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The 10 Baddest Biker Wallets

Last Updated – Jun 16, 2015 @ 4:07 am

The 10 Baddest Leather Biker Wallets

Liberty, comradeship and the freedom of the open road …

BIKERS ARE FREE-SPIRITED, free-thinkers with a hankering for an alternative way of living. To celebrate this we invite you into our ‘Baddest Biker Wallet’ clubhouse to check out some of the best chained, back-pocket cash-carriers available for bikers, truckers and rebels on the road.

Most of these leather biker wallets are small but mean, with leather-looped chains of varying lengths that attach to your pants or belt.

What kind of kickass leather biker wallets do you think this biker owns?

And you don’t need the badge, tattoos or colors of your local bike gang to find your perfect next biker wallet…


Open the Comparison Table

WalletMakerQualityEase at CheckoutBadass RatingPriceAmazon Rating
Hand Tooled Vegetable Tanned Leather Bifold WalletsTom Barrington★★★★★★★★★★★★★★$$$$N/A
Crocodile Claw Leather Weave Bifold WalletMCROC★★★★★★★★☆★★★★★$$$$N/A
3D Tan Western Biker Wallet3D Belt Wallet★★★★★★★★★★★★★★$$$$N/A
Harley-Davidson Men's Bar & Shield WalletWisconsin Harley-Davidson★★★★★★☆★★★★$$4.7
2nd Amendment Leather Biker Wallet & 4" ChainHeygidday★★★★★★☆★★★★$3.7
Bi-Fold Biker WalletSzco Supplies★★★★★★★☆★★$4.1
Black Biker's Wallet with 18 Inch ChainKabana★★★★★★★★★★☆$$4.1
Leather Biker Billfold Chain 8" WalletHOT LEATHER★★★★★★★☆★★★$$$4.5
Twilight Princess Gold Triforce Crest Wallet with ChainLegend of Zelda★★★★★★★★★★★$$4.3
Biker Wallet with Outer ZipperCarroll Leather★★★★★★☆★★☆$4.3

Tom Barrington Brown Wallet
Tom Barrington White Wallet

Tom Barrington Hand Tooled Vegetable Tanned Leather BiFold Biker Wallets

Choose the western style wallet that suits your own individual character from this good-looking range of biker bi-folds from US maker, Tom Barrington.

Inside and out, these bi-folds are top-tier, with more cash and card carrying capacity than you’ll ever need. Tom’s wallets come ‘chain ready’, allowing you to choose the chain style and length that suits you best. The hand-tooling and premium quality leather adds a little to the price, but it’s a pretty modest investment, considering that this is a wallet that’s going to last a lifetime.

Click here to browse this amazing range of rancher style, hand-tooled wallets.

Real Crocodile Claw Wallet

Crocodile Claw Leather Weave Bifold Wallet

A gruesome, reptilian claw-wallet – the ultimate protector for your cards and cash!

This shiny black cash-carrier was crafted from a genuine crocodile who now wraps a protective claw around your dollar bills and valuables. In the hands of a craftsman the tough hide of this top predator actually makes a soft, supple wallet that slips comfortably into a pocket. With its jaws fully open, this bi-fold gives you 8½ inches of storage for notes and cards.

Click here to see this unchained croc in action.

3D Biker Wallet

3D Tan Western Biker Wallet

For a hand-tooled, authentic western style wallet, this classy bi-fold from the Texas based, 3D Belt Company, is hard to beat!

The intricate, hand-stamped design features a steer skull surrounded by a stylish floral motif. The single closure is a snap fastener with an ornamental, steer’s-head concho. Measuring 7½ x 3½   inches this is a good-sized wallet, holding 8 cards, notes and small change. The 13 inch chain even has a tooled belt-loop!

Workmanship like this doesn’t come cheap, but we think that this is pretty good value for money. Check out this affordable accessory here.

Harley Davidson Biker Wallet Antique Brown

Harley-Davidson Men’s Bar & Shield Wallet

Even if you don’t own a Harley you can celebrate the success, style and notoriety of this classic motorcycle with this US-made, heritage-look biker wallet.

For an amazingly low price you get a 6 x 3½ inch, good quality leather wallet, proudly embossed with the iconic Harley-Davidson shield. Pop the snap fasteners to access two pockets for notes, a zippered cash pocket and exterior ID slot. The chain is about a foot long and fitted with a secure, good-looking belt loop.

This inexpensive bike wallet would be a great gift for any motorcycle enthusiast with an interest in the Harley-Davidson history and heritage. Get the full story and latest price here.

2nd Amendment Soft Leather Biker


2nd Amendment Leather Biker Wallet & 4″ Chain

There’s more to the biker lifestyle than bikes, boots and leathers – this wallet carries a prominent badge of support for US citizens’ 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

With a length of only 4 inches this is a classic, small, tri-fold bike wallet. The chain is about 10 inches long and fitted with a sturdy belt loop. Opened-out, this wallet gives you a tight slot for a few cards, a pouch for notes and a transparent license window.

This item is made in the US from soft, good quality leather Don’t expect a lot of space – this wallet is all about keeping a few high-value items secure while you’re on the road, or taking time-out at the bar. It’s available here at a great price.

Leather Biker Wallet

Bi-Fold Biker Wallet

Just a few dollars will buy you this sleek and organized biker wallet

What it lacks in art it more than makes up for in ease at the checkout. The interior has a slick, black look, with pockets for cards, along with a zipper fastened pouch for bills and change. If you’re interested in the numbers it measures-up at 8 x4 inches, with a 12 inch chain.

It’s actually quite a cool gift or accessory for anyone living an alternative lifestyle on the weekends. Check out the discounted price right here.

Black Bikers Wallet Kabana Metal

Black Biker’s Wallet with 18 Inch Chain

With two ‘popper’ style snap-fasteners, this real leather wallet doubles-up on security for added peace of mind on the road.

Coming in at the lower-budget end of our top-ten, this wallet is crafted from soft, supple leather and fitted with a slim, 18 inch chain. It’s bigger than the average biker’s wallet, with plenty of room for notes, cards and coins. There’s even a zipper-protected pocket for small items.

Click here for the full guided tour of this high security bill-keeper.

Leather Biker Billfold Chain Wallet

Leather Biker Billfold Chain 8″ Wallet Distressed Brown

How about a longer, good-quality leather wallet with a little extra capacity and a lived-in look?

There’s no need to break-in this 8 inch, billfold style wallet – it comes from the maker with an authentic, distressed look. Inside, you get two long pockets and a zippered section for small change. There’s also a tight-fitting, exterior slot for a driver’s license.

This snap-fastening billfold is a little too long for an easy fit in a back pocket, but some folks might have a practical use for the extra length. Click here to see how it measures-up.

The Legend of Zelda Wallet with chain

Twilight Princess Gold Triforce Crest Wallet with Chain

Legend of Zelda fans will immediately recognize and admire the golden Triforce crest stamped on the front of this biker style wallet.

This neat little cash-carrier pays homage to the classic ‘Twilight Princess’ release of the Zelda roleplaying game on the Wii. The quality of construction is pretty good considering that it’s actually crafted from mixed, man-made materials. Inside, there’s just enough space for a few cards, notes and some ID. The black chain is a nice touch that matches the fantasy theme.

Could be a great gift for a Zelda fanatic – check out the spectacular back-stamp here before you buy.

Carroll Leather Biker Wallet

Carroll Leather Biker Wallet with Outer Zipper

You’re going to be surprised by the quality and durability of this low-price, US-made wallet from Caroll Leather!

The Caroll Company crafts a full range of biker products, from Harley tool-bags to steel-toe boots. What this 6 inch wallet lacks in capacity it exceeds in the quality of leather and workmanship. The chain is pretty cool too – slim and practical, with a key-clip and snap-fastening belt loop.

It looks like zippers are on-trend in this season’s biker wallets: click here for a preview.


Thanks for reading! Know a wallet that should be here? Let us know!


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