicone so it will hold every wad, no matter how large. It does need at least a few cards and notes to work.

The television advertisement for the band is cheap, but the product is for rich ‘wise guys’. If you have too much cash for one money clip, then try the Broccoli Wad.


Money Band


This is THE SIMPLEST WAY to carry around your personal items. If you just want something to hold your belongings together with no fuss, then this is it.

The money band is uniquely sized and made of elastic. This makes it easy for you to hold everything together. The black band looks more stylish than a rubber band.

The minimal band has the added benefit of minimal cost, available here.


Large Size Eel Skin Magnetic Money Clip

Eel Skin Magnetic Money Clip (Large Size)

This money clip is definitely a great value pick. It is available at an extremely reasonable price and is quite well made. The eel leather feels soft in your hand or pocket.

The clip is well made from it is well made. The clip can adjust for a large or small wad of cash, and the magnet holds everything in tightly. The magnet is not strong enough to disrupt the magnetic strips on your cards.

If you prefer the added security of the magnet to keep your items together, then this will fit the bill. Available here.


Visol Men's Capricorn Stainless Steel Money Clip

Visol Men’s Capricorn Stainless Steel Money Clip

We didn’t miss the clip style money clip. This one is reasonably priced and quite durable. The moveable clip is designed to make it easier to slot your cards and cash in and out.

We have found that the movable section of this clip does require a little maintenance now and again. A small screwdriver will keep the clip tight against your card.

This clip makes a nice gift when engraved, and is very reasonably priced. Available here.


Dosh Money Clip Wallet

Dosh Men’s Embossed Money Clip Wallet

This Dosh wallet is built around a money clip. It is quite minimalist and has room for cash and 6 cards only.

That good news is, its great if your looking for a money clip, but think you might need some added protection. The Desmopan Polymer material is a combination of plastic and rubber and is very tough and durable. It is also water resistant so it’s ok to surf, swim or paddle with. The down side is that it’s a bit more expensive than a traditional money clip.

Available in over 10 color combinations here. (Not suited for Euro bills), or for more read our review on dosh wallets.


SHARKK® Silver Stainless Steel Slim Money Clip Wallet

SHARKK Stainless Steel Slim Money Clip

This money clip is a sleek way to pull out your cash. More of a traditional designed money clip, it looks very stylish, and sleek.

The SHARKK version is well made from stainless steel, which is hard and doesn’t succumb to rust. The clip has rounded corners to protect your pockets, and the finish is smooth.

The SHARKK money clip is sleek and leaves and impression. It is available in black, steel and white finishes here.


Agree or disagree with our top 10 Money clip picks? Talk to me on the comment box.

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  1. Kenneth June 16, 2015 at 2:54 pm #

    The sterling silver looks fantastic!

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    I liked the dosh wallet but when i looked it was quite expensive.
    The Alpine Swiss is much better value 🙂

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    Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics? Many thanks!

  4. Mark July 14, 2015 at 9:18 am #

    I haven’t tried using money clips and money bands. I’ll try to use money bands when I go running. I hope it works with me.

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